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  1. How do that not make this a giant digital billboard?? Advertise the movies and events.. seems like a no-brainer
  2. Why is there fire on the far right of the picture?
  3. Off topic question that makes me sound as knowledgeable as an elementary student.... why don’t they build some sort of removeable (or if possible automatic retractable) roof over the sidewalks and roads throughout DT. Something like a see through plastic slopes roof. The money saved from salt/road repair/accidents should cover the cost not to mention the accessibility of sidewalks for people... seems like something worth doing. What am I missing with this idea? Please don’t mock me hahahahah
  4. Is this one of the largest single apartment buildings in Michigan?
  5. It looks like a gas station...
  6. I dont mind it. Its weird. If it brings some castle themed crap, id be happy... (cmon renaissance faire)
  7. For whatever reason, whenever I fly in from Asia (live in Jakarta currently), GRR is the same price or even cheaper than Detroit or Chicago... just annecdotal evidence.
  8. No... its all about density. I dont care what a city looks like when im driving towards it. Im more concerned with the life at the street level.
  9. Ill check it out, but i almost certain that whatever they do it wont be good enough...
  10. if they wanted a classier name they shoulve called the store "Frederick Meijer" Or "Meijer Marketplace" or something like that
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