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  1. Seems like there may still be a lot of land, relatively close to downtown where specific, well designed, communities could be built. (depending on the mines below) Maybe more like. http://www.mosaicproperties.com/celadon.php
  2. With the closing of Fat Johnny's on Monroe Center, I have heard that Joel, the owner of That Early Bird, will be opening a Burger focused establishment to fill that open space.
  3. If chik fil a can't get a drive through. There is no way eastown would let McDonald's put one there.
  4. A late comment in this Reddit thread says there is a McCafe concept restaurant possibly going into the old Striders location? Where would that come from and how would that work?
  5. With the closing of Fat Johnny's on Monroe Center, I have heard that Joel, the owner of That Early Bird, will be opening a Burger focused establishment to fill that open space.
  6. isn't the Cascade location still open on 28th? Driving by the East beltline location at night, it is always dead. I would think a burger joint selling beer and having sports on would hold some customers, but they are dead at night. Always seemed to be a casual business lunch kinda place.
  7. It is the feeling that it is more healthy, its not, its 75% fried food. It is an outlier, chicken sandwiches are always second fiddle on a menu, not the focus. But have you had the sweet tea, Oh the Sweat Tea. The other reason is that they cater well to children and give parents the feeling they are giving kids more of a healthy choice. (chicken nuggets) Plus they always have an indoor play land. Walk into and CFA and you will see 4 parents deep into their smart phones while the kids scream and play in the play land.
  8. Any interest in attending this? Could be a mini meet up, they serve beer. https://www.facebook.com/events/385787405088235/ ICCF Hosts Short Films from the New Urbanism Film Festival New Urbanism is making places people love - walkable neighborhoods, tree lined streets, neighborhoods with mixed housing and job opportunities, parks and green spaces, architecture and design within the context of the environment, celebrating local history and resources.The films in this series touch on ideas of density, design, walkability, urban cycling, displacement, public art, parking, etc. Our hope is that this event helps cultivate conversation and thought about these diverse issues and more! Plus, it'll be a fun night out! Tickets are $3. Co-sponsored by the Congress for New Urbanism - Michigan Chapter.
  9. I have not seen the full interior. There is room for maybe 2 -4 apartments on the second floor. and retail could be created on the lower section at the corner, but is not great because of wall density and no transparency. The garage area could be modified to become retail, but it is slightly an island because there is residential homes right to the east. Thick masonary walls and not many windows, makes it more difficult to renovate into a useful space.
  10. Yep, mainly the garage area is what is used. the portion closer to the corner is used less.
  11. Who runs http://www.urbangr.org/ ? Seems like a good companion to what we have here.
  12. where did you find that text?
  13. Permits state, December 28, 2016 801 IONIA AVE NW 1 "CONVERTING AN EXISTING STORAGE BUILDING TO A NEW BAR WITH LIMITED RESTAURANT" Not the full structure but a structure on the property.
  14. Good call. They do serve liquor and the listed brewer had another full time job.
  15. maybe, one key is "The next logical step would be to apply for a distribution license". So they don't distribute at all. http://fox17online.com/2016/12/22/ford-airport-announces-new-restaurants-retail-offerings/ Founds will not be featured at the "Prospect Hill Brewhouse" Does that mean Bell's is out or just staying in the main section?