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  1. Southernyank

    Perception of Charlotte Nationwide

    sorry, I can't help myself, but I just absolutely loved the first paragraph of this article. That is all from me on this topic.
  2. Southernyank

    Perception of Charlotte Nationwide

    My Parisian sister in law called me first thing Wednesday morning to see if the family was ok. The news traveled fast. Also, please don't think i'm a complete dolt (maybe it's the UP in me), but I've caught myself smiling reading articles over the past 24 hours about all of the violence and mayhem; only because many outlets dropped the "NC" after Charlotte.
  3. Southernyank

    NC Civil Rights

    Bottom line is that the protesters were protesting and the looters were opportunists using the events as an excuse to get free stuff and wreak havoc. Even with having 90% of people justly protesting, that 10% of opportunists distract and detract from the message. Hooray for protesters exercising their rights. Boo to criminals taking advantage.
  4. Southernyank

    Elizabeth Projects (7th St, Elizabeth Ave, etc)

    I don't believe so. You can still see the starbucks sign in the rendering on the far right.
  5. Southernyank

    Charlotte Hornets and the Arena

    I was close. I like the name as it is no longer a mouthful to say.
  6. Southernyank

    Charlotte Hornets and the Arena

    With the Time Warner Cable Brand now being phased out by Charter, what do you think the arena's name will become? Charter's cable products are under their "Spectrum" banner. Spectrum Arena has a ring to it or perhaps Charter Center.
  7. Southernyank

    Brooklyn Village Redevelopment in 2nd Ward

    I have to say that I'm really falling in love with the higher density Citisculpt plan. I do prefer Conformity's (specifically the greater presence of retail), but I'm salivating over the "New Brooklyn Avenue" lined with retail. I'm correct that this would be pedestrian only? If done properly, this could be our baby version of Lincoln Street with enough presence on the outside to draw people in, but I doubt it will be mostly apparel. I also like how the retail fronts the park.
  8. Southernyank

    Good New Restaurants

    Beautiful! I'll definitely try it Thursday night. I've already got my menu and ingredients at home for the first part of the week.
  9. Southernyank

    Good New Restaurants

    Has anyone tried Seoul food? Any reports?
  10. Southernyank

    Charlotte Hornets and the Arena

    By the way, Charlotte will host her first playoff games in about a decade next Saturday and the following Monday. Also, congrats to the lady cats for winning the title of the most popular dance team in the NBA earlier this week.
  11. Southernyank

    UNC-Charlotte Construction

    The only thing that gets me is that the drink and snack selection has seemed to diminish drastically in the new store. I wanted one of those grape Dasani waters but they weren't carrying them. Oh well, The store is Awesome! can't wait for the theatre.
  12. Southernyank

    EpiCentre Retail

    Ok, I'm very ticked off about the theater!!! On Thursday night, Me and my lady friend went to see the 8 something showing of "4 Christmases." I knew about the collared shirt after 7:00 and everything, so I figured there would be no problem getting in since I was wearing one with a pair of khakis. I go pick up my friend and head to the theater parking garage. I didn't have to pay because of the parking validation I planned on getting and we merrily went upstairs to the movies. When we finally got to the front, the bouncers asked for our ID's, and everything was going fine. Then the guy looked at my friend, then at me and said that he wouldn't be allowed to let me in because of the white shoes I was wearing. What kind of crap is that?!?! I understand, but disagree, if they don't want to let people in with their but crack showing, but apparently I was outside of the dress code because of my shoes. Let's not forget, this isn't some exclusive wine bar...It's a freakin' movie theater! Ive never been bounced from a club before, let alone the movies. Then I asked the guy if he could just get a validation ticket for me since I wasn't going to pay 10 bucks to for 10 seconds of rejection. Then the guy said "forget it," but fortunately no one was at the gate to take my money. I really just wanted to enjoy a late movie in the new theater due to the praise that its been given. I was just mad that I got my hopes up, drove out to Matthews to get my friend, and let her down that night by not getting in the movie. These are the shoes I was wearing.
  13. Southernyank

    Charlotte Hornets and the Arena

    Probably an expansion. They already have two locations a barber school and a women's spa/ salon called "Honey."
  14. Southernyank

    Tryon Place - Crescent project at Tryon and Stonewall

    ^well, by looking at the picture on the right side of the 'shopping' section of the website, it looks to me like it will be an epicenter style retail design behind glass panes.