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  1. Thanks for the photos KJHburg. I was able to get inside several of the buildings prior to their renovation, so seeing the transformation was pretty neat. The original wood ceilings look fantastic and I think someone pointed out the mezzanine levels inside would make great co-working spaces. I certainly hope the office market rebounds a bit so those spaces are fully leased. It was disheartening to hear of the issues with Charlotte Mecklenburg code enforcement. Sounds as if it's easier to demolish a structure in this city than it is to rehab. Very unfortunate and definitely makes you wonder if that's why so many buildings are just torn down instead of preserved. Almost seems like folks are being punished for putting in the time and effort to protect a building. I'm glad this place is getting new life and know that it's in good hands.
  2. Will try to attend tomorrow's Camp North End meeting. Anyone know if we're required to wear long pants? I'd prefer to wear shorts, but I know parts of the area are active construction sites.
  3. Good question. I completely forgot about this project. This story published last month from cleveland.com says they're still seeking financing. The Charlotte related bits: Saucy has preliminary approval from the city and is working on financing for a brewpub located in Charlotte’s Dilworth neighborhood and across from a popular YMCA. The project is slated to include converting an old building into a boutique hotel/Airbnb, he said. “Financing is tricky,” Zimmerman said. “Some banks don’t want to do hotels, some banks don’t want to do brewery, retail, whatever.” He said they “hope to break ground in the not-too-distant future.”
  4. That's fantastic! I was always hopeful they would reopen since the space was left furnished.
  5. After researching the upcoming Rally pickleball complex, I discovered that Good Road CiderWorks closed last November. Obviously, I wasn't a frequent patron, but I always enjoyed my time there and it was the only place I knew of to grab a mead.
  6. ^Adding to your point, you can use the Brookshire side if you typically take the John Belk, you'll still get to your destination. I drive Independence into the city most days and the John Belk is preferable on paper (Google Maps), but the Brookshire side has much better connectivity to I-77 and typically saves time. The loop to access 77 south from the John Belk freeway is almost always a cluster.
  7. Nary a cloud to be found today.
  8. abttown

    UP Forum Meetups

    Thanks for organizing KJ! I hoped to attend, but I've got family coming into town, so looks like I'll miss another one. I'm counting on folks feeling generous with all the gossip shared tomorrow!
  9. Would anyone be interested (or know of anyone) in adopting a dog? A co-worker of mine is searching for a home for a male Dachshund puppy. I don't believe the dog is neutered yet (too young), but if you're interested, please DM me.
  10. When I first saw the picture, I initially thought the poster was asking about the bland colors of the 500 West Trade building, lol. Honestly, I sort of expect to see some tagging in a bigger city and it adds to a city's ambience.
  11. That's interesting. All of their properties (minus Blowing Rock) appear to be renovated buildings. Charlotte will be a different setting, so I'll be very curious to see what they plan to build here.
  12. You can certainly see elements of the Ally building here, especially with the exterior grid pattern. I just hope and pray Crescent does a much better job with the parking deck at this development. Good looking buildings and thanks for the scoop! Edit: Actually, after looking over the renderings again, the deck appears to be wrapped...whew!
  13. You're right about our transit lines not showing up, which I'm a little ashamed to say I've never noticed until now. Of course I know there are transit lines and how to get there, but certainly others may not. I sent a feedback message to Google Maps asking them about the issue, so maybe something will happen?
  14. The deck "screening" is a complete joke and not a good joke. In the beginning I thought the vertical bars they erected on the side of the deck were the support system for the actual screening, haha. Just a huge prison-like wall that will always be visible from 277.
  15. Anyone know what's happening at the Tyber Creek site? Or has that been discussed elsewhere?
  16. These guys can decorate the inside face of their parking deck (in an alleyway hidden by a hotel), and Crescent can't put anything on their parking beast at Ally Center? Shame!
  17. I've noticed what appear to be light features on the corners and center of each side of the building. I'm sure this bad boy will add nicely to the night sky show.
  18. Believe Trinity Partners spent some money a couple years back renovating that building. I'm not sure how extensive the renovations were, but I know the lobby was rehabilitated a good bit. I'm sure they're perusing the market for any interest, but I do love the idea of such a large building becoming residential.
  19. Just a quick shot today from my lunch break. I didn't see many workers, but they were likely at lunch as well
  20. That will sting on the face, but is still preferable to waiting in line in 95 degree weather. Standing in the blazing sun as the sweat drips down your back (and other places) can leave you a bit soggy and irritable...yuk!
  21. We tried the new Big Ben location last weekend and we'd give it a B-. The food was actually very good (if you like English food), the service was slow, but I think you can (hopefully) chalk that up to new staff/training. Our waitress didn't know anything about the menu or what beers were on tap. The beer selection was also pretty poor, but maybe they didn't have all the taps ready. The bar is quite large and looks great (sorry no pics) and the location is great considering lots of folks will utilize this space with it's proximity to Memorial Stadium. Speaking of Superica, the Strawberry Hill location is now only open for dinner, even during the weekend. We tried to go there for lunch a few Saturday's back and were disappointed to see the place closed until 5:00pm. This is surprising given how packed the place has been during weekend lunch, but I suppose they also have a staff shortage.
  22. Good job screening all the mechanicals on the roof. And I gotta agree with KJHburg, those are some spacious balconies up there! I can foresee some corporate events making use of that outdoor space.
  23. abttown

    UP Forum Meetups

    ^I'll do my best to meet up with you guys tomorrow! Should I look for a table with a Krispy Kreme doughnut box?!
  24. ^Agreed. Someone mentioned a page or two previously that the south side of the building looks like 300 S Brevard St, and now that's all I see when I look at this tower's backside. There is quite the contrast going on depending on your angle of approach. He looks good coming at you, but just meh walking away...
  25. We took a drive thru Uptown on Saturday evening (~8pm) and were quite surprised at the number of people we saw out and about. Romare Bearden was very active. Folks were lined up onto the sidewalk to get into Merchant and Trade. Granted this was the south side of Uptown, but I was not expecting that many people and was pleasantly surprised. I think the desire is still there for the "big city" experience, but I agree with j-man that lots more can be done to make the streetscape more inviting. I have fairly high hopes that once more of the workers return, things will get better for business. Oddly, I believe some of the businesses that have survived have changed their hours to actually accommodate the weekend crowds, which is something I know many of us have complained about in the past. I hope this continues and they don't revert back to the weekday only hours. After Uptown, we slowly made our way through South End which was crowded of course. Jeni's ice cream is raking in the dough!
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