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  1. orlandouprise

    Cool Stuff in Other Cities

    I disagree, ours imo is a much nicer design. this is just because of Miami cache
  2. DTO imo does not feel like a CBD...it feels more like Brooklyn... just a cool neighborhood...not a place of commerce
  3. orlandouprise

    Creative Village

    Why did Craig and Phil split?
  4. looks really good. when do we start?
  5. orlandouprise

    Creative Village

    So Ustler unveiled his great park for CV this morning on Growth spotter. Meh...its ok. in contrast from his initial renderings...it has turned into something very underwhelming. Disappointed in Ustler. He has turned into a typical cheap ass developer. You cant show people modern, edgy, "creative" renderings and then deliver this. If this was your plan from the beginning...own it. The park is ok, but that's it. Nothing is really "creative" about it. I wish one day a developer would have the money and the balls to push through something that pushes the envelope, something that makes a statement and becomes iconic for Orlando. I had hopes for CV that this would be it. Initial renderings looked modern, even slightly futuristic. This looks like anywhere USA from the mid 90's. ...and in regards to the "LOVE"sculpture (I know its a placeholder image)...dear god ...NO. if I want to take a picture of that I go to Philly. At least make it a creative sculpture of the letters ORL or something Orlando. Something people will actually that they were in Orlando visiting when they look back at the picture. End of rant...Lol
  6. Actual façade is not nearly as nice a rendering. A huge letdown IMO...
  7. orlandouprise

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    are they still loft units? those are the type they use on park ave in WP...really nice IMO
  8. 100% agree with this. Orlando needs to try and centralize things again, even this late in the game. Shift back to its core instead of sprawling out anything of significance. OMA in DTO IMO is the first step. The Holocaust Museum is another great step. A MAJOR food hall DT would be huge. Under 1-4 park would be a nice asset. Also, we need retail. Less clubs would be great. Too many drunk teens roaming the streets at night does not attract visitors back.
  9. I disagree...I currently am working on a project on Central Ave in St. Pete and there are about 7-8 significant buildings going up at the moment in DTSP. Central Ave alone has a TON of foot traffic. Restaurants/cafes galore and retail/shopping options blow ORL and TPA away. The WaterStreet project alone in Tampa will leave DT Orl way behind IMO. Orlando seems content with small incremental additions while these cities are going for the jugular 100% this. Its SLOWLY getting better but we are WAY behind even little 'ole WP
  10. orlandouprise

    Downtown Orlando Tallest Buildings (Meters/Feet)

    You know, ive always known about that, BUT, how come we can dig down deep for entire building foundations but we cant make a simple basement for a small home? i'm perplexed
  11. orlandouprise

    Cool Stuff in Other Cities

    Lol, Miami gets this from PMG and we get moldy walls on a stub...you have laugh
  12. orlandouprise

    Cool Stuff in Other Cities

    Still think ORL can swoop in and steal the Rays if Buddy had bigger balls
  13. orlandouprise

    Zoi House Orlando

    that what we all thought about X Orlando
  14. orlandouprise

    Hourglass District

    a suburban box with a snout.
  15. I wish there could be 10 more projects with Novell's finishes lining S.Orange Ave...looks really good IMO...Nice height and scale for the area