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  1. You guys should check out the LRT system in Calgary, Alberta. There's a town that's doing it right. It's an amazing city by any standards (thanks to the oil prices), including when you consider its downtown compared to its population. But it's LRT system is really nice. Calgary just passed 1 million this past year and has a metro population about the same size as GR.
  2. When I went to GRCC, I used to park where the Van Andel Arena now stands, and walk from there. It was free at that time. It was great walking through downtown. I got to know it pretty good in those days. Can't imagine people being so loathe to walk that they'll wait 20 minutes to get into the parkade, never mind nearly as long to get back out.
  3. This would be really cool, but it must be a little old since US Airways doesn't serve GRR anymore and there were a few other things that gave away its age. Even so, I think GR could really benefit from a low cost carrier. And given how GR area residents often support home-grown business, it seems to me this would have a reasonable chance of success. In time it could even turn GRR into a small hub for City Trans airlines.
  4. Nice picture. I don't blame you, I'm a commerical airplane nut too. You have some awesome pictures of GRR on your photo pages. You should post some of them on airliners.net. GRR is woefully underrepresented over there. Even Traverse City has more pictures of their airport on airliners.net than GRR does. I think some pictures of FedEx A-310s and United 757s would be nice. I'd love to do it myself, but I live 2000 miles away.
  5. Sorry, I meant one of the big discounts - i.e. Southwest, Jetblue, etc.
  6. Don't you think that a discount carrier at GRR would draw from a larger customer base than just metro GR? Wouldn't folks in K-zoo, Lansing, Battle Creek, not to mention north of GR, etc. also take advantage of discount service through GRR? I've been wondering about this. Since none of those airports have discount service, it seems logical that travellers from those areas would take advantage of GRR being only 75 miles or less from those towns. Or do you think they would just stick with airlines that serve their home airports? I suppose some of them would go to DTW or even Chicago, but if it were me, I would much rather fly out of GRR if we had a few well-chosen destinations/connections.
  7. I saw an article somewhere that Frontier Airlines is focussing on expanding in smaller American cities. Has anyone had experience with this airline? Would this carrier be worth pursuing for GRR?
  8. I realize it would be entirely unfeasible, but what a statement they would make if they could take the top 12 or 13 floors of a revived Lyon and Ottawa building. Imagine a 485' white tower with green tinted glass and MSU Med School emblazoned at the top.
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