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  1. No big deal...just another day in Austin, Tx Another 53 story 606ft tower to be built... Meanwhile in Orlando... ***crickets***
  2. i like it. fat and squatty but the design is kinda nice
  3. Was supposed to be a lot more modern contemporary design than this.
  4. Younger Cuban American born kids don’t care for the sport like the older generation. And heat and humidity? It’s a state of the art stadium with AC!
  5. That wasn’t the original rendered design was it?
  6. Not really a great comparison. OC Cali is not really an MSA or a metro city, it’s just a suburban feeder county to a much larger LA just like Seminole County would be to Orlando.
  7. This place is really going to be worth the wait. Looks like a very nice project with quality finishes
  8. id like to have it on Church St. and OBT. Keeps the sports corridor going. Maybe leading to a streetcar line with multiple drop-offs on Church for each stadium.
  9. sweet baby jesus...is this thing back on?? this, summit raddisson and T2 would make such a big impact on the skyline and streetscape...
  10. I think if any area of DT can, it would be there or by DPAC. Interesting gamble. The convention space would be what saves it I guess
  11. 100% this I liked the thinner slender design before. This is another fat chunky building that I fear will morph with the waverly in front to form one gigantic fat blob. looks a little too Miami Beach-ish for me. The other design seemed more refined...
  12. They look great! and Cash looks like a beast out there. Team seems to be gelling under Papi
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