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  1. I’d rather Northlake Macy’s close and I’d assume that one would close before SP. it’s the only other Macy’s in the Charlotte area
  2. Filthy but at least the Lenox Macy*s has way more European brands and bigger selection in general than SP location. The SP location doesn’t even compete with Belk. Which makes no sense to me.
  3. It’s crazy to me how behind the observer is on retail news. Other media companies announced this 2 months ago. And the scotch and soda and psycho bunny facades have been up for months also
  4. We have the Blue Line which is the more popular one. Goes from Pineville (South Charlotte) all the way through South End and Uptown north to the University City area. The Gold line goes from west of uptown to east of uptown (Plaza Midwood area). And now they are planning for the Silver line which will go from Matthews (SE) all the way to the airport and beyond. There has been an astronomical amount of development since the Blue Line debuted in 2007. Like night and day.
  5. I’m excited at the direction retail is going for south end, but it’s just a shame uptown doesn’t have much after all this time of trying to bring it back. I can’t tell you how many out-of-towners I meet that stay uptown when I uber and the first thing they say is wow “it’s quiet uptown” or “there’s nowhere to shop” or “not much to do”. Then I tell them south end exists. It shouldn’t have to be this way.
  6. And Charlotte isn’t overcrowded and gentrified? Lol
  7. Yeah but even for those who work from home, at some point you want to take a stroll and enjoy the shops and restaurants Buckhead has to offer; however I feel like sometimes you can’t even do that without feeling unsafe. Lenox Square has a metal detector at the front entrance and now just recently they started a rule for teenagers to be accommodated by a parent. Sorry a bit off topic
  8. What I’ve noticed at some airports I’ve been is they have a median, to where there can be a separated drop off. One in the middle and then on the right…only thing is people would still have to cross over
  9. Wow! Seems like so many places have shut down there
  10. I never understood why Atlanta’s density is so low.
  11. How is it possible he gets all these small towns and places I’ve never heard of but misses Charlotte?!?!?!
  12. The cancellations have been ridiculous. My step sisters are stranded in JFK on their way to Greece. Their Charlotte to Atlanta flight was cancelled so they took a separate one to NY. Nightmare. Anyway, apparently I read this: “Earlier this week, American said it paused plans to close down a pilot training center in Charlotte, North Carolina, because of the need for more pilots to handle the surge in travel demand.”
  13. To be honest, none of the locals ever would park in the garage there when we actually would go there. Way too overpriced. Also, nowadays, even with panthers games, there are way more places to park than before; so I’m not sure if they are making money at all from special events. Perhaps from Hornets games due to proximity of the arena.
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