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  1. I'm with you. Several of the virtues of BRT can be accomplished without ripping apart West End for dedicated lanes - e.g., more/nicer/cleaner/quieter buses, better/fewer bus stops with real-time information, easier fare collection, and increased marketing. I don't think we should even get to the question of whether Metro can afford the BRT if we are paying $150 million to shave a couple minutes off a commute. Currently, getting across the river takes a stupid amount of time because of the required transfer at the downtown terminus---you sit idle at the station longer than in traffic. So, at the BRT forum, I'd like to see what we're actually paying for---i.e., a cost benefit analysis that addresses how much trip time the proposed East/West BRT would save from White Bridge to Five Points versus creating a direct route without dedicated lanes. If there is a significant improvement over the hypothetical direct route without dedicated lanes, then it would make the BRT proposal more attractive (to me at least).
  2. Next time you're in the situation, try the 11 bus that picks up at 21st and Blakemore. Its supplements the frequency of the 7 bus (or infrequency on the weekends). Also, did you consider making change at the regions bank or any of the shops in the village? As for ridership comment, just wanted to point out that the MTAs ridership is increasing rather dramatically, which hopefully leads to more frequent service in the future.
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