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  1. ohhhh we get a giant chess set!!!! that makes it all the worthwhile!!! Now that is creative and groundbreaking...
  2. could someone with access to the OBJ post the latest article?
  3. i agree, its the first "creative" thing in the village
  4. Agreed! 100% But if you were visiting from out of town. What do you do DT? Where do you go? What is there to see exactly. Honest questions
  5. I would agree with every one of those statements! Smart man!
  6. With all due respect, have you walked around DTO lately? The CBD is a ghost town, CV is a ghost town and south eola is meh ok And now we can only expect 4 more years of this because Buddy cakewalked into it again with zero opposing candidates.
  7. for some reason i cant see anything
  8. any renderings you can post? I dont subscribe to the Business Journal
  9. 100% agree. That exactly what i was saying before. It is what it is and it likely wont change for the time being. If I want more than I should look elsewhere. Yet i was told thats dumb of me. I was told its dumb to move because skyscrapers arent being built as if the height of a building is the measuring stick for my happiness. There are many cities that dont have height but are extraordinary. Paris, London, D.C. Boston, hell even Greenville SC has more life and vibrancy than DTO without having height. My gripe and frustration is DTO is an afterthought here and all the energy is put forth in the suburbs. Not my cup of tea, so Im looking elsewhere. Thats it. as far as city hall...if they cant then who can. If they cant, this place is 100% doomed. Problem is the people in charge are stale and its just accepted as normal. Its not.
  10. DTO is dying. People can make excuses about Covid or any other excuse for it but the truth is Covid affected everyone...yet other cities still managed to grow, develop and prosper instead of wither away. There is no life, no buzz, no movement, no vibrancy. A few generic apartments have been built but that's it. There is a reason EVERY single project gets scaled down to a shell of its self or doesn't see the light of day. There is zero appeal to want to spend any time there. DTO is on life support and no one in charge seems to care.
  11. The most iconic park in the city and they use cheap @$$ Sylvester Palms instead of Medjools.
  12. this has ZERO to do with some f$ckn dead condo building regardless of what thread its written in. Its incredibly frustrating the lack of forward movement in this town. The apathy from even the politicians makes me want to rip my hair out. But I have come to the realization that is all Orlando can give and wants be in the forseeable future. I want more. instead of wishing this place changes till Im blue in the face... why not just move somewhere that already checks those boxes.
  13. Really? Would you constantly want to feel disappointed by your surroundings? Knowing its not going to get any better? Id rather be in a place that intrigues me, captivates, motivates and inspires me, not underwhelms me... but that's just my .02
  14. i was born and raised here... but I am so frustrated with this city's lack of foresight and progression that I am actively looking where else I can move to. I can't take it anymore. It's just one disappointment after another. There is no forward momentum in this town.
  15. welp...add the Pulse museum to the Orlando cemetery. Geezus there is no money in this town to get projects off the ground....meanwhile Miami is swimming in billion dollar projects.
  16. Can we make it any slower? Geezus... its already 3.5 hours from Orl to Mia. To me that ride should be max 2 hours with express trains running non stop.
  17. nothing would make me happier... even if it is designed by the most uninspiring JV firm in the universe.
  18. It will be 80’ by the time it’s built in 2040
  19. oh but it is...Baker Barrios strikes again...
  20. Our new city motto should be: "This is Orlando, prepare to be disappointed!"
  21. I am so over this F*ckn town. This bozo mayor does nothing while Alex Martins and the Devos' pull this crap. After a dirt lot sits empty for YEARS...we now get a parking garage, a half a$$ed suburban office building cut in half and a fat @ss wall of china part2 (copy of society x) with a vizor. That hideous wide monstrosity will kill any "views" we had from Exploria when the tv cameras pan towards SunTrust. Under-I Park is now back to parking, the Lightning get a 3.5b development and we get this???? This town is such a crap show and this incompetent red neck Gomer Pile wanna-be of a Mayor is the ring leader. PRIME real-estate in DTO becomes this, meanwhile Miami has 2-3 1000' buildings going up designed by real architect firms...
  22. What happened to the Summa Building? Holocaust Museum?, Pulse Museum?...all Orlando pipedreams and part of the ORL cemetery?
  23. Lol i love the wishful thinking but is Orlando. Things only shrink here, they don't get taller.
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