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  1. thedude26

    Augusta Developments News

    No, it is the same one I am sure. It will look completed pretty soon but it will be a couple years before any classes start in it, it always takes a while before that happens.
  2. thedude26

    Augusta Developments News

    Actually, that other 5 floor building is going to be the new Allied Health Sciences building. Should be completed in a couple of years.
  3. thedude26

    Augusta Developments News

    Well, I know they are building some new buildings on the ASU campus. They have also started on the Mixed use development on Riverwatch parkway, and of course several developments in Evans out in the burbs.
  4. thedude26

    Evans-Columbia County

    I live next to the National Golf Course in Brookside West Apartments. West Augusta is really nice. I can get just about anywhere in 10 to 15 minutes and the area is very attractive.
  5. thedude26

    N.NE Lodge | Off-topic posting

    Actually, my family moved while I was still in elementary school. I went to Peterwoodbury and Memorial Elementary schools in Bedford.
  6. thedude26

    Evans-Columbia County

    I hope they consolidate. That would really help to get denser development in the area and stop some of the sprawl.
  7. thedude26

    N.NE Lodge | Off-topic posting

    HI! I am new to the forum and lived in Bedford NH for the first 10 years of my life. For 13 years I lived in the hellhole known as metro Atlanta and am now living in Augusta GA. I hope to eventually live in the Toronto area (the northeast US is just to expensive). It is nice to meet all of you and I hope to talk on more posts in the future.