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  1. Not bad for GSP considering it's competing with Atlanta, Charlotte and to an extent Asheville. Charleston doesn't really have any competition plus it's a tourist city. Not surprised by it's traffic.
  2. Most of the time there is usually a reason they're sleeping on benches on Main Street. There are a few truly down on their luck, but the majority have some serious issues to where family has even separated from them. I've tried to help a couple. They usually had an issue with drugs, alcohol, or both. They didn't want a job or directions to the nearest shelter, or anywhere they could get help.
  3. Heck no. It ain't that type of party. Lol.
  4. With the corruption in Mauldin? Yeah right. Make a wager on it.
  5. Heck no! No Walmarts. I can't stand them things. Give me a Target over them any day. Just feels different. Lol. I believe this will get built though.
  6. I'm counting 5 floors, some of them are pretty big too. This thing is going to be 10 right? Could have more height than I previously thought.
  7. This is what I remember. Yuck.
  8. These are fair points I guess. You said one thing that really hit close to home for me. The road lighting situation definitely needs major improvement. Really no excuse for the lack of lighting on freeways and interchanges. As I was traveling 385 South yesterday going onto 85 North at the interchange it is pretty dark under there. Things kinda meshed in together. Like a dark maze.
  9. Stop being such a pessimist sir or ma'am. Most the bad stuff you think isn't happening. Lol.
  10. Seasonal. I'm sure this has been mentioned here before.
  11. That probably has more to do with it being a Charlotte suburb. Personally I don't see much wrong with our infrastructure. Not enough for me to complain about. Nothing like traffic etc in bigger cities.
  12. Is Rock Hill a peer? It's a suburb while Greenville is the principal city of a metro area. Don't let city limit population trick you. This is a greatly inaccurate representation of Grenville's true size. The dynamics are different.
  13. Don't worry about it. They have folks working on this that say it'll go where it needs to go. Doesn't matter what we think by looking at it really. We don't build buildings.
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