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  1. Ill-informed take. "Corporate profits" are not the cause of energy cost inflation; the current energy crisis, like the upcoming food crisis, is very much a supply-side phenomenon. Oil--and more broadly, the entire energy commodities sector (coal, gas, uranium) has been in a bear market for the better part of the decade and in some cases longer. Plenty of companies went through bankruptcy, or at least too close for comfort, last decade. Energy companies are getting record profits because the low-hanging fruit is gone and it's slowly getting harder to pump oil out of the ground. OPEC doesn't even have any spare capacity anymore to pick up the slack. Moreover, American and European companies are loath to invest in new production both because of shareholder concerns (a lot of companies got burned by bad investments in the shale boom last decade) and because of ESG mandates / activism. Russia's invasion of Ukraine basically threw a cannister of gasoline on the bonfire and accelerated the timeline. The far-out part of the pricing curves haven't come up too much yet and the ESG crowd isn't backing down yet and shareholders are happy getting paid so the current situation won't improve any time soon.
  2. According to Wikipedia they fly to... Beckley WV and Muscle Shoals AL!
  3. I tweeted this and it ended up being my most-liked tweet ever. Which is a low bar, but still... One acquaintance of mine even booked a first class ticket with his AA miles. Aviation enthusiasts are an enthusiastic bunch! (Tried to give you some credit in the original tweet btw.) https://twitter.com/PFDigest/status/1516113737819774982?t=9fSIpqmpzJZgzb4hAOhKlw&s=19
  4. There was a stoplight on the rezoning amendment, was that on the original site plan? In any case, the light and crosswalks will make that section of the road a lot more pedestrian-friendly. I live a few blocks from there and I've dashed across 3rd street many a time as there is nowhere to cross between Queens and Charlottetowne.
  5. Yes! It was even nicer (and more secret) before they took down the hedges surrounding it several years ago. I used to go there during lunch occasionally for a bit of quiet time in a green space and there was never more than 1 or 2 people there.
  6. I'd had brief trips to Nashville a few times over the years but never enough to really see the place. I finally did four days there as a tourist last summer with my family and while I didn't dislike it I have no desire to return. I'm not saying it was bad or anything, it's just not my cup of tea. It doesn't help that I'm not into country music or the bar scene; it's probably a lot more fun with either one of those.
  7. I can't speak to the demand side of the equation but commodities have been going nuts for the past year which is no doubt playing a big role in the cost increases. Chip shortages haven't helped either.
  8. Some good news here: https://charlotte.axios.com/284532/5-big-takeaways-from-cmpds-end-of-year-report/
  9. My wife almost got flattened when crossing South College mid-block one weekend when she was only looking in the oncoming traffic direction. Meanwhile somebody was going in reverse a surprisingly long distance on the other side of the street and he didn't see her and she wasn't paying attention to him. I had to run and grab her to keep her from walking into his path. (If there are any Taleb fans here, I guess this would be a pedestrian black swan event.)
  10. Man in custody after 10-15 shots fired near Trade & Tryon: https://www.wcnc.com/article/news/crime/uptown-charlotte-shooting-police-cmpd/275-fdabe4ec-aa43-47fe-b04f-c111550a65f5 Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officers witnessed a shooting at the intersection of Trade Street and Tryon Street. CMPD said a four-door sedan was sitting at the light on Tryon Street when the suspect got out and immediately fired multiple shots at the car. The officers immediately confronted the shooter, who took off running and was taken into custody.
  11. We're getting extremely off topic here but I'd like to point to St Patrick's in Dilworth as an example of decent urban church land use. There's a small parking lot for the teachers at the elementary school, then there's a paved area behind the school and the church which does double duty as a playground during the week and a parking lot on Sundays. There's also on-street parking along Buchanan. So they can handle the cars but they're also integrated into the fabric of the neighborhood in a way that's not ugly and suburban-looking. And as long as I'm being off-topic, the midtown Bo's on 3rd has fallen on hard times since the onset of covid. I'm a Bo's fan and I live a few hundred feet from there and I've stopped going... The dining room is usually closed; the one recent time I found it open it was still closed because they didn't have enough staff for the register. Which wouldn't be a huge deal except the drive-through line moves at a glacial pace so unless you get lucky you'll be waiting half an hour. And the last few times I've gone they were out of something. (I'm aware of the challenges involved with running a restaurant these days as well as the fact of the workers' low pay so I don't know what to say here other than thanks for the good years.) And finally, getting back on topic: once covid is done I wish we could see a full service flagship Bojangles uptown. That, my friends, would be a Good New Restaurant.
  12. A week or two ago I saw a couple with a small child steal a shopping cart full of food from the Dilworth HT. The cashiers said the mgr said to just let them go, no trying to get a plate number of filing a police report as it wasn't worth dealing with.
  13. I didn't get a picture but over the weekend I saw a deer crossing Woodlawn a little to the east of South Blvd. It's kind of weird seeing them cross a road like that. Fortunately, traffic was light at the time.
  14. I interviewed there several years ago and I'm not sure but I have the impression that they have more people in their other offices I went to which iirc were in the University area.
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