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  1. seems some has already started. https://manisteekitchen.org/cafe/cafepictures/
  2. most of that area can not be developed because of historic gypsum mines underneath. The means no sound foundations and a bunch of other issues. Making it a park or bike trails is the most its going to get for a long while.
  3. Here are some updated interior pictures, Counter going in.
  4. For Accessory Dwelling Units "inlaw flats" The city says. "Leasing or rental of the ADU for tenancies of less than 30 days or to more than 11 different parties in any calendar year shall be prohibited. " So NO AirBnB.
  5. I know other cities have reduced the minimum Sq footage requirement. I wonder if GR has looked into smaller homes and the proportional lower cost of ownership. "City of Grand Rapids requires that single family dwelling units must have a minimum gross floor area of 750 square feet" I know tiny houses are a trend, but putting a mortgage payment closer to mid level rent allows for building of equity and the first step to progress.
  6. "the Developer plans to construct two new industrial buildings: one building totaling 136,500 square feet along the northern portion of the Property, and a 68,250 square foot building along the southern portion of the Property. Surface parking will be provided on site for both buildings." Visser Brothers http://www.grbj.com/articles/print/87873-developer-plans-98m-industrial-project
  7. "Interior hallways will be decorated by LED light fixtures whose "flames" flicker like a castle lantern." Already setting the scene for crappy electrical.
  8. http://www.wzzm13.com/news/local/grandville/closer-look-at-the-grand-castle-apartments-coming-soon/461774334 "the developer plans to open its doors to renters in late September or early October."
  9. Skate park, could work? covered rain or shine. Its been there forever and used for storage on and off.
  10. You can validate parking in any of the Kingsley retails spots, it is not well communicated and most shoppers and visitors are still parking on the street. $5 an hour to park in the lot. Seems to be a lack of good signage. Hope the public gets smarter or the communication more accessable.
  11. Ground floor retail at 1555 wealthy next to Papa Johns and Spoonlickers. Will soon be www.phlotgr.com Not sure that will last too long, but who knows.
  12. New restaurant is opening at 1146 Wealthy. Across from the, hopefully soon, sister restaurant to donkey and winchester. I have not heard any details but know that Copperrock is currently doing buildout.
  13. 4 months ago they cut the ribbon on this building and announced that Stefan Nava and Brian Lafranboise would be opening a restaurant here. http://woodtv.com/2017/04/18/fulton-square-brings-new-restaurant-to-gr/ There seems to be no progress and when walking by the space, both ground level retails areas have "For Lease" signs on them. Looks like they possibly backed out. Many of the units in this complex are rented. I would love to see some progress to add a bit more life to that mini business district.
  14. Rendering.
  15. Church to be Demo'd? Will a new apartment building take its place? http://www.mlive.com/business/west-michigan/index.ssf/2017/07/142-year-old_grand_rapids_chur.html What would work here? Row houses with parking behind? Multilevel complex? New home development?