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  1. It's a growing city. You're going to have noise and other things. I don't like it all either, but it isn't Mayberry. Lol.
  2. Granted, but GSP is still going to grow and they are currently still adding to the facilities. So it took a little hit from the pandemic. If they thought it wasn't going to grow they wouldn't keep adding this stuff.
  3. Do you have the numbers for each airport? I bet more people are still flying through GSP.
  4. Not entirely true. GSP has picked back up.
  5. GSP still has a good bit more passengers then Asheville does.
  6. I disagree that Laurens Rd isn't busy. I travel it almost daily and it always has it's fair share of traffic.
  7. Lol. Well tall is subjective. I think the Camperdown has decent height. I think he was talking about cranes in general though. Something doesn't have to be 50 stories tall to get a crane. Lol.
  8. Too me it's just another store. A niche store that not everyone uses. It's more for the ones that have gotten wrapped into the Apple cult. I wasn't one of those, so that may be why I feel that way.
  9. Apple store. Meh. Nothing special to me. Just a store like any other.
  10. Why shouldn't they be? It's a Greenville suburb. That's the only reason it's seeing this type of stuff.
  11. Why can't it all happen? I like this. We are some spoiled people in this area. Lol.
  12. This won't hurt Greenville. I've been in that store once just to look.
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