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  1. The German-based Vapiano chain, which has a location uptown, has started insolvency proceedings and closed all its locations.
  2. Even besides the derivatives, just the loans themselves (and I don't have any insight here, but my sense is that business debt is going to be a big deal this time around vs the consumer real estate issue of last time) could do in the banks. I know GS always looks out for itself but I'm floored they could say with a straight face that there's no systemic risk. A2, I'm inclined to believe that after the crushing bout of deflation there's going to be a crushing bout of inflation given how much debt we're piling on to an already ridiculous amount of public debt. Agree/disagree? If agree, then when and how would be the best ways to play precious metals?
  3. First two cases in Mecklenburg!
  4. I feel like we should have a thread for this, especially now with rumors of a case in Rock Hill. Who's prepping? Who's not concerned? What say you, UP?
  5. The Ledger reports today that the Epicurean lot is under contract: Grey Poole of Selwyn Property Group tells the Ledger that his firm has it under contract. “We are in the preliminary stages of our due diligence, so I really don’t have any more details,” he wrote in an email. Word around Dilworth is that the developer is eyeing a five- or six-story office building with underground parking and retail on the first floor. Property records show the lot contains three parcels totaling a little more than 1 acre. The tax value of the land is $2.2M. The property is being marketed by Lincoln Harris, according to a sign there. The site is zoned for “neighborhood services” (NS), so it could require a rezoning. Selwyn Property Group has hired Collin Brown of Alexander Ricks, one of Charlotte’s best-known land use lawyers.
  6. Shout-out in today's Charlotte Ledger:
  7. I've shuttled folks back and forth between Managua and Charlotte a lot over the years and British Airways miles have been pretty good (has been 30K roundtrip, I think it's 36K now) if you're flexible on dates and not trying to fly during a peak demand time. AA has recently revamped its award system so you can actually go to Central America from CLT for as little as 20K roundtrip, with the caveat that there's usually (though not always) going to be a nasty layover for the cheapest mileage flights. One downside to the new pricing system is that AA seems to be releasing fewer seats to partners, so it's harder to book on BA.
  8. ... while thinking that they're an above average driver.
  9. North Carolina has two dioceses, Raleigh and Charlotte, which divide the state in half. Raleigh just got a new cathedral about two years ago. All I'm saying is, a cathedral would look way better than that awful building.
  10. It's disappointing to see BJ's close but not too surprising--the place is almost never crowded.
  11. Had lunch today at Ace #3 in the Belmont neighborhood, across from Sweet Lew's. Very good burger and their fry game is strong. Recommended.
  12. Oddly enough, I too was reminded of the 80s, specifically of late-80s Trapper Keepers:
  13. Can you elaborate on this a bit? Cherry feels like it's already been redeveloped, both with the new single family houses as well as the new public housing. There's still the public housing land at first and cherry as well as real estate owned by that Cherry Community Org, though.
  14. There's some new signage going up today in the former DeSano's Pizza space at 3rd & Torrence. The new tenant is apparently called "Midtown Tavern". Anybody know anything about it?
  15. Otters spotted in Little Sugar Creek: ...although the person posting the picture said it's an otter, i wonder if it's a muskrat. I did see one of those in the area once. Then again there was apparently an otter sighting a few years back, so there is some precedent.
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