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  1. It is being turned into an adult playground. Was supposed to open in June, so not sure what the new target date will be. Story below. https://www.charlotteagenda.com/165092/coliseum-v-action-bar-virtual-reality-action-field/
  2. I had Father's Day lunch there today. Maybe it is another location you're thinking of?
  3. Wow! You forget how much warehouse space is in this location until you see it from above!
  4. Everytime I stand at the base of Hearst and look up, I think of Ghostbusters and Sigourney Weaver's apartment building. I'm also a big fan of this tower.
  5. ^This development looks so much better than Stonewall Station. Amazing how the brown and grey coloring helps break up the structure. Take note Crescent!
  6. Not scoffing at all. The trees I planted are just too small to provide much shade at this point. No doubt trees can provide their own little microclimate when there are enough of them. Luckily we got some rain today, so a welcome break from the dry spell!
  7. ^Planted 3 maples last fall, although they need a couple more years on them. It is noticeably cooler today!
  8. You are correct. I'm looking into some ground covers and stone now. Our summers are too hot and dry for "normal" grass (and it isn't even summer yet!)
  9. The blowtorch was flipped on very quickly! No rain in sight either. My once lush, green lawn is turning a crispy brown
  10. Not sure if it's a renovation or demo, but I know they've been removing asbestos for the past several weeks.
  11. ^That's horrible! With that kind of force, I'm sure the owl didn't survive. An interesting tidbit I learned at the Carolina Raptor Center (you all should go if you've never been), never throw your apple cores, banana peels, etc., from your car window. This may not be littering in the traditional sense, but the fruit attracts mice near the roadways, which in turn attracts birds of prey. These birds swoop in to grab the mice and BAM!
  12. Exactly! I generally like the building from a distance, but the proportions of the pyramid to the top of the structure look way off from certain vantage points. I read several pages back where the architects weren't big fans of the design either, but this is what the client wanted. The customer is always right I suppose!
  13. Great photos! Your second photo is of an Eastern Redbud tree. Fun fact, the tree is part of the pea family and the pink/purple flowers are edible (although they don't have much of a flavor).
  14. I was thinking the same thing after seeing the light color on the exterior framing. If they do end up using a gray-tinted glass, this should be a nice looking tower.
  15. Oh wow. Looks like Flowerchild belongs on a cliff side on Santorini! Now if we could only get the former Greek Isles restaurant to open here, I'd be very happy.
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