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  1. EastownLeo

    Holland Home - Fulton St.

    Or aquinas waits for the price to come down and buys up much needed land to expand dorms and other spacial needs.
  2. EastownLeo


    The building thats being foreclosed on. or the company?
  3. EastownLeo

    The State of Downtown Grand Rapids Retail

    Noticed a new restaurant called "Char" next to Gita Pita on Jefferson. Concept seemed odd. Signage on the window said "Broth" I can't find anything online. Anyone seen it, been there?
  4. EastownLeo

    Medical Mile/Michigan Street Developments

    My first concern is the size of the menu. Way too many options for things not Ramen. Lets hope...... Also no vegetarian ramen or even veg. based broth options.
  5. EastownLeo


    Not GR but Arcadia Brewing in Kzoo faces foreclosure https://www.mlive.com/news/kalamazoo/2018/12/arcadia-brewing-company-in-kalamazoo-faces-property-foreclosure.html
  6. EastownLeo

    Creston Neighborhood

    An update. It has been a Year since the group behind "The Comeback" received $32,000 in funding from their Kickstarter. They have not given any update in that year, on the Kickstarter page. Maybe they didn't get that loan? $32,000 in the pocket? Still would love to see Gaia come back, just not sure with this situation looming over it.
  7. Calvin College has sold the Ladies Literary club and how it is becoming an Event Space/Wedding venue Now called "The Lit" https://calvinchimes.org/2018/11/16/ladies-literary-club-sold-to-cut-expenses/ https://www.thelitgr.com https://www.facebook.com/thelitgr/
  8. EastownLeo

    Holland Home - Fulton St.

    A flyer has been circulated about the Old Fulton Manor property becoming a "Emergency Shelter" for up to 116 families. The flyer mentions Family Promise of Grand Rapids asking for a special land use. Many of the Eastown residents commenting on the announcement seem to be in favor of it.
  9. EastownLeo


    are these numbers based on HID or LED lighting? My understanding is that new LED systems greatly reduce the cost over the traditional HID systems.
  10. EastownLeo

    Wealthy Street Mega Thread

    Looks like Big Willie's is closing up. They could have done well but the space was way to big for them. They needed a spot much smaller to keep rent down. The prices were also a bit high and they lacked the side items that usually keep a Hot Dog/ Italian beef shop rolling. What does Eastown need? Burritos? Can this space be divided up? Why doesn't GR have more small space fast food in the neighborhood districts? https://grandrapids.craigslist.org/off/d/prime-eastown-restaurant/6741324052.html
  11. EastownLeo

    Wealthy Street Mega Thread

    They tried to put one in on Fulton. The neighborhood said NO. The area does not need a gas station. It is also my understanding that Paul Lee likes rehabbing old spaces, so I don't think he was forced to keep anything that he did not already want. But maybe Im wrong.
  12. I understand the cost of steel increase. what I am asking is if steel is the main reason for increases in construction costs, or is there another cause?
  13. Cost of Steel? Why such an increase in cost?