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  1. how about just fixing the homeless problem. like shipping them off to a desert or bringing back the blue boxes...
  2. how about making the giant mesh area a giant video board? Ill be honest,i kinda liked the gold mesh...looks very UCFwith the black accents of the building
  3. Is there no one on the DT ARB board analyzing these things. It takes amateur guys on an urban forum to figure this out?? really???
  4. which is precisely why i don't care for this or CS T1 and T2 . They are too massive and wide and will overpower and hide the entire skyline from both sides!!
  5. Looks short and fat like every other building in this town. Went from signature building to another meh fat @$$
  6. you would think that they could plant a tree straight in this town...
  7. am i the only one who finds this thing ugly coming from the south on i-4 heading northbound?
  8. i think LN is Orlando's version of Atlanta's Cobb Galleria/Perimeter/ Vinings Area in its infancy
  9. Maitland is looking awesome!!
  10. trucks should have been at the park
  11. IMO , we have 6 gorgeous months and 6 months of opressive heat. Do you know of an extra month added to the calendar I dont know about ? Lol
  12. looks like terrazzo that can be restored to a glass like finish. Looks like it has adhesive all over it...
  13. So Ustler traveled all over to see different urban park examples to create a ground breaking - earth shattering masterpiece in the center of his CV and this is what he comes up with?? What a pile of horse$&!+
  14. Great news...now hope it doesnt get Orlando'ed
  15. Jeezus, can these two kiss and make up. He needs Phil Rampy badly. Craig is cardboard bland.
  16. that is the saddest looking SB i have ever seen
  17. It must of gotten VE'd because it looks nothing like the renderings on Storyns website. No brick, No steel windows. No large glass garage doors. This thing got Orlandoed bigtime.
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