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  1. The new DOD parking code allows the owner to simply petition the Council for a waiver of all parking requirements - given the high vacancy rates in nearby parking structures it's likely NO parking will have to be added/provided. Parking is no longer a hinderance to the redevelopment/reuse of older historic structures within the DOD boundaries. This issue was fixed! (depending on the Council issuing a waiver - that is) We tried to create a completely exempt DOD - NO parking required - but the PC and CC were not comfortable with that option.
  2. The Interim Downtown Framework will be presented to Council today at 6:30 pm. Tonight is the beginning of the public comment process, so if you have any feelings about the policies - now is the time to make them known. The Planning Commission will take up the policies at their next meeting. A link to the policies is below sorry for the length. http://www.raleighnc.gov/portal/server.pt/...wn_Framewo.html Thanks
  3. The presenation to the Council has been delayed. No official time set yet. I'll let you know when iIhear something.
  4. The way to get Centennial to work is to connect it via a transit greenway to downtown - through the Dix property. If people who work out there - projected to be over 20,000 at build out - can get on a train/monorail or other fast connection and be in downtown and back within the 1.5 hour lunch period then we are complimentary with each other. If there is no connection and Dix develops with a major housing component it becomes a major competitor to our downtown. Especially if a retail center develops out there as well. That puts the proposed NCSU golf course within a ten minute ride of downtown - a major draw for downtown residents and potential headquarters projects. It also puts our new convention center/hotels/restaurants within a ten minute ride of the campus - a major draw for residents, office users and research associations etc that may host meetings.
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