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  1. orlandouprise

    Kissimmee | St. Cloud | Celebration

    Isnt there a 16 story hotel planned in the town center?
  2. orlandouprise

    Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    Agreed, but nobody can deny it has had a trickle down effect on the city of Atlanta. It has elevated Atlanta and made it hip and cool to live there where as before Atlanta was an afterthought... That brings people, corporations and wealth...
  3. orlandouprise

    Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    and now Georgia has managed to do what we could not...why?
  4. orlandouprise

    Creative Village [Proposed]

    as always in Orlando, the actual finished product is nowhere near as nice or tall or dense as originally rendered. We should always expect to get half of what we see...
  5. orlandouprise

    Lake Nona - Medical City

    For some reason, landscaping and manicured lawns are not a focus or a forte of Metro Orlando like it is in some other metros...
  6. my mom loved that store...
  7. Interested to know ...how close was lightrail under her watch? They all have had their good and bad, but I think Mayor Bill will reign for ever as the best
  8. orlandouprise

    X Orlando | Three-tower Residential [Proposed]

    meh, if it was 3 individual buildings...maybe, but that base just kills it IMO... even if you turned 2 of the buildings that would look way better..
  9. orlandouprise

    Economic Development

    I for one, appreciate I am Reality's insight and views. It can't all be rainbows and marshmellows. Change is usually spurred on from hearing opposing views as well...
  10. orlandouprise

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    I know people will hate me for this but I miss the blue boxes. Homeless are out of control again. I don't wanna be surrounded by bums at every corner if im paying top dollar for a condo DT
  11. orlandouprise

    Creative Village [Proposed]

    im still pissed every time I watch a movie and the final credits roll around and I see a big Georgia peach. Those films were supposed to me made here. Hollywood East NOT Pinewood!
  12. orlandouprise

    Creative Village [Proposed]

    What amazes me is that Buckhead is Atlanta's THIRD skyline. Even Atlantic Station, the FOURTH skyline is something to envy...
  13. orlandouprise

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    very interesting ideas...wondering if anybody in a position of power to actually kick start this actually knew about it. Was is it something the DT DB floated?
  14. orlandouprise

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Now THAT is a beautiful building.
  15. Sad to hear Buddy is that way... landscaping is often overlooked yet it makes a huge difference in people's state of mind and perception of an overall area. Landscaping in some cases can even camouflage even the ugliest architectural blemishes in a city...