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  1. If you're a budget traveler, the nonstop CLT-LHR is $577 in October and November.
  2. DeSano Pizza has closed: https://www.charlotteagenda.com/166237/desano-pizza-closes-midtown-location/ Not too surprising as that place was never crowded. Very good pizza though, sorry to see it go.
  3. I have been puzzled for a long time by the dearth of fast food places in uptown: No McDonald's Burger King and Bo's are only in the CTC No Wendy's No Taco Bell One Chick-Fil-A location--judging by how slammed it is at lunch, I get the impression uptown could support more than one Is it really just a case of rents being too high? And if so, how is Showmar's able to get by? (And on the topic of affordable lunches: I recently discovered Sapienza has two slices of pizza and a drink for $7, including tax.)
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    Should there be a separate "Hall of Shame" thread?
  5. I just watched 'Wild Wild Country', the Netflix documentary about the Bhagwan Rajneesh cult in Oregon. I was in elementary school when everything went down, in the early 80s, so the extent of my knowledge going into this was that there was some guy with a bunch of Rolls Royces who got in trouble. What I had no idea about was that he was arrested right here in Charlotte . The whole series is fascinating and worth watching, but if you want to see the Charlotte part of it, it's in the first 10 minutes or so of the sixth and final episode.
  6. How about they name it after a Charlotte institution and call it Bojangles Bank? "BoBank" has a nice sound.
  7. Yes. Centurion Lounge access is a perk for those who hold Amex's Platinum card, which has a $550 annual fee. The premium travel card space has become more competitive so Amex is differentiating its product.
  8. As noted, it's sarcasm. AA frequent flyers are not happy about it--see here and here.
  9. The author Nassim Taleb ("Fooled by Randomness","Black Swan") just tweeted out a picture of his dinner last night with this description: "Squid ink paella in, of all places, Ralleigh-Durham". [sic]
  10. Curious layman here--can you elaborate on why this is a bad plaza and / or what makes a good plaza?
  11. Isn't is Sardis for a bit in between Rama and Fairview?
  12. I saw Charles Barkley in the overstreet walkway this afternoon near Uncle Maddio's. It feels weird seeing famous people in the overstreet walkway. I talked to a security guard at my building today and he said they were going to close off some of the entrances to the epicenter.
  13. Looks like we're a "Drive" county.
  14. Interesting... I just left Charter on account of them relocating my team's jobs to Stamford (nobody elected to move to Stamford, surprise surprise). Their preference, at least in my division, was to have everybody from the same function in the same city. In addition to the campus they occupy another building in between the campus and Forest Point and I think they still have a building in Ballantyne as well. I wonder if they'll be moving people over from Ballantyne? Supposedly they're going to break ground on a new HQ building in Stamford in a year or two, though I wouldn't think that would affect things here much.
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