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  1. How can Saburba be doing badly, Do Amway workers not leave the nest for lunch? I would think that place would be packed.
  2. That island gets fully covered in water most winters after thaw. A "park" would get washed away. Its pretty much a sandbar with trees on it. I do not think much could be done with it.
  3. This did happen on our block when they did the gas lines. Should be gone by spring.
  4. Grand rapids Scooter parking really only helps those in the core. In at least, one of the lots its not covered and used illegally by motorcycles. I would love to see more spots for free scooter parking that was covered.
  5. Go to switchback on plainfield, great prices, great service and used equipment too. http://goswitchback.com
  6. Window installs are currently happening in the Kingsley building, they have also started drilling the footings for the parking garage. Matchbox Diner & Drinks has replaced Brandywine and from what I have seen, it look great inside and the food looks good.
  7. Eastown Veterinary Clinic will be adding a two story addition. http://www.grbj.com/articles/87276-veterinary-clinic-eyes-expansion
  8. Do we have to mention again that Michael Ellis of Ellis Parking, sits on the Grand Rapids Parking Commission board. There are reasons why parking is tight and spaces are limited. Hmmm
  9. This is the northern Padnos Property off butterworth, not the larger property they own off off wealthy. It is a move though.
  10. MC was the "Sears" of the sporting goods stores. Never updated interior, stock was always low. Lower quality items, but not super low prices. They didn't keep up with the times and Dicks and other competitors beat them to it. Gander is the same deal, Cabelas has a better model, better products, their own brand. Gander did not set them selves apart and created a contained, non growing chain that needed a refresh. When you carry primarily coleman camping gear, you are as good as a meijer, not a sporting goods store.
  11. GVSU is trying to help. http://www.mlive.com/news/grand-rapids/index.ssf/2017/02/gvsu_to_buy_padnos_property_fo.html Moving south, This seems like it could be the start of a much larger GVSU plan to move this direction.
  12. At what point of renovation do you think.... ill just remove this load bearing wall. No big deal....
  13. Well one step back. http://www.mlive.com/news/grand-rapids/index.ssf/2017/02/solar_company_working_on_forme.html
  14. This will be a "No-Tip" restaurant and will include "Curbside service"
  15. reminds me a little of the old one room school houses.