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    I enjoy Traveling, different cultures/languages, nightlife, fashion, architecture, and urbanism. I'm also a big retail/mall nerd :)

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  1. Temeteron

    Another bar/restaurant bites the dust

    Sad...whoever takes over that spot will be lucky. Place is ready to go
  2. Temeteron

    Another bar/restaurant bites the dust

    Didn’t they just open, like 3 months ago? Wow
  3. Temeteron

    Good New Restaurants

    Yeah the Russian one is A&A (across the street from New Zealand cafe). Didn’t know about the South African one! Cool!
  4. Temeteron

    Good New Restaurants

    Are you aware that there are ethnic grocery stores all over the Charlotte area? Agora-Greek Market Minos-Greek Market Mocco Bistro- Greek Made from scratch desserts , pastries and coffee (one of my favorite places) Cedarland-Lebanese Market Golden Bakery- Syrian and Lebanese breads and pastries Halal International- Arabic Market Enzo’s- Italian Market Pasta & Provisions- Italian Market Zygma- Polish Market A&A INTERNATIONAL- Russian Market Golden Key- Russian Market New Asia Market- Chinese Market Super G - Mostly Korean & Vietnamese but also have Latin products as well as European Patel Brothers- Indian Market Tropical Bakery- Brazilian Bakery There’s more but I’ll let you check these out first
  5. Temeteron

    Good New Restaurants

    San Remo closed several years ago. It’s been Lempira for a few years now (Mexican & Central American). Good food actually.
  6. Temeteron

    Good New Restaurants

    There are no South American restaurants on Central Ave. (Colombian places are in Pineville, Brazilian uptown, Argentinian off Old Pineville Road, and Peruvian mostly other areas throughout). Central is more Mexican and Central American (Salvadorean, Honduran, Etc). But I do agree that Central Ave has amazing ethnic food. Also there are Ethiopian, Bosnian supermarket, Lebanese supermarket, Greek Diner (Landmark) Greek pizzeria (House of pizza) and much more. But I also agree that NYC has better options in food. That is just common sense. It’s like comparing Columbia SC’s food scene with ours.
  7. Temeteron

    Charlotte-Douglas Airport (CLT) Expansion

    Where exactly? I’m trying to do it now.
  8. Temeteron

    SouthPark Mall

    Was wondering the same thing today. It’s a pain in the butt to drive to their other location at Northlake
  9. Temeteron


    I agree. I’ve lived in many areas of Charlotte since moving here in 2005. I’ve been in Ballantyne for 4 years and I’m planning to move to SouthPark next month. I will not miss my 35-40 min commute to work (Near SouthPark)—Nor will I miss the horrible restaurant selections but that’s besides the point lol. Construction continues for housing, commercial & office developments in Ballantyne and Indian Land with no consideration of the quality of life for the residents, and no plan to have mass transit. This really worries me. I strongly believe Johnston Rd./521 will end up being the next Independence Blvd.
  10. Temeteron

    Charlotte-Douglas Airport (CLT) Expansion

    Pay close attention towards the end of this....is that the Charlotte airport ?!
  11. Temeteron

    Another bar/restaurant bites the dust

    I actually live close to there and I couldn’t understand for the life of me why sprouts didn’t open In the former HT spot instead of down the street.
  12. Temeteron

    Charlotte area population statistics

    I think Charlotte is up to 305 sq miles now, but I kind of agree with what you’re saying.
  13. Temeteron

    Charlotte area population statistics

    So the City population estimates have been embargoed today (they will officially be released Thursday). Anyone know any info? Are we at 860,000+ for Charlotte?
  14. Temeteron

    Another bar/restaurant bites the dust

    There was something that happened to one of the owners....bankruptcy or something, can’t remember exactly
  15. Temeteron

    Good New Restaurants

    Cheesecake Factory is ok maybe once in a while. It’s def not worth waiting 2 hours for. It’s one of those touristy places where if you have a big group of friends and they all have different taste in food then you will basically find something for everyone.