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  1. Keeler Building - 56 North Division

    Keeler Building added to National Register, paves way for redevelopment http://s.mlive.com/SjXSBzJ Looks to be initiated by West Michigan Housing Alliance
  2. Wealthy Street Needed Renovations

    Im confused why it says "Lot for sale"?
  3. Creston Neighborhood

    The fact that they are asking for money "With the funds we are asking for, we will be able to put our down payment for our loan" seems a little underhanded. Give us money so we can get more money and if we default then most of the value is gone. Sounds like they need an accountant to go over their options.
  4. The neighborhood as a whole does not seem to have a parking "problem". There are some individuals that do voice they issues and the city and the ECA worked to provide an option to those residents that have the issue. Eastown, and especially a few blocks north of the Lake and Wealthy intersection do have a larger issue than the surrounding areas. 1. The Eastown Post Office does not have any onsite parking for their employees. They have a large amount of employees at that location. Drivers, sorters, walking postal workers all park in the surrounding streets. Usually from 8AM until 5pm or later depending on shift time. 2. There are many businesses along lake drive, the workers of these businesses do not park at business parking spots. They park into the neighbor hood if they do not live in the area. 3. The Kingsley building is nearing completion and the 30+ units will overflow the provided parking and leach out into the neighborhood. These are some of the reasons why this issue is slightly more relevant to this area. Many of us in the area agree that some of GR does not have as much of a parking problem as we have a perception problem. We are somewhat unique in expecting we should be able to park directly in front of our homes or the businesses we frequent. That perspective needs to change.
  5. Not exactly downtown but Eastown. Sat through a neighborhood meeting discussing our neighborhood residential parking permit process. A few take aways. 1. Only residents of the home can purchase permits. (24 hour guest passes are $2 per day) 2. If implemented, those who can not get permits will essentially be pushed to the streets surrounding the permit area and become that streets problem. 3. If a street wants to be added to the residential permit zone, the whole voting process needs to be done again. (you can't just add a street) 4. If you vote the permit down or in, you can not have another vote for 3 years. (if you vote no, you have to deal with 3 years of it even if parking becomes more of an issue) 5. for residents that have many guests, you are limited to 30 guest passes per 6 months, any over that, your guest will get ticketed if parked on the street. (if you have a baby sitter at you house twice a week, you run out of guest passes in 15 weeks and can't get more, risking tickets.) Overall the permit process does not seem to be a good fit especially for the eastown area, where it is commercial business guests that use much of the street parking. A permit process like this will probably only create more problems for businesses, and push parking issues to the surrounding streets that do not have the permit system. There first step should probably be more creative community solutions, rather than regulations and fees. Only one neighborhood other than Eastown has pursued the permit system and voted, Belknap Lookout has it, but they don't have any commercial parking needs. http://www.grand-rapids.mi.us/enterprise-services/Parking-Services/Pages/Residential-Parking-Permits-Obtain.aspx
  6. One Fulton Square (at Carlton)

    Looks like this property is starting to fill out with some retail. From what I have seen all retail bays are getting renovation. https://www.eandlsalon.com/ looks like a tenant coming soon. Also looks like another one is landing. Ada Mae Apparel
  7. Shipping Containers as Homes

    I think you can see that bar here. Or something like it - Bar Lee and Birch I do think that are some regulations that the city has, I had a friend looking into it but could not get approval for residential.
  8. Holland Home - Fulton St.

    "Many ideas are being considered, including selling a portion of the building for affordable housing for seniors and expanding the organization's PACE program, which currently operates at Fulton Manor." http://www.mlive.com/news/grand-rapids/index.ssf/2017/11/one_of_grand_rapids_oldest_sen.html Or can they sell the full property and open it for redevelopment? Could Aquinas buy the property for expansion? Would retail area do well here? Better for mixed use or just apartments? Row houses/student housing? map view
  9. Michigan Street Corridor Development

    Every morning, there is a line of cars from Michigan all the way to the exit ramps, south bound turning east. Knowing that a large chunk of commuters are heading north from the east GR and eastown area on fuller and would want to stop at this location, There is no way that those drivers could get back on fuller northbound. The turn lane traffic will totally cut them off. The only option is a traffic light.
  10. DGRI President leaving

    5 years is not enough time to fully see full fruits of your labor. He did move to putting issues up front that needed to be addressed now while the economy is good. These are things that re-aligned priorities for the next 10+ years. So I hope what he left behind is continued and not scrapped.
  11. Wealthy Street Needed Renovations

    Its a narrow sidewalk, no awnings. Love that it will finally see life again.
  12. Mangiamo/Paddock Place Residential Development

    Would love to know the sizes of these. They seem small and based on the marking some include parking below the unit? This does add density, I wonder what the target market is?
  13. RFP - 201 Market

    I am not out of touch, but thanks. True using the work "anchor" probably was going to far. My opinion is that using this spot of real estate for short season sports is not the best use of space. This is the first large development to be started, where the design and use is primarily done with the river in mind. We have not had a purpose built design that incorporated the river in a very long time. Because of this it is important to create year rough density and draw. With this development also comes the fact that this would be the first mixed use site south of downtown that will only push developers and the city to start looking and developing along the river on both sides south. GVSU has already started to move along the west side and the buildings that exist along that shore are prime for removal and redevelopment. If a stadium is built it should not be built on shore of the river but should be set back so that the use of the river can be encouraged, residential, commercial and river restoration. I feel that putting a large venue along the river, where the focus is the venue and not the river will not push the city forward in a direction that it needs to go. But that is just my opinion. Stadiums on rivers are often time selfish, asphalt deserts with polluting runoff and heat traps in the summer, semi useless in the winter. Not something I would want on this spot of shore. river stadiums
  14. RFP - 201 Market

    I fully agree, this is not the spot for a stadium. The Drive has a hard time pulling in fans. Pushing a "maybe" on the true start of our river front development could be a failed move. Lets start with something that anchors and then move from there.