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  1. Not really sure. I assume it could have to do with incentives from the state etc.
  2. And with all of that GSP still has more passenger traffic.
  3. No. Mauldin is a suburb like every other town in Greenville county. It benefits from urban Greenville. Most folks don't even know that's Mauldin.
  4. All of this is subjective at best. You may not like Charlotte, but they're doing something right. People have been flocking there for the last decade. My choice is Greenville, but nothing wrong with Charlotte. I like the things they've done with transit like the light rail and the true electric trolley that runs there.
  5. I happen to like Charlotte's buildings. I like modern.
  6. Those so called eye catching developments will come when the time is right? Some of the developments going on now look pretty good though.
  7. Spartanburg also isn't building or growing near as fast as Greenville. I like the things going here.
  8. Lots of places would love to get anything. Yet people here complain because it isn't tall enough lol. Trust me. I want that 30 story too. But that doesn't make me not appreciate what we do have and are getting.
  9. It's time for a taller building now. The place is busting at the seams with growth. Glad we're adding density, but it's time for at least one building to go past the current tallest which was built in the 60s.
  10. I think eventually they'll break that ceiling. I also think this building will eventually get a facelift.
  11. Well. That's why we have different cities to choose from. I like what's going on in Greenville. Would like to see something taller than the current tallest though.
  12. But neither of those are building as much as Greenville is other than Charlotte. I'm just glad we're building.
  13. I know we joke about height. But it will be taller than this. Lol.
  14. I would say spoiled moreso than they dislike Greenville. We seem to take what we're getting for granted here. Lots of places are not even growing.
  15. Nothing new on this? Seems we should have something.
  16. GSP isn't bleeding. It has about twice the traffic of Asheville. It's actually increasing. Smh.
  17. As an investor myself, of course on a much smaller level. We are going to do what gives us the biggest discount to make more profit. This is no different. I'm just glad it's happening.
  18. I'm betting on the developer who I know gets things done. I've talked to him several times. He does his research.
  19. If I were a betting man, my money is on the developer. He has a track record for getting things done. The population growth will support it. Can't wait to see the finished product.
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