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  1. Multi-purpose hall Stavanger The proposed hall is supposed to have a permanent exihibition-area, as well as two hockey rinks with seating for 3000 people. If the proposed hall get approval from Stavanger city development, it will be finished in 2006, just in time for the annual oil-exibitions.
  2. Yea. I don't like people copying other older buildings. Like they want to look old, when they're not. I really like that city hall in rotterdam. And the old buffalo city hall. And, believe it or not, I think Boston city hall was cool!! BRRRUTALISM! Real fun. THAT will be architecture that will be rememebered, instead of fraud copies. The city hall in oslo was built in 1950, and has some what an interesting architecture. This is typical funconalism, and the main impression of the building is really simple. However, it has many interesting details. Around the building you will find incarvations and statues showing norwegian history. The city hall is right in the centre, of where the oslo fjord ends; so this is what yu see if you approach oslo with a ship This is the other side of the hall. Here you can see more of the details that, in combination with the brown bricks and functonalism, makes this building special this is "r
  3. and the DNB-building is about the ugliest thing I've layed my eyes on. DNB-building in Bergen looks like a big poop on a flower.
  4. yes. It seems to be a national trend in Norway to build apartments downtown close to the water. It will be exciting to see how the future will look back on these kind of structures.
  5. Kaldnes city development Kaldnes is 140.000 square meters large. It is planned to build about 1000 apartments. Of the total square meters, around 30 - 50 % will be for commercial development. A new bridge, which is just constructed will make a better connections between kaldnes and downtown T
  6. European cities do not have the same relation to skyscrapers as american cities have. In many cities it is forbidden to build high rise buildings (i.e Copenhagen). This is to make sure the city will continue to have the same historic architecture. High rise buildings will stand out and put other buildings in the shadow. As I've visited many american cities, it seems they are more into mixing different architectures. Also, american cities grew (and some still grow rapidly) extremely rapidly, and are not as old as european cities. Therefore they may not have taken concerns to maintaining the "old". Either way, I think it's a matter of taste. You can just imagine how it would look like if moscow's red square suddenly was surrounded by tall skyscrapers. The Basil cathedral would disspear from the skyline and the city horizon. Oh, and I have a very new statistic from 2004 about the highest populated areas in Norway.... for the interested (christian? - maybe it was the same you had - SSB - Befolking og areal / Population and area I was pleased to see where I live, T
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