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  1. I love Rhino Marker but unfortunately their menu at the airport is not even a quarter of the menu at its other locations
  2. I get it and you have a point but not all of us are basic and boring and want fried food. Some of us want something healthy, International and different.
  3. We definitely need better options in CLT. I can’t say we have the worst options but there are airports our size that have much better (Austin comes to mind). I agree with you. Why do we need 500 burger and chicken places I have no clue.
  4. It may not be the biggest but sales wise it sold the most in the Carolinas (the manager told me this when I worked there in 2021). It also got very busy with drive thru ordering as Covid pushed those habits as well.
  5. Surprised? There’s people there all day nonstop from open to close lol
  6. The demographics at NL have changed dramatically and most of the stores that opened there 15 years ago have closed. Even they there is a supertarget at NL, the busiest one in the Carolinas is the one at Midtown (I worked there briefly a few years ago)
  7. One of the reasons is AA (for example) has less aircrafts now than before
  8. For some reason Charlotte was late at getting several stores that existed elsewhere including H&M, Gucci and Hugo etc. not quite sure why.
  9. I’ll respectfully disagree. Zara has a target for all audiences. Street wear, ready to wear, has baggy urban styles and also fit European styles. It’s cute, it’s fashionable and it’s somewhat cheap. Can’t go wrong!
  10. Still hoping for Zara but they’d have to do some serious shuffling around for that. I’ve been to the Aritzia at Rosemont Outlets near Chicago O’hare and it’s very nice. I still think a Club Monaco would be successful also.
  11. I’d say the Hispanic population is higher. Probably 16-17%
  12. There’s no way in hell that those numbers are accurate for Charlotte. Think of the thousands upon thousands of apartments that have been built over the past 10 years in uptown, SouthEnd, plaza, etc. come on. There’s no way!
  13. I’m obsessed with census numbers!! It’s so interesting to see the changes! I thought metro area numbers are released in March?
  14. Yes. Interesting fact, I work for AA and our hotel layover used to be in downtown Portland but since Covid and the riots and homeless issues they’ve moved us to Vancouver, WA. Sucks because I remember my first time in Portland in 2015 and it was such an amazing city. Hopefully things turn around.
  15. https://www.census.gov/newsroom/press-releases/2022/2022-population-estimates.html State estimates are out!! NC was 3rd highest numerical increase after only Texas and Florida. Very impressive! Georgia also had high gains. States continuing to lose population: California, NY, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Mississippi, Louisiana, West Virginia and now Oregon.
  16. Yeah the Christmas decorations (or lack of) are very disappointing. Same for DFW…IMO Chicago O’Hare (ORD) has the best Xmas decorations hands down.
  17. The smaller the plane the worse the turbulence. Just saying. But yes the price difference is insane
  18. The north side of uptown needs a grocery store and not that horrible express HT either. It also needs more condos/apartments and more retail activity overall. It’s like a desert over there
  19. Probably downsizing in general I’d assume. The mistake they made was they announced they were closing on Charlotte Observer a few years back; ended up letting go of some of their best salespeople, then apparently they extended their lease. And then hired people who had no clue about fashion and no product knowledge. Then during Covid they barely had any inventory at all and still don’t. It’s pretty bad when you compare Louis Vuitton’s popularity and sales which opened literally the same period they did…2003ish.
  20. I hate to say this and I hate to see this happen to a poor little old immigrant from Belarus as my parents are immigrants, but if Cherry Berry didn’t succeed as a chain, I’m not sure how she will? Rent is probably super high there and the parking freaking sucks
  21. That’s cuz there are only certain types of demographics that use Trip Advisor. Usually people who are clueless of what to do. (Although I wouldn’t put Carowinds in that category)
  22. It’s not about whether or not it should get expanded. It will be congested regardless. They continue building developments in that area and even further south into Indian land and Lancaster. So unless there is a light rail, it will be getting super congested
  23. Ballantyne is doomed unless they get a light rail. Johnston road and Rea are nightmares. Johnston seems to be going in the direction of what independence blvd went 10-15 years ago. Mark my word.
  24. Everything about Ballantyne is pedestrian unfriendly.
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