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  1. RiverWalker

    GSP International

    If you want to see pictures of a recent similar operation: https://metroairportnews.com/emirates-skycargo-delivers-close-to-100-horses-to-miami-from-mexico-city/
  2. RiverWalker

    Haywood Rd Redevelopment

    Haywood Mall store isn't on the list - yet. However, according to USATODAY.com: "The company signaled that there may be more closures to come. It initially said that it would be shuttering 72 locations out of roughly 100 non-profitable stores but when it later provided the list of locations that would be shuttered, the number had shrunk to 63. The company said that 'a small group of stores was pulled from the closing list . .. as they are being evaluated further.'''
  3. RiverWalker

    Leasing & Property Transfers in Downtown/West End vicinity

    This April 6 article by Ron Barnett said the property was under contract to "New York-based Capital Realty Group." https://www.greenvilleonline.com/story/opinion/2018/04/06/towers-east-owner-responds-hud-complaints-building-sold/489043002/
  4. RiverWalker

    The West End

    Or a post office (from way back when post offices had some class).
  5. RiverWalker

    Publications about Greenville/Upstate

    National Geographic Travel’s Best Small Cities 2018 #4 Charleston SC: "Most Instagrammed, Most Artsy" #7 Columbia SC: "Best Groomed, Meatiest" #8 Asheville NC: "Most Artsy, Sudsiest" #9 Greenville SC: "Meatiest" #14 - Hickory SC: "Hipster Friendly" Source: https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/destinations/2018/01/18/national-geographic-traveler-best-small-cities/1042839001/
  6. RiverWalker

    GSP International

    Not sure where you're getting that information/interpretation, Gman. I won't challenge you on factual terms, as it is possible that you are correct. For now, however, color me skeptical. In the meantime, I recommend that people err on the side of caution and obtain a compliant ID as early as practical to avoid the possibility of encountering any airport delays. (And I am not personally concerned one way or another, as I have a federal ID. I just don't want general citizens to suffer as a result of this uncertainty.)
  7. RiverWalker

    GSP International

    I thought the underlined portions made it very clear: you should be good until October 10, 2018.
  8. RiverWalker

    GSP International

    According to the FAQ on tsa.gov" "Starting January 22, 2018, travelers who do not have a license or identification card from a compliant state or a state that has been granted an extension will be asked to provide alternate acceptable identification. If you cannot provide an acceptable form of identification, you will not be permitted through the security checkpoint." Couple that with this information from dhs.gov: "South Carolina has an extension for REAL ID enforcement, allowing Federal agencies to accept driver's licenses and identification cards from South Carolina at Federal facilities, nuclear power plants and federally regulated commercial aircraft until October 10, 2018." Although South Carolina will not be issuing compliant licenses and IDs until late March, residents can submit the required documentation to any SCDMV office beginning now; their REAL ID-compliant cards will be issued when the system is ready to process them.
  9. RiverWalker

    The West End

    South Academy.
  10. RiverWalker

    The State of Downtown Retail

    But notice that the new web site for The Green Room doesn't identify any location at all. With so much publicity surrounding Wu's in Greenville - reinforced by the continued existence of its own web site at https://www.wusgvl.com/ - it appears as though The Green Room may be going to reopen somewhere else....
  11. RiverWalker

    The West End

    This was also mentioned briefly in a story on NPR's "Marketplace" program on Thursday. https://www.marketplace.org/2017/11/09/business/gourmet-food-halls-transcend-trend
  12. RiverWalker

    Haywood Rd Redevelopment

    The retailer also announced last week that it would close 63 more stores after the holidays. http://www.chicagotribune.com/business/ct-biz-sears-pension-deal-store-sales-1109-story.html
  13. RiverWalker

    West Greenville Village

    Thrillist.com, a web site that covers food, drink, travel and entertainment, says that the Village of West Greenville is set to become Greenville’s next big destination - one of 12 neighborhoods across the U.S. that the site says are on the verge of taking off and becoming "in" spots. http://www.wyff4.com/article/thrillist-greenville-has-one-of-12-us-neighborhoods-that-will-get-crazy-popular/13092646
  14. RiverWalker

    Scott Towers highrise to be demolished?

    Not a cricket.
  15. RiverWalker

    West Greenville Village

    Brick paving may seem "rich" nowadays, but 100 or so years ago it was quite a common feature. I grew up on a brick-paved street in a midwestern mill town.