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  1. These are traffic cameras. I'm not sure if it's this exact model, but here is a similar one: https://gridsmart.com/products/the-bell-camera/
  2. I think these are new images of this project. More in the pdf here.
  3. In a surprising turn, it looks like Elk Brewing is moving forward: http://therapidian.org/elk-brewing-under-full-construction
  4. Indeed. The build up to the announcement irked me, and an inbox full of messages using identical language to tell me this was a 'Big Deal', left me with the impression that I was being sold something I might not want. But it's starting to grow on me... It's very early in the process, so specific critiques are probably foolish, but I do have one issue that I hope they address. An event like SXSW is continually successful because everything about it reinforces the idea that Austin is the Place for that event. The name (at least from my spot on the map), the bands, and the surrounding cultu
  5. I'm having a little trouble reconciling the two images, but might they be private suites to eat, drink, and watch a concert from?
  6. I didn't get any usable tree pictures during that walk. Foggy glasses and frozen camera were working against me. Also, the tree itself looked a bit askew when I wandered by. Here's one more from the blurry/wintry-mix file:
  7. It was too cold to do much investigating, but I assumed it was being projected from the opposite side of the courtyard. Maybe they could set up a projector in one of the buildings on the other side of Monroe Center? That would probably draw a few more eyeballs.
  8. The focus isn't great on these, but here are a couple of shots from last week:
  9. They were up in early July, if not earlier:
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