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  1. I would say that these cities surprised me with their skylines: Minneapolis (2007 at the time), Vancouver, Washington, Arlington, VA and Buckhead (Atlanta secondary skyline). For Buckhead, even though I’ve been to Atlanta hundreds of times, it still amazes me how dense and high those buildings are considering that it’s not downtown/midtown/center city. I’m sure that it surprised others as well.
  2. Agreed! Urban Outfitters has half of the selection it used to. And yeah Zara and Club Monaco should’ve opened here years ago, as well as TopShop/TopMan. I think we will start seeing a shift in retail from SP towards south end and uptown; especially with brands that cater to millennials. I hardly ever see young adults in the mall. Maybe they should open a brewery in the mall? Lol
  3. Yeah I don’t understand for the life of me why they haven’t opened in SouthEnd yet. I personally think they would do even better in South End than South Park.
  4. Jacksonville shouldn’t even be on there. Their square miles are over twice as much. Then again it can be said that it’s an unfair comparison about ours with other cities that have bigger metros but smaller city propers like Atlanta, St. Louis, Denver and Seattle.
  5. Sephora apparently is temporarily closing and moving to next to Barnes & Noble at Morrison. At first I thought it was moving to Atherton Mills in South End but that will be a different location. The lady told me they are expanding the South Park store and should be done in a few months.
  6. I’m confused. Are those photos of the before or the after?
  7. Cartier was the original jeweler there when NM first opened. So unless they return, I don’t think it’ll be them
  8. That last statement is true maybe for Charlotte of 10 years ago but things are very different now. There are a lot of locals that shop high end now moreso than before. The challenge is trying to maintain a nice tenant selection in the mall while people continue to use online shopping more and more.
  9. It’s simple. Uptown is too freaking expensive for a soft goods to operate! It’s unfortunate but it’s true
  10. Damn! What about Indianapolis and Columbus? Did we pass them yet?
  11. Charlotte metro passed the 2.5M mark last year actually, if I’m not mistaken
  12. Used to be Tavolo and before that was Cosmos (one of the best bars ever in history of Charlotte). 1997-2015
  13. Yeah it is! Terrible food and so overpriced!
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