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  1. Boo, real seafood’s menu looks meh… same as any other Red Lobster look-a-like
  2. The glass is great, i meant the steel at the street level.
  3. I think it looks fine, but i dont think it will age well…
  4. What about in John Ball Park? The NIMBYs didnt want to expand the zoo because of smells. Aquariums dont have smells, as Bobby from Bobbys World famously said, The fish dont stink under the water.
  5. Greenville is 1/2 the size of GR, but its got "more"? wow, may have to take a trip!
  6. Why not expand it over the river partially with a glass floor to see into the river?
  7. Is that the old Museum? I miss that place still to this day...
  8. This is exactly what I envisioned for the market lot... it wouldve been perfect
  9. I work for ATT, if anyone is interested in seeing if Fiber internet is available yet in their area, you can message me here or even easier, send me a text at 616-264-4820
  10. is gvsu blue the new color for the city?
  11. Then share, d*** tease!
  12. He’s a developer now? I know him, good friends with his brother.
  13. I still think it looks decent, but definitly not as good as I thought when the base was getting worked on. Weird how more of the same could have made it look better...
  14. look so stubby definitly needed to be a min. of 20 stories...
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