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  1. sorry, 2 thousand people and raised 11 thousand sounds right I just remember hearing 11 thousand last night and figured it was the amount off people cause the place was packed.
  2. I dont think Earthfare had anymore Charlotte stores in there short term planes. We had are V.I.P open house tonight and had about 11 thousand people there
  3. Would like to add that Earthfare in Soutpark is opening Aug 15 and if you are in need of a sandwich or pizza im your man.
  4. I go in Billy Reid all the time and they are always great to me, they always remember me and they even sent off a shirt I ripped and Billy fixed it for me. Great store and great people working there.
  5. I went to Brio last night and of course it was ok nothing special but i noticed the Oceanaire and was thinking of going there but it looked empty and dead inside, I wish i would have relaized it was the same resteraunt talked about earlier here i would have checked it out oh well maybe next time
  6. The Catalunya Cafe is a great place I know the owner and work staff and its a nice lil gay owned and run place
  7. Jist got back from the mall and they had all the windows decorations done and were moving clothes in .
  8. I went to Brio yesterday for lunch in the Piedmont Town Center and it was really nice and really good. Made me want to buy one of the condos and live there.
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