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  1. The mall and downtown are two different types of shopping.
  2. Two Whole Foods in Greenville. Interesting. Good sign of how Greenville is growing.
  3. You're misinformed. They can fix potholes. There is plenty of money. You don't know what politicians do with that money.
  4. I hope they build on it. Keeps changing hands.
  5. So they will be adding floors with this renovation? Interesting.
  6. That is quite a ways out. In my opinion lighting is important for safety. Especially when the highways are now loaded with traffic.
  7. Yes. I know about it. We've discussed it here on different occasions. I just don't understand why they don't want to put money into lights. When they widened the section of 385 years ago in the city of Greenville, I sent the dot an email asking were they going to install lights like other metros. They said only the on ramps and exits. What's the issue with wanting to add lighting?
  8. Everytime I go through this section of Greer(Hwy 29) at night, I ask myself; why can't more places in the Greenville metro use this type of lighting? You would think that they are afraid of lights.
  9. This is the debate I got into with Charleston Data on another forum. He wanted to ignore MSA and County and only use UA for his 'bragging rights'. I told him you can't just ignore MSA and County.
  10. We all have our opinions, so I respect yours too. But I've been to Charleston several times and don't really see what the hype is about. I'll take Greenville over that.
  11. Charleston has nothing with any real height. I prefer what Greenville is doing versus the low rise old look Charleston prefers. If I wanted that I'd live down there. Other than the cladding of this building may be an off put to some I think it's a good development. And the building is very nice inside with lots of amenities. And it has a neat high tech parking garage. Bump Charleston. Lol. We aren't them and don't want to be. We are Greenville.
  12. It's not going anywhere. It's unique and adds density. And again. I trust the leadership. They made Greenville into the success you see today. If you've been to meetings or have dealt with any of the leadership personally, like Knox; you will see what headspace they're in. They aren't perfect, but they don't make decisions lightly. Wish the county did the same.
  13. The leadership in the city is much more important to which way the city is going versus what the buildings look like. And leaders and business people in Greenville don't make decisions without careful consideration. And I actually like this building.
  14. Lol. Looks like it will have a few. Reminds me of an additional downtown area.
  15. If this gets built it'll take Greenville to another level.
  16. Welcome back. Nothing wrong with being realistic, but have to look at the whole picture; not just the negative. There is much more good going here than negative.
  17. You have been around a long time. But you have changed brother. You used to be thankful and joyous for things that were happening in the area. But now you only focus on what you believe is missing. And for Greenville's size it isn't missing much and is adding more. You have become spoiled. Just being candid.
  18. He has been very whiny. Like a spoiled person. Lol.
  19. Greenville is already growing as fast as Charleston. I don't know why people think otherwise. I think in the last estimate Greenville even added slightly more people than Charleston did. If Charleston is mega growth then Greenville is too.
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