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  1. I kind of like the London Eye type Ferris wheel. I'm not overly happy about the look, it looks like exposed scaffolding. Like they are trying to go with the VB convention center theme. Like vdogg said, it will probably look different once it's built. Keeping my fingers crossed.
  2. I know it's more than just jeans, been to the one in DC (Chinatown). I will probably end up in there though with one of my boys, but they will be using their own money...lol. I truly would like to see this become a destination and help spur more and more stores DT.
  3. $50 min. for jeans in this economy? Sorry to say, but it probably won't work. An Urban scaled down Target would be better I think. Offer products that are not in their other stores, but that are only found on their website. Walmart would work too. They have thousands of products that can only be purchased online. Why not have a store that has those in them? Anyway, if nothing else I do hope that it brings more retail downtown outside of the mall.
  4. Rail project to be built next to Harbor Park. If everything goes as planned it should be ready by next year. http://www.wtkr.com/...0,1271138.story
  5. They are our fourth F500. We still are chasing Richmond with six. Amerigroup Arena anyone?
  6. I can see the headlines in the Pilot now June 2011 "Are the horns keeping you awake at night?"
  7. The reason they get paid so much is that there is a market for it. If people stopped watching/going then there would not be a market for their salaries. The reason cities pay to for these stadiums for pro teams is because they see money at the end of the tunnel in some form or another. The reason your employer will never ask for a stadium is that your type of work does not require one. Let's just face it, you are a little jealous that someone that can play a sport and people pay to watch them makes more money than you. And the reason is that you feel that you contribute more to society than that guy "chasing" a ball.
  8. WOW, how would like it if we cap your salary because we don't think you deserve it?
  9. They are going to have to get some Fed funding? That could take some time. This project is going to cost at least $400-$500 million.
  10. Wow burt, after looking at DT Richmond parking rates they are pretty high. Here in Norfolk you can park at a Tier 1 parking deck for up to 24 hours for $14.00. Two to three hours will only cost you $2.50 at any garage in the city. They may need to take a look at the pricing if they want people to visit DT. I know they can never offer parking for "free" but $5.00 per hour for some is just too high. Though Va. Beach's Town Center does have free parking in their garages, but it's kind of hard to compare "DT VB" and DT Richmond.
  11. I don't see any "high tables" in the renderings. The first picture looks like it could double as the boarding deck to Apollo's Chariot or something.
  12. Norfolk should release all of the development projects that are in the planning stages to counter all the negative press the pilot is reporting. Give some figures of additional money that will be funneled into the city because of the LRT. They should do this every time they get a bite from a developer that is even thinking about building because of the rail line.
  13. The posts on the latest article about LRT on the pilot are funny. The "podunk town" comment is funny. These people don't like anything that helps a city/town/metro area move forward. If it's so bad here why do they continue to stay? Just move to some ginormous metropolis like Charlotte, lol.
  14. That's right vdogg, it is the second. How could I forget the building with the ninja warrior tower on top?
  15. From the pilot article: "The region's two tallest buildings are in Virginia Beach." Huh...come on pilot
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