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  1. how does this look any better? Am I missing something? From the renderings, it looks just like what is there now.
  2. Pine Hills huh?...I went to Rolling Hills Elementary , Meadowbrook and Evans...you Spencer?
  3. I like the proportions of the building now, don't go wider
  4. then don't build it. I don't want more half assed buildings going up like Central Station. Permanent eyesores for the sake of building. enough is enough.
  5. let the crap show begin... BB will value engineer this with the Magic so that it look as bad as possible. That way it can blend in with their other $hitty designs. Nice!
  6. Me too! I am also a trojan. Class of '95 Always loved the snakepit!
  7. should be swanky. Love it! I lean more Lyaness myself. Love that look. Should go well with the foodhall decor Let me know if you need help with countertops on your buildout. That's my calling
  8. Congrats! Hope you have much success. Love the fact you went with DAP for the buildout. Those guys are top notch
  9. Why did they back out? Wasn't Kelly's Homemade Ice cream going in the yard too?
  10. nice! hope it actually get built. Any idea if its a go and timeframe to break ground?
  11. are those garages for a residential or office building that faces orange ave? or is that it? just a garage.
  12. is that a new rendering? its different from the one on OBJ and growthspotter
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