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  1. Just about the same height as the courthouse
  2. Does anyone know what the proposed height of the building itself is?
  3. I would not mind if the Press moved, but developers might shy away from the property if they knew that there was an underground stream running under the Press property that was discovered a few years ago. That's right, when the press still had the hopes of putting the new high speed Presses on the current sight, soil tests (by several companies) revealed that the property could not handle the weight of the giant machines. The origianl plan was to expand at the current sight and not move to Walker. The person who told me about the undersground spring also told me that they were not able to hit bedrock with the soil tests, or something similar to that?
  4. Ever since the Grand Rapids Press moved over off I-96 by Fruitridge the dowtown building has been almost completely usless, i've just recently noticed that they are building an expansion onto the building off the highway making me wonder after that is complete what will be left of the downtown building. We only moved our printing, packaging, a few managemnet offices and distribution center to Walker, everyonbe else still works in the downdown building, which istill holds the majority of the workforce.
  5. the lowest bid was by Christman, but it was still about 13 million more than what the airport was expecting. the press states that they may have to cut some corners Here is part of the link: Sticker shock at Gerald R. Ford International Airport isn't confined to airfare. There's also the proposed parking ramp, with a glass-and-steel canopy, which could cost $13.7 million more than expected. The lowest construction bid came in at $118 million -- 13 percent higher than what airport officials expected to pay. That is forcing airport leaders to rethink plans and look at ways to cut corners, though it's not expected to ground the project. "We were going down the runway and discovered we're a little heavier than we thought," Aeronautics Board member Dean Agee said. The four-story ramp would add 4,000 parking spots and feature covered skywalks and a curved canopy roof connecting it to the terminal, similar to the roof on the downtown DeVos Place convention center. The projected construction cost was $104 million, according to airport engineers and an architectural firm. The Christman Co. submitted the lowest bid at $117.9 million, while the highest of the seven bids came in at more than $145 million. The project's total price tag will jump by $16 million -- to $134 million with Christman's bid -- when accounting for permit, architectural and engineering fees, airport leaders estimate. Contractors consider the airport ramp the biggest prize of the year in Michigan, said Granger Construction Co. Vice President Darryl Massa. Lansing-based Granger came in second in the bidding -- $9 million higher than Christman, also based in Lansing.
  6. Wow 1200 feet long. a quarter of a mile is 1320
  7. Todays' anouncement stated that they would like to begin construction in September and be finished by October of 2009
  8. I agree Rizzo, i would love to see the area designated as the medical mile. Health hill is ok but a little bland. Pill Hill just sounds backwoods to me.
  9. ) I would say the design that we've seen here for a while is going to be it. I agree, but i still love proposal 3, lits less blocky looking
  10. I love the rendering o Proposal 3, does anyone know why it was not chosen? Does it still have any chance?
  11. Crate & Barrel out. That too bad, my wife won't be happy about that.
  12. Wood radio is reporting today that one of these buidlings will have a hotel at the top of it. Is that new news or has this always been in the plans?
  13. Wow $274 million would make it the single most expensive project in downtown's history, eclipsing the $250 million spent on Devos Place, althoguh i think it would probably cost more than $274 million to build DP if they were to start today.
  14. Time

    John Ball Zoo

    I have had dreams of a science center with an aquarium for years. I wanted to see it on the west side of the river near the impound lot, i think there are several parking lots there on the river, althoguh they might have to tear down a few things. I picture the aquarium as either a "great lakes aquarium" with one large tank, or the "grand river aquarium" with long narrow underwater viewing tunnels several hundred feet long. Simliar to what they have at the Mall of America if anyone has ever seen it. I think it is called adventure land and it is about 400 feet of tunnels with sea water fish and aniamls.
  15. Time

    John Ball Zoo

    I would love to see them expand the auarium and put a large tank in that could dispaly sharks or other big aquatic aniamals. the Herny doorly zoo in Omaha has an aquarium with nearly one million gallons or water total in all of their exhibits, our's is less than a tenth of that even if you count the penguins and all of the tanks combined. Aquariums are where it is at, and a lot of zoos are starting to recognise this by putting in larger tanks with larger fish.
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