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  1. Looks like what I see here in Chicago on Michigan Ave. I really like it. I get the feeling that there are a lot of people on these forums (particularly on SSP) that are never pleased.
  2. Trump has updated their website for the Atlanta project. http://trumptowersatlanta.com/home.html
  3. Has there been any new on when they might get started??? BTW, great job IC on the updated threads!!!
  4. There is a webcam for 1010 Midtown: http://www.oxblue.com/client/brasfieldgorrie/1010midtown/
  5. I think Novare is about to launch a Gallery webcam. Here is the link, though all you see is an office. http://www.oxblue.com/client/novare/gallery/
  6. Don't forget about Habitat for Humanity, which is moving to Downtown from Savannah.
  7. Check out the webcam located on the Allen Plaza website. http://www.allenplaza.oxblue.com/
  8. Best Cuban in town, hands right. At the intersection of North Druid Hills and Buford.
  9. Wasn't Georgia going after some huge bio tech industry firm. It might have had something to do with a govt. agency. I heard about it a while back. Can somebody fill in the gaps please???
  10. ^^^IC, I love that shot. Got any more?
  11. ^^^I believe so, but I don't know which one.
  12. ^^^Tell me about it. I moved from Atlanta to Chicago and I hardly ever get to see the Braves. TBS now shows old sindicated comedies (Friends, Sex and The City etc...) instead of the Braves. I wish Turner South was shown nationally.
  13. ^^^Now thats what I'm talking about!!! Great pics.
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