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  1. They were dealing with a different time. No pandemic was going on.
  2. The poster probably could've said it differently, but if you think those comments on there aren't political you aren't looking at it and turning a blind eye. They think it has something to do with BLM and it doesn't. And some of them, too many of them are definitely bigoted comments. Someone even put it on the Simpsonville residents group asking what people think of this. It isn't even in Simpsonville. I for one am glad that Greenville is trying to be diverse and inclusive. Be patient, they'll be more than an ethnic kid on there when it's done.
  3. It's going to be more than that though. The painting is going to be diverse. You are right about bigots though. I work with some. They don't even realize they're bigots though. That'll drive you nuts.
  4. Absolutely a beautiful bustling city. I knew I saw you in that church parking lot near Greenville County Schools. Lol. Great pictures G.
  5. Yep. It has nothing to do with that. The Greenville leadership wants Greenville to be an inclusive city. A diverse city. If people don't like diversity they probably shouldn't be in an urban area. Urban areas are going to have different types of people.
  6. All people that are probably somewhat bigoted in their own right. The bad thing is some of them don't even realize they are. They are pitching a fit based on their beliefs without even knowing how things are getting paid. If they didn't paint an ethnic kid on there first, you wouldn't hear a thing. Yes I said it.
  7. Many people are shopping online these days. I expect that trend to continue to grow.
  8. By most standards it is if you look at actual height.
  9. No comparison. Not even close. I saw no parking garages but maybe one, only weird street parking. Bunches of it, and it's gritty. I'll stay up here. Lol.
  10. Haywood is still a better mall and Greenville is still a better city with more to offer. I was just down there a few weeks ago. Wouldn't trade cities.
  11. What is the construction that is going on to the left as you enter the airport from Highway 14? Can't seem to find much information on it.
  12. After riding around today and seeing where this is going, I actually think it will make a presence here coming from the Easley direction. Starting to see density in this area near Spinx.
  13. After doing a little research, he's fine. Just not in town right now. We'll hear from him soon enough.
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