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  1. New concept for 50 College: Snapshot-15879_(1).pdf
  2. Sounds great - and a recommended walking tour would be good too. I have started to take my kids to view the completed installations and it would be helpful to know when others are done so we all can get a head start before September 23rd. This is a great opportunity for families to explore the city.
  3. Anyone know when the GRPD has its bike sale - Veloise? I need to replace my stolen one.
  4. Busy weekend downtown. Check celebrationonthegrand.org for details. I forgot about the Priority Health Cycling Classic on Saturday and there also is a Discover Grand Rapids Walking Tour complete with podcast.
  5. Fulton Street Farmers Market is set to open at 8am on May 5th for the 2007 season.
  6. Looks like this won't be a temporary parking lot after all. The Press is reporting that the parking commission decided it wouldn't be worth the effort.
  7. HPC approved the temporary parking lot last night.
  8. Heritage Hill has its annual yard sale this Saturday, May 20th.
  9. There are literally thousands of people marching up Madison right now towards downtown. They are headed to Calder Plaza for an immigration rally later this afternoon.
  10. This property is on the agenda for HPC next week. They want to build a 4 story addition.
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