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  1. What a waste of a main street lot. Hopefully not the beginning of a new trend.
  2. TREY

    The Rumor Mill

    Quicktrip is planing on building it's first store in SC on Rutherford st across from the new Mcdonalds (the old city wrecker service building). It will be their new "concept " store, about 6000 sq.ft. with 60 parking spaces, out side dining, meals to go.
  3. Jenny and I are now officially part of Bikeville! We when to TTR on Hudson street and are now the proud owners of two commuter bikes. See you on the road.
  4. They moved to the old Rising Roll location across the street.
  5. The old house was the office for the Swamp Fox Railroad for many years, than it was converted to a home (it would make a good B&B).The engine house was located were the Camperdown condo building was supposed to go.
  6. Thanks for the compliments! We are going to move our studio (Trey Cole design group) from the west end to this location when it is finished. We still have a lot of work to do before we can move in, so unfortunately it will be while before it is completed. we will be occupying part of the building and will be leasing out studios to other businesses. Thanks again!
  7. I would normally agree with you but not in this case. I looked inside this house about a year ago and it has had a hard life. It was converted to furniture store at one time (at that time the back of the house was removed for a warehouse addition). Then it was a costume store for a while. Some where along the way the house caught on fire and the interior was gutted (the warehouse was removed). Then they started to convert the house into apartments, but only the top floor was finished. The main level has never been rebuilt and there is nothing remaining of the original interior.
  8. I have seem to lost the ability to link to Photobucket. Any ideas?
  9. The property on Grove street that is going to be developed is the Earl farm, as discussed in the" Significant historic architecure in Greenville" thread .
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