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  1. Essex actually has a culinary quality and their menu is aesthetically appealing in general.. this place is just a hodge-podge hot mess.
  2. My friend and I glanced at their menu. It looks ridiculous. They have everything from Greek, Eastern European to Japanese and then Jalapeño Poppers. Then we look at the pictures and the dishes look extremely pretentious. There is so much potential with this spot but so far it’s a hot mess
  3. 1. The obese thing is America in general. it’s sad yes 2. I’ve noticed this with I-77 as well. Certain areas are super bright and have fluorescent lighting, some areas have the more warmer color lighting and then other areas have no light at all. SMH 3. Homeless And/or severely poor people are everywhere but at least in Greece, Turkey, Spain, Germany etc they try to work or sell you something. They hustle. Here it’s as if they are hopeless or something.
  4. It’s unfortunate but the same thing can be said for most of out of state people’s opinion or perspective of NC along I-95. Ghost towns. I’ve heard it so many times. Sad thing is they don’t realize that our big metros are not in that area(Raleigh is close). So unless people actually come to Charlotte, Raleigh or Greensboro etc, their only perspective of what they see is a random Waffle House and Bojangels with gigantic sign from the highway and those stupid South of the Border signs every mile.
  5. Check out Eddie V’s and Essex. You can find their menus online. I also love Luciano’s and Barcelona
  6. I drive UBER part time and I had a two guys last night that one of them was complaining after I picked them up from Duckworths uptown. He said that he didn’t even know that the Clemson game was being held uptown. And said that with that it’s still felt like a “Ghost town”. I think he was from Florida. I assured him that he was on the wrong side of uptown perhaps and that there is also a lot of activity in south end etc. he said same thing happened on Halloween. It is weird however that the northern side of uptown definitely seems way more quiet than the south side. I dropped them off at OMB so I’m sure they were impressed or at least I hope so
  7. I highly recommend KiKi Bistro! Went there twice last week and food, service and drinks are excellent! It’s by the same people who have Soul Gastrolounge, also one of my favorite spots. Greeks know what they are doing
  8. Their menu looks horrible. There is nothing “tropical” about pita bread. This place is definitely not authentic. I give it 1 year max, maybe 16 months.
  9. https://www.wbtv.com/2019/11/29/police-respond-after-fight-breaks-out-carolina-place-mall-black-friday/ This is the worst thing that can happen here on Black Friday. Reputation getting worse now
  10. Couldn’t agree more. The Epicenter was an awesome place between 2008-2013ish. After that it became super ghetto and the tenants have become less and less appealing. Furthermore, the architecture is horrible and is falling apart. It’s interesting because I remember when it opened it started taking away business from the other nightlife venues (Forum, Republic, Sunset Club and others that don’t exist anymore). Now the opposite. I don’t even know if Alive After 5 is still going on there to be honest
  11. Check out this article from USA TODAY: A 3-year-old boy died falling off an airport escalator. Now, his mom faces child abuse charges https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2019/11/21/north-carolina-mom-charged-after-son-dies-airport-escalator/4257423002/ holy crap!
  12. Thank God, that convenient store was a crack addict hot spot
  13. I’ve wondered about this for quite some time: can someone explain to me how we are 6th busiest in the nation and 9th in the world? Other lists on the internet don’t have us in the top ten at all.
  14. Kandy Bar and Vault have already closed. The epicenter is not what it used to be and it’s reputation for locals has gone down the toilet. It’s actually been that way for several years now. Gone are the glory days (2008-2013) when Suite, Kazba, Mez, Bubble etc used to be the hotspots of the city. Even alive after 5 was happening back then. Epicenter has nothing unique to offer anymore other than a couple of spots. Enso Sushi, gone, 5 guys gone, Gold’s Gym, gone, bruegger’s gone... It’s a shame to me as prime of a location it is being next to the Ritz, it is a disgrace as to what tenants are there and the type of crowd that goes there. Really sad.
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