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  1. Yeah we discussed this. I never felt like it was busy there
  2. Have a friend who works there and they are indeed the highest volume store in their district which is NC, SC, eastern TN and Southeastern GA.
  3. He is probably Kurdish. Usually a lot of Kurds say that to dodge saying they are Kurdish or that they are completely Turkish. But on a side note their pizza is really good! I also recommend trying Capishe (spelled wrong, in Italian it’s supposed to be Capisce). They are also Turkish owned
  4. It’ll be interesting to see how this pandemic affects the numbers for next year’s release. Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Phoenix and Austin are just killin it! Charleston seems to be accelerating fast as well relatively speaking. It surpassed Columbia’s city population and looks like it will surpass in metro numbers soon also. Overall I am very happy with Charlotte’s growth.
  5. So does this mean no RNC in Charlotte? Lol
  6. Although I strongly dislike Columbia I wouldn’t say it’s “ugly”. I would say it’s boring about 10 years behind, and the people are stupid and backwards lol
  7. Remember the Studio Movie Grill that moved to Prosperity Church Road hoping it would make more business? Not so sure if any theatres are doing well atm
  8. Which towns are they?
  9. You have a point however they aren’t that much of a difference. A significant difference would be the populations of NY, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, etc.
  10. It will be here sooner or later. And when it does come just like everything else, it will be half the size of European locations, and half the selection. SMH lol
  11. Sometimes it’s about proximity to other cities (Albany is close to the megalopolis of NYC, DC and Philly ). Also proximity to distribution centers and airports etc. companies tend to expand geographically. Not all, but a lot. Also real estate plays a role too. Some companies want to wait until they have to right spot and the right square feet. This is why SouthPark was last at getting H&M. Northlake and Carolina Place had H&Ms before SP due to having to wait for store leases to finish and shuffle around other stores. My guess is a lot of future store openings in the category of “fast fashion” (Zara, Forever 21, etc) might choose South End/Uptown over SP. The luxury brands will continue to be at SP IMO.
  12. That St John facade has been there for over 3 weeks now. Also, why do you feel that the other cities are not Charlotte’s peers and the ones you’ve mentioned are? Just curious
  13. Being well traveled I’ve noticed that the U.S. is far more internet oriented than other countries (or at least that’s what I’ve noticed). We need more boutique style stores and less stores like Dillard’s, Sears, JCPenney, Staples, and Bed Bath & Beyond etc. Those stores you can get basically the same stuff online or anywhere else. Overstaturation big time IMO.
  14. I was with my Turkish friend so you can only imagine the side streets and local spots we went to. The asian side of the Bosporus is stunning. Almost feels like a Greek island atmosphere (And I’m Greek so that speaks volumes for me to say that :-D )
  15. I was in Istanbul last summer for almost a week and it was one of my favorite trips ever. Such a breathtaking city! I hope you are able to go.
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