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  1. GRDad - those photos make our beloved city look fantastic!!! If I were from out of town, I would want to come here just by looking at them!
  2. Just received my copy of Grand Rapids Magazine yesterday and there was a short one page article about Urban Planet and how big the Grand Rapids Forum is on it. Pg 27. Very good stuff!
  3. Thanks! I have a few more from that night, but how do you put a picture right in the body of the message, rather than having to click on it to see the whole thing?
  4. View of the city / sunset last night from atop the Boardwalk Building
  5. Phoenix is made up of people from everywhere else...hence the lack of community! I did hear while I was there last week that they are in the process of putting in a light rail. One rumor about it that I heard was that it was going to be ground level, which makes absolutely no sense because then it will have to stop for the lights along with the cars. That would take away from the benefit of speed. I hope that it wasn't true for the sake of the town and the people that would use it. They are smoggier every year I visit out there and should've looked into this type of transportation a long time ago.
  6. No cops, no warrents issued, no arrests, and no one ! Overall a fabulous night and time had by all! We hit Waterworks, Taps, McFaddens, and Cambridge house.
  7. Funny that curling came up here...I was just saying "who in the h*** came up with that sport and how?" No offense, find it kind of odd And I am off to Phoenix where it should be about 70+ each day for the next 5 days!
  8. We can certainly try to extract some vital information Cabs are my friend and the only way to travel on nights like these! As far as misconduct....I just hope I run faster than the other girls!!!!
  9. Yes! Farts ARE funny!!! BTW: Beware anyone out & about downtown this Saturday night (tomorrow) - myself & about 15 crazy girlfriends have a girls night planned that we hope will rival any bachelorette party and we may bring the fart machine along for the ride! Night won't be complete without some dares / scavenger hunt type shenanigans that could make for some situations!!!
  10. What is up with Flatulence Humor??? Just purchased a "Fart Machine" from Spencer's (complete with Remote) and stuck it in the lunch room under the table and let her rrriiipppp!!! I swear a couple of the girls were laughing so hard they peed their pants! I am hurting from laughing so much.
  11. Sorry to hear about your circumstances MJLO, but look at the bright side (no pun intended) you get to see the sunshine and you are probably warm too! I will be in Phx next week visiting my friends there...give a shout if you need to get out of your home and hear some of that good ol' GR dialect. We plan on going to the First Friday Art Walk in DT Phx next week Friday. Should be a good time. What area are you in?
  12. Oohh...either great minds think alike or some creepy esp/telepathy thing going on.....
  13. Winter T-storms are so weird. The sky got black, the lightning started and the thunder followed, along with lots-o-rain. Bizarre to watch with snow on the ground. Reminds me of summer time....
  14. Unbelievably fantastic! That would be fun!
  15. Good for you!!! Very impressive. Didn't say I didn't have them lined up ( )..... Just think it's a silly holiday!
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