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  1. They reinvested a ton of money in the Aquatic Center. The park has maybe had a lawnmower or two come through, otherwise, not not really a dime has been spent on it in decades.
  2. It's the same theory that was applied to First Ward Park and to Bearden park in Third Ward. The old First Ward Park was basically just a field for homeless but eventually it was replaced and became a very high-quality park in a better location closer into town that is now much more likable and well used. Almost no one even remembers the previous First Ward Park which was at 7th and McDowell. Marshall does have some mature trees, but is otherwise a poorly design park that is only used as a landmark because it is physically near city government, which makes is a gathering place for marches and protests and that it lacks development around it so it still has a good view of the skyline. The area is mostly unusable pond and separated space that is then mostly dominated by the parking lot or street. I get that it seems worth saving to some, but I am firmly in the camp that a reorientation of the park is exactly what is needed for 2nd Ward to work and have connected streets and a park that fits will within the next urban fabric. The old design clearly did not attract much more than geese.
  3. Charlotte's Light Rail: Lynx Blue Line

    Tap in / Tap out distance fares will help make it more reasonable for very short in town rides. The pricing is appropriate for twice a day commuters but I know I often opt for B-cycle over Lynx for 2 mile rides. Especially with the streetcar replacing a free line and not being very fast, 4.40 round trip fare for lunch or an errand will not compete well with other options.
  4. Uptown solar...

    Thin film was/is a cool concept. I really loved this type of system, but those thin film adhesive panels just were not efficient enough to compete: The investments in mass production of silicon cells and advances in efficiency have caused them to be the market standard if you're investing in solar. It doesn't mean that building developers want to built a power plant on their roof, even if it is a great idea. It needs to be a decision by an ownership group that is thinking long term, has the up front capital, and usually has some qualitative benefits like marketing a building as green or LEED points or true savings long term. Of course the Tesla focus on looks may lead to other soft/ qualitative benefits of roof durability, architectural aesthetics, and neighbor envy. For commercial buildings, a standard array would work. Just need to have the right incentives for the right people.
  5. Uptown solar...

    So the wooden structure supporting the flat roof is less than that supporting all of the apartments full of people and furniture? Surely the requirements far surpass the weight of solar panel arrays. I think the main impediment to this idea is that there are no longer state subsidies, so the benefits / payoff are too far out in the future for the builders or building managers to pursue it. That might be a different story if Duke were paying the capital costs of the solar and immediately gave some benefit to the building manager in the form of air rights or some reduction in power costs, but it is Duke, so they are only really doing that on schools as part of halo marketing and not substantial conversion of the grid to renewables. I am happy they are at least doing white roofs, but I sadly I think until solar costs come down even further, this will not be worth the time given the developer's short term return needs for their capital. If we had state leaders that believed in the value of renewable energy, we'd see it put in the building codes or subsidized far more. Lacking that, we are unlikely to see it. But the roofs will still be there in 5 or 10 years. So if things do hit a turning point either in policy, energy cost, or global warming crisis reaction, then they can retrofit them nearly everywhere.
  6. Traffic Congestion and Highway Construction

    Starve the road network of revenue for expansion, and then flood it with new development, tolls are the only way to expand. I just hope the spoiled LKN residents acting like brats wanting free stuff to fix their lifestyle flaws don't ruin managed lane plans in the rest of the city. Freeway expansions to sprawling exurbs are the very definition of moral hazard. I'm happy with the designs at the 277/Brookshire interchange, but do wish they had taken the chance to make 2 northbound exit lanes since there is always constant lane cutting that causes an accident risk. At least make it normal and have them zipper merge on the entrance ramp. Until I oriented my mind to the map, I briefly thought they were magically adding a bridge from NCMF Blvd to Martin Blvd by JCSU. It would be great to have that added cross town connectivity, but then I realized I as looking at the existing Hamilton St bridge.
  7. Montford Drive

    If only the Observer would add them back in for realism over marketing, they'd suddenly find some funding to bury them.
  8. Misc. Uptown Projects/News

    Rest in peace, Dennis. He was a very good man, and I was fond of him as a neighbor and basically the creator of 4th Ward as a protected little zone of victorian homes. I know he struggled with parkinsons the last few years, and it was sad to see the decline. We are lucky to have Betty seemingly still very healthy.
  9. I think $4.5m in tourism money is really pretty good after so many other elements are finally together. Even if the FFTC was shrewed and waited till the last 100y dash to ask for city money, just the fact that the redevelopment will add that annually to general coffers, it is an easy win. The public good is clear in this case, it is just a shame it was not able to get over the edge with philanthropy, but it is hopefully also a net positive that they are doing a restoration rather than just a rudimentary upfit like has been planned for the Carolina Theater in the previous decade. When it's all completed, we can start to benefit from all that recalled history like Elvis.
  10. You have not been through this area in the past decade if you are unfamiliar. But for you and others, she is a homeless woman with at least a mood disorder, but likely more severe mental illness. She has her friendly moments, but is often more of a preaching, harassing type. She has slowly built out this tent on this exact spot and stayed there for a long time time. I believe this will link you to the streetview to see her tent. https://www.google.com/maps/@35.2287075,-80.8369396,3a,75y,51.87h,86.01t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sE0JTFUPgski83KZnvgxRKQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656 But according to the streetview history, she didn't do a more permenant tent until the last 3-4 years. But I know she was there before usually just standing in that spot.
  11. Finally a project of the scale we would have always expected for some of these parcels. I'm so glad the land is out of Levine's hands, so he can't meddle with his incompetence like he did with Catalyst that led Novare to give up and move to 3rd Ward a decade ago. It's also a perfect block for redevelopment, because it is otherwise a very forgettable spot, but relatively central to the no man's land there now. Well, one-woman's land.
  12. http://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/politics-government/article158464954.html This is huge news that suddenly they need a larger budget and suddenly need private money. The city's portion was giving the building for $1. Of course I would want council to support it, but it is a shame that this is coming out last minute after things finally seemed to move forward. Why not just get a dang loan from the banks and repay it with the proceeds of events.
  13. It feels like we were hoping and praying for this project from even the very start of UP. I'm ecstatic that the project came together into something so good. I originally liked the classical design but the new modern design for the hotel looks great if the reality can live up to the renderings. It also took me some time to adjust to the entrance to the theater from the lobby of the hotel, but now I think that is a brilliant move rather than bolting on the old façade to the outside. Can't wait to see the results. Reminder of the theater renderings: https://www.charlotteagenda.com/24722/insight-carolina-theater-renovation-why-it-works/
  14. Charlotte Center City Streetcar Network

    I'm relieved that they will not need to do the overhead wires across the square. Parades would be a mess if they had to stay under the wires or avoid the area. The fact that they are similar looking vehicles should go a long way in the changing the perception of this line. I do wish they'd dedicate a lane at various lengths along the route, but as it is designed, with Trade St being more for transit and less for regular vehicle traffic, it will do well.