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  1. What about Strohs brewery coming to the Downtown market? Just a rumor?
  2. Don't know why but I think Bell's Brewery will be announced March 18th. They want to be apart of Beer City USA!
  3. Does anyone else think a LuckyStrike or Dave and Buster's type would work perfectly in the 25 kitchen space? It could draw families during the day and drinkers at night and with the arena next door you have a built in market.
  4. GR just keeps getting better!

  5. I'm inviting friends from all over FL, CA, IN & IL. I know for sure I have friends from Chicago coming and we already booked rooms at the JW. I can't wait! This is going to be amazing.
  6. Thank you for your great work moderating Urban Planet!

  7. I have shopped many times at the Von Maur in Fort Wayne at Jefferson Pointe lifestyle center and I think it is the best department store. I like it better than Nordstroms, Macys or Saks. It will bring in other stores and restaurants such as PF Changs and maybe even Trader Joes.
  9. Dave & Buster's would be a great addition to the GR metro. In a fantasy world it would be better to go downtown in the entertainment district. I know Jillian's (it is like Dave & Buster's but nicer) had considered going into The Cherry Street Landing project years ago but couldn't get enough parking.
  10. GR2010

    John Ball Zoo

    I think this is a perfect idea! We need a science center and aquarium. I can't believe we don't have a Aquarium center already, we are the Great Lakes State and they could have a section on the importance on cleaning up the waterways. Let's pool (bad joke) our money and get this done.
  11. GR2010

    John Ball Zoo

    Finally we are starting the renovations on the zoo. I'm still in shock that we didn't take Fred Meijer up on his $25,000,000 gift and also his gift of land (The Grand Rapids Golf Club) to build that amazing zoo he proposed. He even hired the designers of Disney's Animal Kingdom to design that zoo. Well, at least we are starting to improve good old John Ball Zoo.
  12. The VAI could have the biggest effect on Grand Rapids history. Can you imagine the impact it could have with this cancer find and the discovery of reversing osteoporosis. This is HUGE!!!!
  13. okay the city of Grand Rapids population is greater than Little Rock, Kenosha Wi, & Tacoma Wa, all of which have streetcars already. Not to mention, Metro GR at 1.3mm people. It is worth the investment from the City of Grand Rapids to start the streetcars now and later incorporate other cities as years go by. By having streetcars it also puts our city's image in a whole different league that it is currently viewed. Maybe then more of West Michigan will view Grand Rapids as the core and could help create a metro government. This could help tourism, bring in more out of state investment dollars and maybe just maybe help keep more of our college students in Michigan. Just my 2 cents.
  14. I was told from a friend of mine, who was told from an airline executive, that JetBlue and Southwest Airlines have been and are currently looking at coming to GRR. JetBlue said that if they came to GR the gate fees would be as high as LGA, and Southwest said that if they came it would be the highest gate fees they pay in the entire country. He also was told that GRR is looking at adding some gates to lower the fees. We'll see what happens.
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