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  1. quite uninspiring..... could've been a place, now its another section of boardwalk. With the other section that has the chain link fencing, I cant help but think this was a wasted opportunity. Draws nobody to the river.
  2. Never sure is a long time...
  3. Downtown isnt exactly off campus for GVSU... I wouldnt be shocked to see it hapoen when GVSU goes D1
  4. I think you just need to have a better imagination
  5. Do you think the Van Andel Arena should have been placed outside of the core? They hold about the same number of events a year. According to their respective websites there were 103 events/sports/etc in 2015 at VAA. There were/are 72 baseball games + a number of events that I cant find a schedule of at 5/3. I would just like to see something like Wrigley.
  6. Because it would help drive future development. Its a much better location to help businesses in DT. Urban stadiums are cool Edit: also, id like the lot north of this one to be developed into a stadium for GVSU football, GRFC, summer concert "amphitheater", stadium
  7. Id like to see this area redeveloped into a new stadium for the whitecaps with housing/retail/parking horseshoeing (sp?) The east south and west
  8. this whole parking issue is why cities in Asia and Europe are superior to American mid-sized cities....
  9. Not too impressed with any of these developers. Unless im missing something they all look like stripmall and suburban office developers.. Rockford may be the best haha
  10. I wish it would've had a more upscale sounding name... like "Fredrick Meijer's" in fancy lettering haha
  11. For sure. Its solely the panels the make it hideous. Reminds me of the 80's for some reason haha
  12. God, that thing is hideous
  13. That place is hideous.... it looks like something that gets torn down to be replaced by something nice...
  14. Is that patch of land large enough for a new GVSU/GRFC stadium?
  15. I should have phrased it better, even in the beginning of the neighborhood, it was almost destined to be replaced. The architecture isnt substantial like in Heritage Hill to warrant protecting. Maybe back 70 years ago people didnt think about expansions the way people do now? Regardless, unless the house has been passed down for generations, the expectation that that neighbourhood would stay the same should have lessened each successive owner.