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  1. exactly! We need to capitalize on the prospect of retail. A department store is a great idea, although not on the scale of the size of the anchors in South Park. Downtown residents should have a nice place to shop within walking distance, since the downtown area population is supposed to be up to 26,000 by 2012. Perhaps a Saks, Bloomingdales, or maybe a Barneys...prob. not, but there is hope. Once we get some kind of big store like that, it will be a catalyst to a buzzing business sector. or... I know this idea has been going around UP, but a Barnes and Nobles or Borders is really not a bad idea, esp. since the location would be a prime hotspot for business and whatnot. Maybe we could even fit a Virgin store in there somehow, I'm sick of seeing an emptiness of places to shop along south tryon.
  2. Further into retail, were there plans for adding retail-carts? Like they do at South Park?
  3. so what is going to happen to the skybridge connecting to founders hall?
  4. Think about traffic problems that could arise because of the tight space... i mean 5 cranes?
  5. anyone know the name of the project? And I agree, street level retail should fall as one of the top priorities for this project, since its proximity to Epicentre, which would help centralize a retail district. Only, we need to diversify the type of retail offered, so that pedestrian activity would be more welcomed.
  6. I thought Belk was decent enough to be upscale, otherwise why is it in South Park? Well, maybe I haven't lived here that long. I don't see Bloomingdale's here in the south, and I don't see Belk up north?? Well look at what Short Hills does not have: Dick's sports, food COURT, bookstore, many good places to dine, sympony concerts etc. I think French Connection and Gucci are coming to SP in the Neiman wing, Although Short Hills has a lot more more upscale stores than SP, give SP a few more years and it will reach the same caliber as SH. I mean look at all the development around SP and the city itself, it definitely will showcase a more urbane exquisite look.
  7. Finally, with the addition of Macy's and Neimen Marcus, South Park will probably become the Premier location for upscale shopping in NC. The mall reminds me a lot of the Short Hills Mall when I used to live in NJ. Basically the same stores we have at SP: Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Macy's... but no Bloomindale and Saks... do we have a Tiffany's?? Rather than Bloomindales, we have Belk, which is like the same, but I'd say Belk is much better in terms of customer service... and Dillards... well I've never been in there.
  8. so do we still have bowling and movie theatre on the list???
  9. I hope this white water park will draw more activity to this region of Charlotte, like spark businesses and homes.
  10. Who Cares about Atlanta! I'm just happy Charlotte got the HOF.
  11. kpryde4u

    The Vue

    When is construction due to begin?? It will take at least 2 years to finish building this building.
  12. OMG... that is so cool.. I'm definitely going there.
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