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  1. He really doesn't know. Lol. But yes. Great drone pics.
  2. Wow! gman430 you're just going to let this go through like you didn't see it? Come on man. I guess they're right.
  3. Who knows. I'll have to go in and scope the place out.
  4. Life is too short not to splurge occasionally. It would make for an interesting date night.
  5. Being against bigots and slavery has nothing to do with being woke. I'm not liberal, but those are 2 things i don't stand for. Wade Hampton was a bigot and slave owner. With that being said. I don't really care what the road is called, but I understand why people of my ethnic background don't like it. I can understand why you can't see it. Your ancestors may have been on the benefiting side of it.
  6. Plenty of people make enough to afford this. At least the people I know.
  7. I will never understand why people who live in urban areas that are desirable think that it isn't going to grow. That's what rural areas are for.
  8. It would look much better. The tallest building in Greenville shouldn't be the ugliest one. Lol.
  9. Need to do this to the Landmark building.
  10. The cardboard is damaging the material. That's why they don't want them there.
  11. CHS is a tourist hub, and doesn't have as many airports nearby to compete with. Especially Hartsfield or Douglas. GSP is right where it probably belongs in traffic.
  12. It sure would be. We agree on that. Focusing on negative when there is much more good.
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