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  1. I also tend to agree. Charlotte does have a fairly dense core, but we're pretty spread out as well and just one main transit hub in Uptown may not be the best option. I absolutely believe putting this thing underground is a horrible idea that will lead to some sort of "no go" zone for everyone except the poor folks who are forced down there. I can picture that place being run down in very short order.
  2. ^Well that is interesting! This whole time I've been thinking the corners of the building were the only regions that would be lit. I never considered Gumby's entire crown would have lighting. Exciting!
  3. Good size and good placement of the Duke signage IMO. Big enough to be seen from street level but not so big as to be seen from the surface of the Moon (yes that's a dig at another tower in town). Agree with JeanClt, the real thing almost perfectly resembles the rendering.
  4. Wow, well that's discouraging, but not at all surprising. Levine continues to hold First Ward hostage. Maybe he does have grand visions for his properties, but those visions will never materialize until he sells to someone else. If Levine doesn't think the time has come to develop, then he never will.
  5. I couldn't help but notice that as well. Either Mecklenburg didn't apply for any grant money or the state just assumed we had it under control since we're such a big city
  6. Since pumpkin beer is already flowing, I thought I'd show off these spooky creatures hanging out in my back yard. They're typically called yellow garden spiders, but my family always called them "writing" spiders due to the zig-zag design in their webs. Rumor was that if you saw your initials in the web, bad luck was coming your way. I often see them around from August into October. And even though they look wicked, they're not poisonous, so leave them be!
  7. I'm surprised by Salt Lake county. For a county out west, it isn't that large geographically. Also, I assume the Denver, CO metropolis straddles several counties and that's why it isn't showing up?
  8. My friend and I tried Gilde out earlier this summer. Went on a Friday afternoon and sat inside (way too hot outside). For beer, we had their amber Red Rooster, the Gilde pilsner, and the Lemon Radler. I'm not a beer connoisseur, but we both thought all the beers were fine, especially the Radler on a hot day. The space inside is quite large with tons of seating, mostly open tables but also some booths. The bar area is nice and spacious with several high tops as well. There appeared to be a stage opposite the bar, on the far wall of the building. I assume there may be shows there at some point? For food, I had the pork plate and the friend had the schnitzel. Portions were generous and both quite good, no complaints. Can't say anything "wowed" us (it's German after all, no offense), but I'll likely go back. At the time, there was a lot of construction right across Tryclan Dr, so parking was very tight. I would suggest carpooling or taking the rail to Scaleybark. You could also park in the park and ride lot at Scaleybark station and walk up Dewitt (if that parking lot is still open). For reference, I sometimes drive to Waldhorn in Pineville if I'm in the mood for German food, this place will likely take Waldhorn's place since it's closer and just as good (food wise).
  9. All the more reason to double down on funding public education. Hard to believe there is an appetite out there for someone like Mark . Makes me think of an "I'd rather" comeback I once heard a relative say. In this case it would go, "I'd rather sh!t in my hands and clap than cast a vote for Mark Robinson". May that man (and all like him) just fade away...
  10. Serious question, and I'm trying to think of a tactful way to phrase this, but is Daniel Levine "all there"? From the limited amount of articles/new reports I've read about the guy, he seems like he's charismatic and certainly has a prominent family name, but what's the deal with him? It doesn't seem like he would be holding up his development opportunities out of spite for anyone, although maybe I'm wrong. So many of Daniel's properties are ripe for development and just continue to languish for seemingly no discernible reason. The property at the corner of Fairview and Providence is a great example of a Levine wasteland that could easily be turned into a luxury apartment complex. Is he too prideful to sell off his land and let another entity develop?
  11. If part of 277 was decommissioned, I think a section of the interstate (maybe nearest the Ally development between Tryon and College) could be turned into a pretty cool skate park. The topography of that area could be utilized in such a way that could make for an awesome park for skaters, cyclists, etc. That area with the steep hillsides sort of reminds me of the LA river basin.
  12. Can't wait! Everyone in the vid seems so happy, lol. We still see you Tarhoosier. We still see you.
  13. And here we go again! For the 5th time this week, I'm about to get poured on here in SE Charlotte. Meanwhile, my drought-stricken parent's near Lenoir haven't seen any rain all week. Summertime storms are not big on spreading the wealth.
  14. Thanks for the photos KJHburg. I was able to get inside several of the buildings prior to their renovation, so seeing the transformation was pretty neat. The original wood ceilings look fantastic and I think someone pointed out the mezzanine levels inside would make great co-working spaces. I certainly hope the office market rebounds a bit so those spaces are fully leased. It was disheartening to hear of the issues with Charlotte Mecklenburg code enforcement. Sounds as if it's easier to demolish a structure in this city than it is to rehab. Very unfortunate and definitely makes you wonder if that's why so many buildings are just torn down instead of preserved. Almost seems like folks are being punished for putting in the time and effort to protect a building. I'm glad this place is getting new life and know that it's in good hands.
  15. Will try to attend tomorrow's Camp North End meeting. Anyone know if we're required to wear long pants? I'd prefer to wear shorts, but I know parts of the area are active construction sites.
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