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  1. My goodness. I hope that signage is as cheap as it looks and gets blown off in the next wind storm (with no injuries of course). I agree with others, the lighting scheme is okay, but the signage is awful. The backer board behind the letters....how was that approved?!
  2. This is my favorite art piece in Uptown. I always change (try to correct) the rotation of the globe every time I walk past this thing. Would love to know how much this baby weights.
  3. You are correct! It was taken from the roof of the tower. I think it's cool how the skyline steps down on both ends, especially neat how the Vue extends the skyline from this angle.
  4. This was sent to me by a friend. Not the best quality, but a pretty cool vantage point. Anyone want to guess where this was taken from?
  5. No you're not the only one. I caught about 15 minutes of this conversation today and heard Mike ask multiple times about traffic/road widening; I wanted to scream at him (I may have actually)
  6. It is being turned into an adult playground. Was supposed to open in June, so not sure what the new target date will be. Story below. https://www.charlotteagenda.com/165092/coliseum-v-action-bar-virtual-reality-action-field/
  7. I had Father's Day lunch there today. Maybe it is another location you're thinking of?
  8. Wow! You forget how much warehouse space is in this location until you see it from above!
  9. Everytime I stand at the base of Hearst and look up, I think of Ghostbusters and Sigourney Weaver's apartment building. I'm also a big fan of this tower.
  10. ^This development looks so much better than Stonewall Station. Amazing how the brown and grey coloring helps break up the structure. Take note Crescent!
  11. Not scoffing at all. The trees I planted are just too small to provide much shade at this point. No doubt trees can provide their own little microclimate when there are enough of them. Luckily we got some rain today, so a welcome break from the dry spell!
  12. ^Planted 3 maples last fall, although they need a couple more years on them. It is noticeably cooler today!
  13. You are correct. I'm looking into some ground covers and stone now. Our summers are too hot and dry for "normal" grass (and it isn't even summer yet!)
  14. The blowtorch was flipped on very quickly! No rain in sight either. My once lush, green lawn is turning a crispy brown
  15. Not sure if it's a renovation or demo, but I know they've been removing asbestos for the past several weeks.
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