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  1. IMO, I think another problem is most malls don’t keep up with what millennials or people in general want. All these national chains were popular at one point in time but if you look at Instagram there are tons of new brands out there, it’s just that they don’t have brick and mortar locations. If something like a mall or outdoor type concept opened uptown they will have to get creative instead of bringing the same boring basic crap that every mall in America has (Gap, American Eagle, Victoria’s Secret etc etc). I think Atherton has done a good job so far bringing cool tenants.
  2. In order for that to work they would have to Renovate it, repaint, and rebrand completely. I’m afraid that it’s reputation has gotten so bad that it might be too late though, so maybe it is best they turn it into office/light retail. Plus Charlotte isn’t big enough for two high end destinations. Atlanta has 2-3 high end spots and IMO it is overwhelming and also an inconvenience to have to go to multiple spots for all shopping (first world problems lol).
  3. Well, California Pizza Kitchen closed permanently. Holy cow
  4. Yeah I never liked B. good either. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of retail spots fill the building being redeveloped across from Ink & Ivy on the corner. This is just bad timing in general for uptown restaurants and retail
  5. They weren’t that great anyway. I do agree though that uptown’s options aren’t up to par with other areas. Hopefully things improve soon
  6. Temeteron


    Does anyone know what they are doing to the ramps entering and exiting Johnston/485?
  7. I asked the manager at St John and she confirmed
  8. Quebec, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, Nunavut, Northwest Territories, Yukon Territory. I didn’t cheat!!! Damn I forgot Nova Scotia haha (I didn’t cheat though just remembered it after my submission lol)
  9. This is painful to watch. I must say, the one couple did fairly well. And the other did horrible but somehow got NC and SC lol
  10. That sucks. Honestly I would never see many people in there even pre Covid. I’m wondering if Gucci is still opening as originally planned in the old St John space.
  11. Yeah I remember GNC at SP closed back in April. No loss there. They are way overpriced. I always go to Charlotte Supplements for my vitamins. Locally owned and they have way more variety and better prices.
  12. Although I do love Lang Van and the owner, I have to wonder about their lack of Small business loan money as they didn’t seem to claim stuff. Every time I pay they would use a calculator lol.....
  13. Have they renovated the Arlington (pink building) ? That buildings seems to be a dinosaur compared to the rest of the buildings. It’s interesting what perspective northeasterners have as they are used to old buildings so they don’t care. But us southerners are snooty. Anything more than 5 years old is too old lol
  14. Yay!!! So happy and gay here too! ❤️
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