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  1. When there is only one. People come to GR to experience it. If there is another location, do they just go to the closest one? I feel this way with Hopcat. Before we used to have people coming to see "The Best Beer Bar in the USA" Now they just visit the local one.
  2. Are taprooms, in this situation, a good profit driver? Or is it mainly the marketing element that adds the value. I mean GR has its share of outside breweries coming in, but where does the money flow in relation to cost?
  3. Founders opening Detroit taproom? http://www.wzzm13.com/mb/amp/money/business/report-founders-brewing-co-plans-detroit-expansion/433817383
  4. My understanding is that they are removing the green portion of the building and are currently working on separating the two. This is going to look so bad when completed with that store still there.
  5. Old Striders Location at 1551 Wealthy will be a "Fitness" Gym. Chain based. http://www.thedaileymethod.com/studios/eastown-coming-soon/
  6. I also think that red brick is cheaper.
  7. I would much rather have the clean, artdeco style look of the original. It even more interesting when you see what was next to it.
  8. Wish this would have been implemented.
  9. But you have Arnie's on Leonard
  10. Sparrows new coffee shop West Side. http://www.grbj.com/articles/87644-west-side-attracts-coffee-shop
  11. That grass area is where many of the "field" events of track and field are held. Taking over the grass would not work if they continue to use Houseman for Track events.
  12. 800 E. Wealthy, The Heating company with the collapsed roof, Is getting the garage roof fixed. Wonder if it is time for them to let that building go?
  13. Probably same reason it took so long to get a Chik-fil-a. Detroit has one. So does Michigan City.
  14. utilitarian furniture with a splash of minimalistic design. And cheap. Ikea is the cheapest way to create a usable room that has a modern look. My kids rooms are almost 100% ikea. Trying to do the same with non ikea furniture would have cost 3X the cost.
  15. I agree and support this message.