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  1. It’s not about whether or not it should get expanded. It will be congested regardless. They continue building developments in that area and even further south into Indian land and Lancaster. So unless there is a light rail, it will be getting super congested
  2. Ballantyne is doomed unless they get a light rail. Johnston road and Rea are nightmares. Johnston seems to be going in the direction of what independence blvd went 10-15 years ago. Mark my word.
  3. Everything about Ballantyne is pedestrian unfriendly.
  4. So I’m kind of confused. Will this canopy take another 2 years to finish?
  5. Yes I’m excited for Limani as well! PS- The demonym for Cyprus is Cypriot.
  6. Are you kidding? You just contradicted yourself. Club Monaco is rather on the preppy side and I feel that it would make a killing in Charlotte! Much better than Banana Republic or J. Crew. Club Monaco has a more French/European style preppy which gives it some spice compared to the majority of the other stores.
  7. What will end up happening is he’ll start adding more items to the menu and it’ll end up being a Cheesecake Factory menu. Sounds like he wants to cater to everyone instead of sticking to one type of cuisine
  8. Then that’s probably where Alexander McQueen will be!
  9. The last time I was at SP indochino looked completely closed but not sure as I was in a hurry.
  10. Recently new flight attendant here (from Charlotte) but based at O’hare. I find it strange where the KCM is at CLT. It’s easy to find, once you walk in basically, but then we go through the kitchen hallway of the food court lol. I wonder if they will change it when everything is finished
  11. I do love Terry Blacks BBQ in Deep Ellum. The best bbq I’ve ever had! Not sure where they are based though
  12. Yeah their skyline is a joke considering how big their population is
  13. Is it just me or are the listings of each metro kind of messed up? Some of them are above and some are below. Kind of confusing
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