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  1. We need more transplants from other Carolinas cities to fill in our numbers
  2. Sometimes things die out after a long run. For those who’ve been in Charlotte for over 15-20 years like myself remember the Mythos-Forum-Phoenix-Cosmos-Republic block owned by the Greeks that was super successful before the epicenter and the music factory came along. It was an amazing destination. Unfortunately the popularity of it died out and even after when QC Social and Imperial opened it wasn’t the same. Same happened with epicenter. But I think crime made it die even faster. It’s very unfortunate
  3. Why not build more apartment buildings uptown though vs. south end? There is still demand either way no?
  4. I have a friend who moved here from the Netherlands in 2015. She loves Charlotte like crazy and has had multiple offers to leave and go to higher paying positions in NY, London etc but she loves it here. She’s been living in uptown ever since she came here however she has stated that she doesn’t want to be in uptown any longer. She has noticed the crime, closings and overall negative changes of uptown and wants to move to a different part of Charlotte. The office workers need to come back!
  5. I would it would be more. The majority is either Charlotte or Triangle. I can’t imagine the rest of the state to have as much. Seems off to me.
  6. The fact that we were 4th biggest numerical gain (and by a lot) is insane! I wonder how many of those numbers are Charlotte area
  7. The zoning is terrible in Steele Creek and traffic reflects it. Too many shopping centers, too many fast food places with turning lanes, to make a U-turn is extremely difficult etc. S. tryon in Steele Creek reminds me of what Independence blvd used to be 20 years ago. I have a feeling it is going in that direction unfortunately.
  8. Agreed, I’m also getting tired of looking at and also dealing with the construction in the middle of south blvd too. Lol
  9. Has anyone noticed that the Bee Safe storage is under redevelopment off S Tryon? Didn’t they just build that like 2 or 3 years ago?
  10. This would be amazing but knowing Atlanta has the biggest Japanese population in the South it would make more sense there. Let’s hope we get one of the Asian destinations at least.
  11. Wow that’s sad. I had my birthday there this year! Honestly I feel like it was a concept that didn’t match though
  12. I love Dallas and have been there several times and will spend more time there soon for work but you’re right. Considering how massive the DFW metroplex is their downtown is not that impressive.
  13. Just this past week, I met a family from Los Angeles, a couple from Maryland, a guy from Milwaukee, a couple from Calgary, Alberta and a bunch of people from Boston visiting. Some were here for the Patriots game and some were here just because they’ve never been to Charlotte before. So awesome to see so many visitors and from such an array of places!
  14. I’ve been to their Indian land location. Cool concept.
  15. The only department store at SP that has associates who know fashion and have product knowledge is Neiman Marcus. Nordstrom has a few (the ones who’ve been there for many years) but the newer ones are def not as good quality unfortunately. The ones at Belk are brain dead. No clue about fashion and have horrible customer service skills as well as a low level of professionalism. In general Belk and even Macy’s never have sales people around. You have to constantly walk around to find someone.
  16. Not to mention the obesity rate in hickory. When I was there a few months ago it seemed like everyone was fat!
  17. I highly doubt the gas station is going anywhere. It’s a gold mine
  18. https://www.wcnc.com/mobile/article/news/crime/light-rail-shooting-south-charlotte-south-tryon-street/275-624dddd9-93e0-42cb-bdd1-727d2ce5882b?fbclid=IwAR2-yJhdfviRJNFksWjxZ3zAMYm9lIXQIw22--L9SenuywiVPFOKcPl4DSM Now this….. WTF
  19. For a better pizza list check out my IG: @ouzoadventures :)
  20. The Atlanta Bloomingdale’s is quite nice. Compared to our Nordstrom here, it makes our Nordstrom look like crap.
  21. Dallas probably because Neiman is so strong there. But in general, Bloomingdale’s has a much smaller footprint than it’s competitors and I actually respect that. Department stores in general need to offer more unique brands to stand out from its competitors IMO. When I went to Vancouver, the Holt Renfrew dept store there was amazing. They had so many Japanese brands and European brands I felt like I was in Tokyo or London. I understand every market is different but for goodness sake, every department store in Charlotte carries Nike, Lacoste and Ralph Lauren. Enough already. It’s tired as hell.
  22. I’d rather Northlake Macy’s close and I’d assume that one would close before SP. it’s the only other Macy’s in the Charlotte area
  23. Filthy but at least the Lenox Macy*s has way more European brands and bigger selection in general than SP location. The SP location doesn’t even compete with Belk. Which makes no sense to me.
  24. It’s crazy to me how behind the observer is on retail news. Other media companies announced this 2 months ago. And the scotch and soda and psycho bunny facades have been up for months also
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