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  1. When I was driving by it the other day, it looks as though the Bennegan's is closed now.
  2. When was the Rowe built? Also, the last time I drove by there were Rockford Construction signs on the building: Anybody not affiliated with the building/architecture industry (like me) would assume (like me) that there had to be something going on.....
  3. I was on the Ford around lunch today and noticed that there are two HUGE banners now hanging off of the parking ramp: I wonder if this is a sign that something is about to begin again on this project...
  4. All I know is that you can bring the goods in, and they will supply you with cups, glasses and even a wine opener if needed, but they will not go anywhere near the booze. The customers have to take care of all of the serving. I hope they weren't on the down low. If so, I just ruined everything.
  5. Shogun at 28th and Breton has a "BYOB" license. When I have gone there with friends, we have brought beer and sake in coolers to drink with our meals.
  6. I thought it was going to be a hotel? Or was that never confirmed?
  7. I drove by there yesterday and the crane was gone.
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