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  1. I went back yesterday and the corn lived up to expectations, thank you.
  2. I made it over to Noble Smoke this weekend and it lived up to the billing. BBQ: Excellent. I'm not one to make fine distinctions among great BBQ but if anybody wanted to call this the best in Charlotte I wouldn't argue. Brisket: Excellent. I actually enjoyed it more than the BBQ and that's not usually the case. Sauces: Deserve recognition--outstanding and unique flavor profiles for all three. Mac & Cheese: Solid, nothing out of the ordinary. Green beans: Very good. Fries: Very good. Hushpuppies: Okay... Actually kind of disappointing given how good everything else was. Though that may be because they're more peppery and less sweet than what I like in a hushpuppy.
  3. Question for the traffic experts: what can they do to make the intersection of 3rd St and the 277 exit ramp safer? Because of the fact that you have people turning onto a busy one-way street everybody looks left while they're turning right and they don't necessarily look forward--even when they're turning right on red and pedestrians have the right of way. It's fine if you're coming from downtown because they see you but if you're coming from the other direction they don't always see you. I have to be very careful at this intersection and even so I've almost been hit once or twice, and there are a few other occasions where I would have been hit if I hadn't anticipated somebody driving through the crosswalk. At the same time, I understand why people drive like this--I also used the 277 ramp as part of my commute for many years and I always had to remind myself to watch for pedestrians coming from the right while trying to look left to see if I could turn. It's a bad intersection and I don't know how to make it safe other than cut down all the trees obscuring visibility to the right.
  4. Just happened to read this. I had no idea the negative interest rates were spreading beyond sovereign debt: It is not just governments that can borrow at negative yields. Siemens AG, a German corporation, recently sold $3.9 billion worth of bonds at an average -0.3% and the offering was oversubscribed. Some investors (pension funds) were disappointed they couldn’t buy. Danish banks are selling home mortgages at a -0.5% interest rate. You read that right; they are paying homeowners to borrow money.
  5. Can you throw us a bone on the effects of all the sovereign debt with negative yields? It's something that's perplexed me for a while. I've figured it's going to cause problems but I don't know what exactly.
  6. I finally got a pic of the goldfinch hanging out near my house.
  7. Does anybody know anything about the NAI tower on 3rd/4th/Baldwin? Somebody in the Cherry FB group posted that, according to Assistant Director of Planning Ed McKinney, the city has already received from the developer the $250K for Cherry neighborhood improvements that they promised to help get the project done. I was surprised to hear this because I would have thought they wouldn't pay out unless they were going to build, but maybe it was just promised for the rezoning and not for the building.
  8. That's some nice police work there, Wikipedia: While efforts by Kroger have been made to reduce the murder rate at this location, future data will be required to fully analyze any long term benefits from the ongoing murder reduction strategy.
  9. Prominent travel blogger Gary Leff thinks CLT needs another AA lounge. In a nutshell: The Charlotte airport has only one Priority Pass option, Minute Suites. It’s usually booked solid when I pass through. If you want to use it you’d better make a reservation in advance through the app, and not just a few hours in advance either. Charlotte has 2 Admirals Clubs to 700 flights, DFW has 5 clubs to 900 flights. Charlotte desperately needs another club — or two.
  10. Some of Tony's friends have been known to lurk here and send him stuff as well...
  11. Ask and ye shall receive. Latest from the Charlotte Ledger: The delay has more to do with the 10th Street Apartments that will wrap around the parking structure. We were originally under construction with a six-story, 224-unit wood frame project and made the strategic decision to cancel that project and instead design a concrete frame building of 12 stories with 410+ units. Ground floor retail space will now total 7,000 SF.
  12. How is this decided? At the intersection of 3rd and Charlottetowne the pedestrian walk sign comes up automatically crossing Charlottetowne but only if the button is pressed crossing 3rd.
  13. "Deck Blocker" would be a good name for a 1980s crime-fighting detective who plays by his own rules. "BLOCKER! Hand me your badge, you're off the case."
  14. Vitamin_N


    The Ballantyne theater may be turned into office space soon: Nobody involved would talk about the project, but word has been circulating among nearby retail tenants in recent weeks that something’s up. To the extent that Ballantyne has distinctive architecture, the theater’s home is in one of that area’s most recognizable buildings — the one that’s commonly described as resembling a “spaceship.” But evidence that the theater’s days might be numbered goes beyond storekeeper gossip. Office real-estate giant JLL recently listed office space for rent in Ballantyne Village — and the listing, which is publicly available, seems to resemble the movie-theater space: “Up to 50,000 s.f. of office space available for lease. Distinctive characteristics including large glass windows, 13’ high ceilings, and 2-story lobby with staircase.” The existing theater has a two-story lobby with large glass windows and a staircase. Note that the floor plan seems to show a semicircular balcony, which is a feature at Ballantyne Village that only the theater has. The rendering seems to suggest filling in the theater’s soaring ceiling with a lower one, which could allow two stories of office space.
  15. The Charlotte Ledger has more on the Matthews entertainment district: Developer Proffitt Dixon has broken ground on 359 luxury apartments in six four-story buildings off Matthews-Mint Hill Road that it says “will serve as the front door to Matthews’ ENT District, which is an entertainment and lifestyle center anchored by the Sportsplex of Matthews.” Town officials say they think the apartments will help launch restaurants, retail shops and maybe office space and perhaps eventually a hotel in a pedestrian-friendly area close to recreation facilities – the type of multi-use developments that are becoming popular in other areas outside Charlotte’s center city. Matthews has envisioned such a development for about 20 years. But only in the last few months has Proffitt Dixon cleared the space, getting the project off the ground. The Sportsplex, completed in 2017, provided a boost, and future light rail, planned road extensions and proximity to Matthews’ newly bustling downtown, they say, should draw additional investment to the “entertainment district.” “This means we are finally getting some activity going on,” town commissioner John Urban tells the Ledger. “The good news is, this developer is the catalyst now. … We’re slowly getting some momentum.”
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