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  1. It's a good jumpstart for the ODU Village, but still, students are being housed in areas where they should not be, and I think more apartments are needed. But the problem is the city of Norfolk can't tell the property owners that are adjacent to ODU to leave so they can build more and more. The real solution is to go up and up. There's little free extra land that ODU can work with, and the laws restrict the height here and there. But building dorms for ODU students only can eliminate the need for a parking garage. It's kind of sad that ODU is overflowing with garages already and I guess more garages are being planned.
  2. In fact, the Washington Nationals' relationship with Columbus Clippers ends after the 2008 season, then Cleveland can consider taking over the Clippers. I don't put blame on Doug Wilder as a lot of people were placing blame on him. The Atlanta Braves have tried to put a stadium in the parts of Richmond that won't work, let alone downtown or Shockoe Bottom. I am in favor of renovating the Diamond instead of building an all-new stadium. I know the Diamond is antiquated by Triple-A standards, it doesn't have anything as cool as Harbor Park in Norfolk has. So, I think Richmond can be better off spending money renovating it instead of building an all-new one. Think of the long term investment.
  3. I agree. Northern Virginia has been overbuilt and done without cautious planning from Fairfax and Loudoun counties up til the late 1990s & early 2000s. Maryland has a smart growth policy in place since 1997. Now, Loudoun County is trying for the past decade to confine all of the development in eastern part near the Dulles Airport as to save the western part from all of the piecemeal development. If you can look much further, Prince William and Stafford Counties are now entering the overbuilt phase, and Interstate 95 has been clogged all the way from Fredericksburg area to Washington, DC. Without any rail in place by 2030, we could see Interstate 95 looking like the roads in New York City - a congested bottleneck unless they are willing to expand it or invest in some transit. And to tell, Fauquier County has been slowly getting taken over, while going on US 17 sometime, all of the new developments are around Warrenton and I-66.
  4. I attended the Richmond Braves game, they lost 4-1 to Toledo. I know it might be difficult, but the Braves established an unofficial record for most people donning Groucho Marx glasses simultaneously - 2,513 as compared to the official record of 1,463 people doing the same thing last year. Baerlocher got tagged for four Toledo runs, he broke down in the 3rd inning, giving up 3 after striking out six Mud Hens. Richmond had one of its own in 5th with sac fly, but Toledo put another run an inning later.
  5. OK, I get it, burt, but does US 60 and 360 pass through Branner Station and Magnolia Green? Just another consideration. I know Chesterfield County is growing, but the process has been moderate so far, the developments will take several, perhaps ten years to build out. One more question, is Magnolia Green a planned mixed use development? Second, VDOT is controlling a portion of Powhite Parkway, so any extensions that Chesterfield wants has to be approved by VDOT in advance. The Richmond Metropolitan Authority controls the other portion of Powhite, north of Chippenham Parkway.
  6. Don't know if anyone has heard yet, but Transurban, an Australian company, has pledged to build a connector road between the Pocahontas Parkway (Route 895) or was that I-895? and the Richmond International Airport. The construction would begin in 2008 and the connector would be completed in early 2010. That will cut a lot of time traveling from the parkway to the airport, thus that the airport traffic has grown by 32 percent in two years, making the connector road a necessity. VDOT will review and approve any plans that Transurban has in place before construction can begin. The cost of the road is mostly covered by a $150 million loan from the federal government. People in eastern Henrico County should see this as a welcome sign for faster access to the airport.
  7. Wait a sec on the stats. The Branner Station project is going to call for a maximum of 4,868 units on 1,614 acres with some planned for nature parks, schools, retail and etc. The Roseland project is going to add 5,140 units in western Chesterfield. Add those up and you get 10,008 units max, to be exact. Branner Station was once projected to add more but scaled down due to concerns over traffic, schools, overcrowding... And the developers call for 72 miles of road to be built for Branner Station, but the county has to fork some money to build the remaining 56 miles of road. However with the county grappling for money, I think they might need to wait, but the Planning Commission has deferred the project for 30 days (Roseland for 60). But that is going to be a motherload of development going on.
  8. ODU is going to get rid of Elkhorn Avenue from 43rd to 49th Streets eventually. Expanding the Diehn means getting rid of some of Elkhorn Avenue, yes. But not the 49th Street. I'm curious what ODU has newly planned on that corridor since they are going to build another dorm building that's right next to the Ireland House. After they build that new one, they are going to build a huge one right next to the new ESPERS facility. Some of the lots are closed for construction - Athletics Administration expansion is still ongoing. I don't know if the new Indoor Tennis Center and sports buildings are completed just yet, or even close to it. I guess the new hotel and the bookstore is going to open in the fall, but not for the start of classes which start on August 27.
  9. I think renovation of the ballpark sounds better. Spread out the capacity so everyone can be closer to the field instead of being out of the picture. I've sat on the general admission seats, watching the game from there kinda makes me feel like I'm at the upper deck of a MLB park. Many modern ballparks spread out the capacity instead of focusing them all in one place like the Diamond. Add amenities to bring the park to Triple A standards, do a renovation of the outfield fence, add some seats in there. Harbor Park in Norfolk has a picnic area in left field. Add a restaurant, add kids zone areas to bring in more tickets. Allentown, PA is building a park for the Phillies' AAA team, slated to open in 2008, includes 7,000 seats, but more depending on mood, the weather, the stadium area, etc. It has no upper decks, a solution the R-Braves can look on (Coca-Cola Park, if you want to know its name). Avoid ripoffs of other parks. Syracuse built their ballpark which was a ripoff of Harbor Park. Also, there's some business in the Boulevard area that could be razed to make way for a new park across the railroad tracks. But one problem there, is the traffic volumes. Need a park as close to interstates for better access. Not to mention VCU and other sports people need land for their own buildings.
  10. There are a lot of spaces available on 43rd and 46th Streets, just across from the Ted. The puzzling thing is a lot of students don't use them. They prefer to park as close to everything as possible. There is still plenty of parking available at the area. The problem is a lot of people don't understand how to use the garages. ODU is also planning to build a garage across from the Foreman Field, and planning another garage by the new ESPERS facility, the site of the old H/PE facility.
  11. Florida and LSU are the only heavyweights in the SEC this year. I know LSU has more of a tougher schedule (SEC games plus they play Virginia Tech on September 8) than Florida which has FSU. The game on October 6 will decide who gets to rule the SEC. Matt Flynn is no JaMarcus Russell but he should do decent enough. Florida uses a two-quarterback system with Tim Tebow for passing and Cameron Newton, a highly touted freshman, running the ball. If people thought handling Tim Tebow's rushes were difficult last year, then they should wait and see what Newton will do to them. Newton is a faster JaMarcus Russell and will do more damage than Tebow, and Tebow will do even more damage than Chris Leak last season. Look for Florida's offense to score more in the 30s and 40s this year. Even though I graduated from Old Dominion (Norfolk, VA) I'm a huge Gators fan, so the LSU game will be the only tough one on the schedule. Those two teams should meet again in the championship game. One will enter 12-0, the other 11-1.
  12. Going by logic, I'd rather tear down the Columbus Station apartments. The rail line goes by the apartments, and it would be nice to see more condos that replace the apartments, since VB probably will get a mass transit system to TC sometime in the future. The Columbus Station apartments are the only thing blocking the TC vision. I wonder about the Independence Square apartments that are across Independence Boulevard. Will the developers tear that thing down and redevelop that as the same thing as the Cornerstone just south of I-264?
  13. I feel your pain, burt. I've been to two R-Braves games at the Diamond, all against the Pawtucket Red Sox. I now understand why the attendance figures at the Diamond are lower as compared to the other ballparks around Triple-A: Number one, the Diamond is set way off from the population center, and few people live around the stadium. The population center of Richmond is around Shockoe Bottom and eastern Richmond. Number two, the Diamond lacks the amenities of a modern ballpark. I've been to Norfolk Tides games, and their attendance is around 6,000-7,000 a game because the Tides put in more stuff for the children and adults. I didn't see any of those at the Diamond, plus the bleacher seats need to go. I know it was built in 1985 but it lacks the real seats that the other ballparks have around AAA.
  14. Well, this is not New York City rates, at least. But living in downtown commands higher rent, yes, according to theory. Live in downtown, you don't get to use the car more often, which trades off to lower bills for gas, insurance, taxes, and transit. Live further from downtown, you get cheaper rent but more expensive bills on the car, which means gas, insurance, and etc. So, there is a balance in housing and transportation. Richmond has been trying to build more of those in downtown like the Shockoe Bottom, near where I will begin work for VDOT next week. The higher rents mean more tax money for the city to improve blighted neighborhoods.
  15. Before Portsmouth can build up and up on their Olde Towne area, they need to replace the pipes below ground, some of them which date to 1888. $53 million to do the work before the city can approve denser buildings. http://content.hamptonroads.com/story.cfm?...9&ran=47269
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