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  1. That looks an awful lot like the Embassy Suites, which has me feeling queasy.
  2. ^Here's a capture from the Oxblue cam this morning. I forgot there were lights on the face of the hotel until you mentioned it. Trippy!
  3. Somewhat off topic, but does anyone have an idea of when the NC welcome sign will be replaced on 77-N at the state line? The sign was plowed down several months ago but I didn't think it would take this long to replace.
  4. Yeah, I ate at Seoul on Sunday and they now offer you a $1 discount if you check in to Seoul on Facebook. The waiter stood over me and watched as I pulled my phone out and checked in . The place was more than half empty, however we had a late lunch (~2:00). I will say, I think their food is quite good and will continue to eat there, but that certainly came off as a little desperate.
  5. Took this on Monday from the roof of Presbyterian Hospital. If you squint, you can see some of the wildfire smoke just on the horizon.
  6. ^Ahh! I keep forgetting the curvature is occurring on the other side of the building as well. That graphic is very helpful, thanks!
  7. The office tower "sail" is definitely starting to take shape now. The tower crane is getting one more height boost, right?
  8. There has been quite a bit of renovation work on the interior of 400 S Tryon recently, but I'm not sure if that will bleed out to the exterior. At the very least, they could do something cool with the lighting and make it a pretty interesting building at night. Those awful gold windows need to be replaced too! As for 300 S Tryon, I really wish this building was about 100 feet taller. I dig the design and would love for it to have a larger presence. The Kimpton looks great!
  9. Ha! Had I strolled down 3rd Street I may have seen the prep work myself.
  10. Walking along MLK today, the curved beam on the SW corner of the office tower is becoming much more pronounced. Speaking of the tower, the core looks to be right at the base of the crane arm now. I'd wager the office crane is getting raised fairly soon?
  11. If there is a positive here, maybe this gets the attention of the younger generations in the state to actually cast a vote. May this be McCrory's death knell, along with all the other blockheads in Raleigh.
  12. Oh yes, the creator of that website is no doubt an interesting fellow. I spent a little too much of my lunch break perusing that site
  13. Haha! Sorry, my post is in reference to grodney's post above concerning the historic site sign.
  14. ^ If you go to the Cameron Yards website linked to in the article, there is a reference to a "tear in the space/time continuum" on the 2013 Upcoming Events for July 7. Honestly, just checking out that website, especially reading the history tab, is quite entertaining. They have a map at the bottom of the page which takes you to the Cameron Wood Swim & Racquet Club. Maybe the "tear" is located there? This picture was found on their website and the historic site signage looks to be the same.
  15. ^ And it was glorious! Those low dewpoints make for very refreshing nights and mornings. Unfortunately, it's a fleeting moment as this weekend looks to be quite a scorcher.
  16. ^ I drive by Three Spirits everyday on the way home (around 6pm) and have noticed their parking lot is mostly full on Thursday's and Friday's. I haven't been inside yet, but it seems to do well in the evening at least.
  17. Today is primary day! Don't forget to vote. This link takes you to the NC voter search where you can look up your sample ballot and voting location. I believe you can only vote in your specified voting location today.
  18. ^There should only be another 3 or 4 floors until this one is topped out. This building does have a great and imposing presence from Bearden and even BB&T ballpark. I really enjoy the floor plate detail/designs, but hope the parking deck gets some TLC.
  19. I drove by Brookhill yesterday morning. There are many homes which appear to be in the dismantling process. The siding has been ripped off several structures and windows are boarded up with plywood. Not sure if this is a renovation job or something else...
  20. Post to your heart's content! That last photo is brilliant.
  21. Lovely! I like them all, but the view from Alexander Street park is my favorite. Thanks for the awesome pics!
  22. You're right. My apologies to caterpillar for hurling a low blow earlier. I enjoy this forum precisely because there are different perspectives represented and there is always room for those perspectives. This topic of HB2 though really makes my blood boil. It serves as the cherry on top of what has been a sh*t sundae served up by our state government. As a NC native, I've had the opportunity to see this state shine as a southern state known for being progressive, tolerant, friendly, you name it. We were known for our great commitment to education and for having some of the most advanced voting rights in the nation. All of this took DECADES to build up and in just 5 or 6 short years, all of that progress has been wiped away. I can't help but think of the long and difficult struggle we have to regain the respect we once commanded. I honestly don't know whether to scream or cry sometimes, but it is all very disheartening.
  23. At this point, I'm convinced caterpillar2 is Larry Bumgarner. Who's with me?
  24. I can't help but think that blaming Charlotte or the mayor or the city council for HB2 and it's fallout is akin to blaming a rape victim for getting raped because their skirt was too short. We were only trying to look nice, we weren't asking to be violated.
  25. http://governor.nc.gov/contact/email-governor
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