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  1. orlandouprise

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Buffalo Wild Wings?
  2. orlandouprise

    Novel Lucerne [Under Construction]

    That is one of the nicest building done in a LONG time. very nice finishes
  3. orlandouprise

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    so bummed about Ferg's. went there all the time before OCSC games...That place was always overflowing w purple
  4. cant wait for 55W to be covered up completely...
  5. orlandouprise

    MLS Soccer Stadium

    Would have rathered the ASG be awarded in 2021 so brightline, sunrail to MCO would be hopefully be complete as well as I-4 and ST Plaza and DPAC Atl put on a great week this year and we are going to look @ss backwards having it right behind them. I hope Sunrail has nights and weekend schedules that week at least along with shuttles from Hotels to stations. Would have also been nice to have magic complex done as well...HA!
  6. orlandouprise

    MLS Soccer Stadium

    have you been to a game at the new stadium?
  7. orlandouprise

    Metro Orlando Headlines

    Geez, I guess Clarence got a nice tip from Universal for that last minute flip...Ted Edwards was always a prick
  8. was kinda hoping for a color on the overpass that would make it iconic for our area. something like the orangy-red that the golden gate bridge has some other color that would add a pop of color without being tacky
  9. orlandouprise

    Winter Garden/Ocoee/Oakland Projects

    WG is white hot right now...
  10. orlandouprise

    Kudos - Orlando area folks we're proud of

    Come back Spensy, we miss ya!
  11. orlandouprise

    Rays vs. Rowdies and Effect On Orlando?

    I think the brick side helps tie it into Ybor. Nice looking stadium IMO
  12. orlandouprise


    Landscaping is hideous like most places in Orlando. We pay little to no attention here at landscaping. We require builders to plant certain number of trees, certain numbers of plants, etc to pass inspection and once they have approval...the majority of landscaping goes to hell. They simply let it go into despair, don't water or treat because there is no oversight afterwards. The fact that we have many lawn "mowers" and VERY little qualified "landscapers" just worsens the situation. Add to that, that most people are too busy to notice or care about landscaping so the problem just goes by unnoticed. Its sad really because just like paint on a dilapidated house...landscaping also goes a long way in making a huge visual impact in a city and its neighborhoods.
  13. orlandouprise

    Cool Stuff in Other Cities

    I love this! ambitious but why not. I personally am dying for the city make a ice skating rink, even if only in the winter time, a la Bryant Park, in front of the DPAC on the Seneff Plaza lawn area but I like the idea of a permanent rink , carousel, etc near the History Center in an expanded park.
  14. orlandouprise


    I hope this materializes, BUT this is not HSR. IMO 80 miles and hour in quite slow...at that speed, DT Tampa to MCO would take about an hour! Oh well, i'll take it for now
  15. orlandouprise

    Metro Orlando Airport News

    looks much more modern, very European...