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  1. I haven't heard anything good about them so far...
  2. I guess looking out my window there are a ton of 35 Oakes windows open. Not broken, just left open.
  3. If he's the chef that owned Taste of India when i think he did then yes, his food is the most amazing indian food in town.
  4. Geez. How did this building fall apart so quickly over the course of 5 years?
  5. That's really disrespectful and highly ignorant to imply that you and a small percentage of the population are the only ones that can think for themselves. Really? This is your source of alternative media?
  6. There looked to be parts of a crane there now. I hadn't noticed it before.
  7. Since the ground breaking was set up long before the McPalin rally i'd think the two have nothing to do with each other.
  8. Ferget this - i want him to open the taco stand he promised at Fulton & Carlton!
  9. Is it some how affiliated with the crazy person angry about Union Square?
  10. That signage has been around all summer. I mentioned it in another thread that while i realize they're trying to be all trendy by using a scooter, it's false marketing since you can't actually park a scooter in the parking garage.
  11. Isn't Ritz Coney open till 3 or 4 am? They serve more than hot dogs. And Grand Coney isn't just another hot dog place. They've got a huge menu and breakfest served 24 hours.
  12. I'm pretty certain they'll have a grand ground breaking party to kick this thing off. Then we'll know that they're finally under construction.
  13. I didn't realize they resumed construction this year after sitting uncompleted for 16 years. I guess they're expecting a bunch of visitors?
  14. Pitsch was there earlier in the day. I'd say it's safe to say they're digging something up.
  15. We were at Circle Theater last night and the lady next to me actually told her friend they were in the ghetto of Grand Rapids. I almost turned to her to tell her Aquinas College is NOT the ghetto of GR. Did she NOT notice the Blodgett Estate across the street?
  16. Was that the name of the Mexican restaurant that was there? I don't believe this is the East Hills area.
  17. Another indian restaurant?! Where?! SWEET!
  18. What about the pharmacy where Douma's used to be?
  19. If even RCC could get the funding... And forgive me since i don't get the Press - but is this a news piece or an opinion piece?
  20. The largest Community Garden in the state is in the Fulton Heights neighborhood.
  21. This time i kind of/sort of feel bad for him. In the development world right now IT IS HARD. I think a lot of you not in this industry do not realize how many projects are falling through right now because of the banking collapse. And hang on because it's only going to get worse...
  22. Because it wouldn't really be a commission meeting without Jendrasiak being anti something everything. Somebody has to pick up where Tormala left off.
  23. These spaces are gorgeous. I wish i had gotten some pictures on my last walk through.
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