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  1. Don't understand the logic...because Tampa is worse, then we are ok? Many mid sized city DT's are booming. Charlotte, San Antonio, Austin, Portland, Kansas City, etc...hell even Greenville, Charleston and Savannah are light years ahead. There is a problem here and Thomas Chatmon is doing nothing to fix it.
  2. I like the new brick portion. At least bring back the glass box for the elevator enclosure. Kinda cool going up and seeing Eola park
  3. so now in true Orlando fashion this developer comes back after initial approval from the ARB and changes the design AGAIN to even more of a box. And why would they not, the ARB lets everyone walk all over them. Would be shocked if they didn't re-approved this load of crap. ARB simply has no huevos.
  4. Usually the amenities open first to make it easier to sell /lease the units.
  5. I saw the photo...and thought it was the before. lol Apparently that's the finished product. I wish people would get professionals to design projects like this
  6. beautifully landscaped. Manicured. You can eat off the floor its so clean. River running through the center of architectural gems. NYC cannot touch it.
  7. its why I prefer Chicago. Much cleaner in the core
  8. I like the Orlando Oaks, The Orlando Juice or my fave of all time the Orlando SunRays (only happens if we move the Rays from TB here) if its backed by universal, the what? Would it be called the Orlando Epics? lol
  9. I thought Hartsfield had A,B.C,D,E and F?
  10. This. Atlanta has exploded and become a next tier city because of strong forward thinking leadership and corporate money driving home that agenda. I once thought Orlando could follow in those footsteps (we are similar to the Atlanta of 25-30 years ago )and become the next Atlanta but I don't believe this to be the case anymore. We are just a different animal (tourism centric not corporate) and we lack strong visionary leaders and local corporate money to execute that vision. While we have some nice momentum going, its just not enough before the next recession. I honestly see Nashville (not even Tampa) taking on that role to become the next Atlanta or moving up to become a next tier city in the Southeast.
  11. Dunwoody/Northern perimeter area?
  12. Atlanta unfortunately snagged that "connector" title due to a better geographical location relative to other major US cities...
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