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  1. Come on man... this is Orlando! When is anything "done right"? Nope it get's Orlando'ed
  2. This is such a piece of crap city...its not even funny anymore... i didnt say crap. thx for the edit.
  3. Still the same building / rendering from page 1?
  4. should have gone with North End a la Boston...
  5. so, we get a patch of grass now...awesome!!!
  6. look at the guys running the goaa board who picks this stuff. Any of them look like they are fashion forward? Hmm, most dress like they are still in the 90's. Its only fitting they would choose colors and decor they feel at home with...
  7. wasnt it the NY developer in the Growthplanner article this morning?
  8. where exactly are these gleaming office towers, world class restaurants and high end hotels?? I must know so i can visit them!
  9. I would do a giant bean-like plaza like Chicago. make it an orange and voila! And ice-skating in the winter like Bryant Park in NYC
  10. i love DT WG. 9/10 Need more retail to be 10/10
  11. I find it funny that this town keeps compounding mistakes. Central station has been the biggest disaster to be approved for DT. Trash in such a prime location. Now let’s just compound it by putting up the widest 28 story wall to block all of the views coming westbound on I-4. Yeah, that looks much better! Yay! who lets these thing happen over and over?
  12. I was born and raised here. Biggest Orlando homer. Always made excuses for this city, but after visiting so many places our size...its depressing to come home and see what we could have become but are too lazy to become. Arriving back at MCO quickly smacks you in the face with reality. Being greeted by throngs of fat ugly people in jorts and flip flops is not very appealing. This place is mediocre at best and will never be better because no one demands better. People are content with the status quo. End of rant. Good night.
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