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  1. The west side of Lake Norman does look to explode with easy access to airport and new 16 is really opening it up.
  2. so with the recent drama at Penguin, is Pinkey's still opening or has it already opened?
  3. Thought there was some progress for the area with Burger Co and Pinkey's coming but don't think a strip club would be a good idea in Wesley Heights.. This was going in front of the zoning board... CASE NO. 10-019 – Application has been made by ADOF Entertainment Group, Inc. (Represented by Robert Brandon) for property located at 935 S. Summit Avenue, Tax Parcel Number 073-253-01, requesting a 122 foot variance from the required 1000 foot minimum distance separation from any residential district, school, church, child care center, park or playground to allow an adult establishment which is located less than 1000 feet from residences. Code Section 2.201 states that an adult establishment is an adult bookstore, adult motion picture theatre, adult mini motion picture theatre, or adult live entertainment business as defined in this section. Code Section 9.1103(3) states that adult establishments are subject to the regulations of Section 12.518. Code Section 12.518(b) states that any structure in which an adult establishment, other than an adult bookstore or adult mini motion picture theatre, is the principal or accessory use shall be separated by a distance of at least 1000 feet from any residential district, school, church, child care center, park or playground. Code Section 12.518(e) states that the distance for the separation from residential zoning and protected uses shall be measured in a straight line from the closest edge of the building occupied by an adult use to the nearest residential zoning district or to the property line of a protected use. Code Section 12.518(g) states that in addition to the standards set forth in Section 5.108, before granting a variance from the separation requirements set forth in subsection (a) or (b) of this section, the Board of Adjustment shall find that thoroughfares, traffic circulation patterns, structures or other natural or man-made geographic or topographic features are likely to provide an adequate measure of protection for the protected zoning or use from any secondary effects of the adult establishment
  4. Is there a burger restaurant or burger bar coming to West Morehead (other than Pinky's?) Saw a sign last weekend.
  5. Wow....4 years later and FINALLY there is a sign for the Whitewater Center of I-485..... Unbelievable it took so long !
  6. Looks like Phase 1 of the Apartments is almost completed. http://www.charlotteobserver.com/business/story/787154.html Is a restaurant named Pinky's going in across the street ?
  7. Holy cow they are zooming !!! I think this is a going to be a very successful project.
  8. It's truly amazing how few parks are actually in the uptown area. The inner ring neighborhoods - Dilworth, PM, Wesley Heights all have great connectivity to multiple parks in each neighbordhood yet there is nothing in uptown. I can't wait until either a 4 acre of 8 acre park is established in uptown.
  9. I drove by Lela court the other night and it's very dark !! Are they going to put up any street lights ?
  10. I think they are about to line the entire morehead section from I-277 to Freedom Drive with new street lighting. There is also a planting strip now in place on either side of freedom drive. This area is starting to look nice and is setting up for some new projects on Morehead such as the Beezer project, Skybridge Terrace, and whatever retail/commerical they put in at the intersection of Freedom and Morehead.
  11. IS the Charlotte Foundry responsible for the stench in Wesley Heights ? My wife and I went to Open Kitchen for dinner on Friday night and could smell it really bad
  12. I am drawing a comparison to Detroit where the lights on the highways were always out in the early 90's. Detroit and third world country are somewhat similar...I am from Michigan so I am allowed to hit Detroit hard..... Install Solar immediatley !! We have over 220 days of Sunshine per year right ?
  13. The lighting situation is absolutely absurd. Lights are out all over 277 on every part of town. It's dangerous and absolutely makes Charlotte look like a third world country
  14. I am confused. So would these be in front of Trademark and Avenue towards the stadium ? Will they move forward or wait on the park ?
  15. I drove by this weekend and saw that they are starting to frame up the outside of the Walnut Hill Condos. I am glad they were able to keep some of the large trees around the property. Does anyone know what is going on at the corner of Freedom and Thrift. They are bulldozing some type of manufacturing plant. It's right across from Lela Court so I think it's the previously announced Wesley Village project but I am not sure ?
  16. My wife and I went to Cataluya Cafe for dinner. The food was fantastic. It's not the type of place to impress someone with the ambience but the incredible food and service makes it a special find. I will definitely recommend.
  17. My BAD.....All 2 bedroom PLANS are available...not all of the units... It's late and I hate seeing the Blue Devils win...
  18. Cobblestone is very interesting.. I also find it interesting that no 2 bedrooms have sold ? I think Avenue still has 2 bedrooms as well. The 1 bedroom condo seems like the best type of development to appeal to the demographic looking at living in Uptown
  19. how did you hear they bought the land and are redeveloping it ?
  20. Looks like they might be starting construction on a mixed used development at the corner of Morehead and Freedom unless they are still working on sidewalks ? I ran through Wesley Heights today the streets and the greenway is very nice there.
  21. This project is really unique and although there have been some political ramifications, I think everyone will really enjoy this project. I am also excited to see Carowinds hopefully go through a transformation as well. This project will slightly improve Charlotte tourism. Too bad there is a stronghold on the Charlotte airport and airfare blows..You can find deals at times but overall it's way too expensive to fly to Charlotte.
  22. I was wondering if they were going to bury the power lines on West Morehead but I doubt it.
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