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  1. I have heard from someone w inside information that this is under discussion. Not necessarily as part of the stadium but moving TPAC to east bank redevelopment w the stadium
  2. The build out is horrible and leaves much to be desired imo. I was in there a few days ago. Very underwhelmed. Feels dated and like a suburban chain steakhouse to me. Still wanna try the food though. But it def lacks a vibe.
  3. New york isnt even on that list, lol. its got a whole style of pizza named after it. I do love a good tampa style pizza though lol
  4. lol, it's not. that list has got to be a joke.
  5. Speaking of conventions, just saw it's down between Nashville and Milwaukee to host the RNC in 2024.
  6. I think I saw the new larger delta lounge is now open in the airport Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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