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  1. I hope its brick and not more stucco
  2. yes, except Tampa's towers are now designed by...you know...architects! We only have BB playing architect here.
  3. who cares!...at least we would have had an iconic gateway into the city for once. Jeezus Christ!!!
  4. just got back from Miami...man they are on a whole 'nother level. Brickell is breathtaking. The skyline coming into Miami from Miami Beach on the 836 looks like a mini Manhattan!
  6. if it looks like tower #1, no thanks. Take that squatty BS somewhere else...
  7. because Thomas Chatmon is an idiot.
  8. Alex Leitao is rumored to be somehow related to Alex Martins. The two cant keep their paws of the team and have driven their respective teams into the ground. Wish Flavio would sell the team to Joe Lewis! *off the team
  9. I wouldn't mind so much if it were in a less prominent location, but there is no where to hide this thing. Its in your face fat ugly style to the 1000 degree.
  10. this thing is wider and uglier than I thought...and now the want to build another one? We will end up with a fat wall blocking all other buildings in that cluster. Just gross IMO.
  11. no trees are been hurt in this development
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