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  1. the03avenger

    New Grand Rapids Art Museum

    They need to send this thing back to the age when brutalistic was hip. Take a look at Minneapolis's new museum is gonna look like now thats money well spent.
  2. the03avenger

    New Grand Rapids Art Museum

    the more the museum comes along the more im begining to hate it. It looks like its gonna be cement all over the place and its gonna stick out in that area like a sore thumb. Sure theyl will throw a few windows here and there but its still gonna look like crap but thats just my opinon
  3. the03avenger

    East Beltline Developments

    anyone else think gr township should be annexed?
  4. the03avenger

    Gallery on Fulton

    Doesn't look to bad hopefully it goes in sooner than later that lot is an eyesore would be a perfect spot to sell a car im trying to get rid of