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  1. African americans werent allowed to join until as recently as 5-10 years ago though, or something crazy like that.
  2. i would def throw LA and Las Vegas in there somewhere, over San Antonio and Philly
  3. It reminds me of a firmdale hotel. they are all very kitchy and not really my style but i've stayed once at the Hamyard hotel in london and it was FANTASTIC. in person the crazy patterns and colorful scheme work a lot better than seeing in pictures. if you're ever in NYC i suggest checking out the crosby street hotel. great property!
  4. i mentioned the other day that i was told M street had bought that lot and was moving the 11th house concept there instead of across the street
  5. that carpet is pretty new. it was added when they updated the airport what like 10 years ago or so? it wasn't all that long
  6. the house next door was like this too. it was raised and became a two story house. i imagine a developer bought it and is just renovating and building beneath like that one w the intention of selling as a larger, new home
  7. and after all that. the extensive year + "audition" for the HQ2, its going back to the city its already headquartered, essentially lol
  8. ugh. facepalm. tony has lost his flair for cool architecture. another angled box. bottom kinda looks cool though.
  9. wow, what a surprise, this is such a better fit than landing the whole hq2 for us. amazing presence, amazing jobs, will spur a lot of growth but won't overwhelm us
  10. i've heard its a boutique for jessie james decker's brand "kittenish", don't know if thats true
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