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  1. Joel Landy has owned the Scott Mansion for years. He does good work, but the projects seem to take forever to get off the ground...just like everything else in this city. He has renovated many shells in the Cass Corridor into viable buildings, including a few that the city was hell-bent on tearing down. He was responsible for some of the renovation work on the same block (closer to Woodward). In fact, he was planning new construction in the area too, but I'd be surprised to see that get started before the renovation projects are complete. I was most excited to hear that the Book Mansion
  2. Detroit's skyline from the Book Tower. Book Tower stands 38 stories (approximately 475 feet) tall and is the city's 9th tallest building. It provides one of the best skyline views in the city.
  3. It was...but this is Detroit. It is virtually impossible for anything to go as planned here, especially with the economic situation now.
  4. Allan

    Detroit Off Topic

    Not off the top of my head. Do you remember what year it was demolished?
  5. Yep, look here: http://flickr.com/photos/allanm/sets/72157602215273128/ To even get access to the stadium required coordination with roughly 20 city departments, as well as about $7500 in fees waived. It was a big tangled mess, and I'm thankful to my friend for being so persistent in setting up our tour. It literally took about 3-4 months to coordinate everything. In retrospect, it might've been easier to just slip the guard $100. I do know some people that slipped in through a little-known opening, but it was an incredibly dangerous venture that involved a ladder. I'm not totally
  6. I can't believe how bad the depot is getting. The depot is a special place to me. In fact, I have a mini shrine of sorts devoted to the building, including brass knobs, railing pieces, and part of the clock, all of which were taken out of the building in the mid-90s. I have not been to the depot in over two years now. I drive by it everyday on my way to work. It's so tempting, but I'd almost rather remember it the way that it was when I was last there. There is one photo I want to take on one of the upper floors, but to me it's not worth the 18 flights of stairs to the top. I took i
  7. Allan

    Detroit Off Topic

    The city will eventually get around to razing Ford Auditorium. It sounds like the expanded Hart Plaza plan is still a few years off, so I'd expect Ford Auditorium to stick around a bit longer. There was an article about the Hart Plaza plan in the paper about it a few weeks ago, but it offered no new information from the article that was published when the project was first announced years ago. Ford Auditorium has no practical use whatsoever. Although I was in a class once where a student proposed turned it into a Walmart! I don't think they got a very good grade on that project!!
  8. That's always been one of my favorite rowhouse buildings. It's hard to believe that it was abandoned just 5 years ago. One of my friends once lived there. The units were pretty nice inside, although the building was a total gut job, so there is nothing in the way of original details...just a modern open plan. I was looking at my photos from 2003 & 2004 the other day. It's amazing how far we've come in just 5 years, although we have a LONG way to go yet.
  9. Allan

    Detroit Off Topic

    Yes, Slumpy is a freshly-graded dirt lot now. Is it just me, or has the city demolished a lot of houses lately? They demolished 2 on my block, and 2 one block over last weekend. This comes just weeks after they demolished 2 houses 3 blocks away. It's nice to actually receive some attention from the city for once.
  10. Allan

    Detroit Off Topic

    Yes, that's one of the reasons why I haven't been....
  11. Allan

    Detroit Off Topic

    I eat breakfast on the weekends at Honest John's. One of these days I do need to make it over to the Detroit Breakfast House....
  12. Allan

    Detroit Off Topic

    Those of us who live here tend to call the whole of southwest Detroit "Mexicantown," though that is not technically correct. I find myself using it often to describe to suburbanites where I live, since most of them haven't got a clue. Historically speaking, my neighborhood was dubbed Claytown. Southwest Detroit, and particularly my area of Southwest, was where the brick companies set up shop and manufactured most of the bricks that built Detroit. This is still reflected today in the neighborhood, though mostly in the form of street names. Goldner, Greusel, Clippert, Lonyo...they were all
  13. Allan

    Detroit Off Topic

    The police rarely patrol the neighborhoods. I usually see a police car patroling in my neighborhood once every 2 weeks. And that's if you count driving the wrong way down my residential sidestreet the wrong way going 50mph as a "patrol." The police seem to have plenty of manpower to have 15+ unit speedtraps set up on Livernois every couple of weeks, though. I don't get it. I can't tell you where the police cars are, but they aren't here!
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