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  1. Push - Journey of Life Mark Knight & D. Rameriez - Columbian Soul (G&D Remix)
  2. Yes, the plan is for 12 real "arm" gates and 12 "walk up to the plane on the ground" gates.
  3. I think International flights (Canada & Mexico) are atleast 10 years off if that. I still can't ever see places like London adding a nonstop flight to XNA. Seems its cheaper to do it in much bigger cities that have larger infastrucutres, hub structuring, long runways, etc. I still can't believe that Raleigh Durham is going to be added. AA Officials better be making sure to get travelers from Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Columbus, etc to book this flight. I guess I can see Raleigh acting as a small hub for XNA to channel east coast traffic. Still seems really odd though to have Ralei
  4. Since were on the subject of Alcohol laws, I've heard that a lot more companies have the Your Choice Benton County Wet/Dry Issue signup sheets. I hope they can atleast get enough signatures to get it on the ballots.
  5. Ofcourse. Most people who eat at the Union have a student meal plan or are people on the go. I'm sure that the location on 6th won't take away any business from the Union location.
  6. Come on man don't take it so personal. I know they provide offsite rides for a small fee. Nothing wrong with people wanting to take them from the Embassy to the Mall, heck I'd do it to for a mear quarter. I'm just saying that it's a bit funny to see people riding them around in the mall. I can see the elderly, handicap, small children, and poor health folk using this service, but perfectly healthy people riding around on them seems like a waste of resources, IMO. As well, if you feel the forum is becoming a joke than please post more info on projects and updates. Not everyone can get out an
  7. I always hated that Spot Not. Good to see much better use of that land. I'm sure it will be popular, but there is a Chick Fil A in the Union which isn't far away.
  8. IMO, Dickson makes BBBQ. You take Dickson street out of the picture and you can kiss BBBQ goodbye.
  9. Yeah man don't get so wild up. Were just joking a bit about how ridiculous it sounds. Seems they could have done better use with the money, IMO. Take for example more water fountains at the Promenade. It's atrocious how you can't find them anywhere but a few places at the Promenade. I actually saw one the other day and I laughed my ass off. It's a golf cart with a pulsating green bar light on the top.
  10. Isn't it sad that people can't walk 500 feet to a store.
  11. Nice find. It really is a shame that prices are so high, I hope they start to drop once a low fare airline comes.
  12. The structural construction on Granite City is almost complete. Also, Bed Bath & Beyond and TJ Maxx are just about complete as well.
  13. The funny part is that nobody drives on those roads aswell.
  14. NRC - Here Comes the Rain (Push Vocal Remix)
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