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  1. This is a beautiful development. I hope it gets built.
  2. Agreed. Shut down the whole business.
  3. Those are much larger airports though. I agree with the other posters on this. No disrespect intended.
  4. It closed recently. Work is ongoing.
  5. It's not a country thing, it's a world thing. If you don't stop the spread it could get pretty bad. There are not enough medical staff, beds, equipment; or hospitals to handle a serious spread. The elderly and others at risk of death from this count too. Should their life be sacrificed so we can make money? You can replace money, you can't replace a life. They're doing this for a reason. If we were the experts we probably wouldn't be on here giving our opinions. We'd be in Washington trying to help figure this thing out. Again. World problem not only country problem. I've always jokingly said that if we came under an alien invasion, the world would be doomed because we're selfish and can't work together. We're greatly separated. Divide and conquer. This is an example in my opinion. We. The world not just the country will rebound financially. Rant over.
  6. It wasn't up yesterday.
  7. Also. It's a NCAA decision, not Greenville. They are doing this at all of them.
  8. It isn't just Greenville. They're trying to stop the spread. I don't like it, but carelessness isn't good either.
  9. Lol I can see height coming to this area. I remember seeing plans years ago that showed height. Would bring nice visibility to I-85 locally for Greenville.
  10. I agree. I was much more stressed driving in DC rush hour than Atlanta's.
  11. Two totally different sized cities and metros. One of the top 10 largest. We can be happy with what we're getting. Compare Greenville to metros of similar size and it's doing great with this.
  12. Anmed is awful and needs to be swallowed up. Recently let my co-worker's wife sit in the waiting room for hours with pancreas issues. By the time they got to her sepsis had set in and she passed away. I wouldn't step foot in that hospital.
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