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  1. Some folks may not have another 22 years of life. Just saying. Lol.
  2. I was wondering that the other day when I was out there.
  3. It looks pretty nice. I like the concept of adding games.
  4. I just saw this post, but you already know now.
  5. Well. No answer from here, but the crane base for this has been put in place. Awesome!
  6. Something is not right about a particular poster here. I have them on ignore, but sometimes still see their stuff because people are quoting him. They love Charlotte but never put anything in the Charlotte forum. Only goal is to try to downplay upstate SC. Particularly Greenville which is doing well. Is this forum no longer moderated?
  7. Actually I had someone sitting besides me that drove from Asheville. GSP was cheaper for her flight.
  8. I've used GSP every time I've flown this year. I love the convenience of not driving for hours to Atlanta.
  9. Few reasons they'll probably always have more passengers. It's a big tourist city, pretty much only airport in the immediate region; and no competition from Hartsfield and Douglas. Greenville sits between the 2. GSP is doing very well considering that and will only add more.
  10. Will this not be getting a tower crane?
  11. Man. I can't lie. These numbers can throw some off. According to the numbers Spartanburg is only 5k or so people larger than Greer. Lol. If you've spent time in both you can see clearly that Greer is a suburb and Spartanburg is a great deal larger than Greer. While our city population numbers are definitely useful in some ways, they can definitely throw outsiders off. I experience this with clients often. They usually state that it feels much larger than the city population they saw. In reference to Greenville and Spartanburg, but it effects many cities in the state.
  12. Like I said. Because of different dynamics, not because the area is more populated. It really isn't. Even if it has grown more percentage wise. If you couldn't go straight through here on all sides I'm sure it would feel much worse too. Any area of some size would. Are you indicating that the population of Charleston feels like the population of 3 counties, with one of those counties being 514k alone? I didn't feel that when I was down recently. The three together would be well over 1 million people. I'm not debating that it isn't more congested there, I'm just saying it isn't necessarily because of population alone. Perhaps the roads aren't sufficient for the population there and in the other areas the roads are more suited for the population. Plus not being landlocked. Traffic is traffic to me. None here in SC are worse than I've experienced in Atlanta and DC. We all have our opinions and it's okay to see differently.
  13. It would be cool to see part of downtown Greenville from other vantage points like the heavily traveled 85 corridor. But it will probably be a minute before we build something taller than the Daniel Building, which I can actually see when I get around the Easley exits heading up 85 north from Anderson. It seems that downtown Greenville sits low compared to the surrounding topography. The best bet will probably continue to be the presence made from ICAR on 85. There was actually plans originally to build a 20 story or 2 out there in the beginning. Not sure if that's still in the plans or not.
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