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  1. dubone

    Metropolitan, Midtown Redevelopment

    ( The other topic is for the Elizabeth Avenue area, the hospitals, the original Whole Foods plan by Grubb, and CPCC and the beloved Bojangles, etc. So even if that is now kinda being known as "Midtown" too, then all the other stuff in that vicinity is in the same boat.)
  2. dubone

    Traffic Congestion and Highway Construction

    This section didn't have the benefit of much space to work with, given the creeks on either side and the tight neighborhood density. It may seem behind but sometime those things are in the plan, there is just more to do. Hopefully they do keep it on schedule. With the controversies around it, missed deadlines would be just an extra layer of mess.
  3. dubone

    Metropolitan, Midtown Redevelopment

    MOD EDIT: Midtown and Pappas projects can be discussed here. The 3rd and Baldwin and 7th and Pecan projects discussion have been moved and can be discussed in the Elizabeth thread: https://www.urbanplanet.org/forums/topic/3500-elizabeth-projects-7th-st-elizabeth-ave-etc/?page=67
  4. dubone

    New Panthers Stadium in 2022?

    According to the Charlotte rail plans presentation, they have shifted that to be a stonewall street extension which would use an existing railroad underpass and not build a new one for MLK. Stonewall is a far better choice as it could align to extend through the area that is now parking lots south of the Lakewood Trolley tracks and be weaved into any redevelopment there rather than dead ending at Cedar. It could also be curved to connect to Hill St. http://charlottenc.gov/Projects/Documents/CharlotteRailroadProjectsUpdate.pdf
  5. So I think the reality is that they are going to do a mostly restored state. In my view, a balanced restoration is what is realistic. They apparently did pare back some of the goals for cost, and closed some of that gap to keep much of the restoration by getting hotel tax money from the city. It seems much of the higher costs and past delays were due to the need to abate asbestos and lead toxins. I'd far rather have a theater with half the frills and none of the lead dust. https://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:Yk8etWqTHFMJ:https://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2017/07/13/skyrocketing-construction-costs-delays.html+&cd=5&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us Just repainting the interior and putting seating in would still be amazing enough. It isn't like it doesn't still have most of the decorative architectural elements in there. But if they need to fill in a few gaps in molding or balusters, it is barely a blip for a workshop to spin those out. The difficult part would be the murals, but they have promised a re-creation of those murals by artist(s). No one would prefer the seating to be anything but the current state of the art in comfort and noise. I'm sure they've cut something magical from the olden days, but I think for the most part, an 80% restoration with the rest being a renewal of the use of the space is exactly what the doctor ordered in a city that has sent most of the pre-war buildings to the dump.
  6. If a bus line is already successful, like on Central, then improvements are a good evolution of that service. In the case of the airport Sprinter, I used to push for my friends and visitors to use it, and I used it when I could. I got burned by it once and switched to Lyft/Uber and never went back. Express bus IS the best way to service our outer suburbs, especially in combination with Express lanes on the arterial highway to make sure the lanes move.
  7. It's a charity and they have promised their donors that they plan to restore it as much as possible to original grandeur inside, but only to the degree of their budget. To increase their budget, feel free to donate: https://carolinatheatreclt.org/give/ Unlike prior commercial plans for restoring the theater which would have skipped the restoration, this team has promised all along that they will restore much of the detail to the 1920s style as much as they can. I doubt that time passing due to the complexity of the tower portion will have any bearing on their plan for the interior details in the theater. I'm excited it is getting a bit taller, even if by just one story.
  8. http://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/politics-government/article193815299.html The article in the O says the tracks *and canopy* will be there with this contract phase. The part that is still in question will be the station building structure component that is needed to move the Amtrak operations downtown. They are working on that still and hopefully will get it done at the same time.
  9. dubone

    Charlotte-Douglas Airport (CLT) Expansion

    Another logic is the tens digit jump for the next set of gates. But clearly for expansion. It is similar to moving the hundreds digit for each block downtown 101, 201, 301. There may only be 3 addresses on the block, but the next block still jumps up for the 100s digit. So that would be logical, but I don't know if that is explicitly why they did it here.
  10. dubone

    Optimist Park / Belmont Revitalization Projects

    If it is a symbiotic developer to the mills, they likely build the single-use residential to help support the mill office and retail next door. We all love the ideal of ground retail, but it still a lot going in there, and this section of Caldwell/Parkwood has zero natural pedestrian flow, and frankly, in the long run, Brevard would be the bike/ped street clear of the traffic. I agree with the ideal, but I feel like it will still be a net positive for the area when taken in total with the mill redevelopment.
  11. dubone

    Optimist Park / Belmont Revitalization Projects

    From your article: http://www.charlottefive.com/light-rail-reshape-optimist-park/ Atlanta’s Trammell Crow is planning a new mid-rise apartment building directly adjacent to Tompkins Hall. Trammel Crow worked on Alexan at Krog in Atlanta, which was built adjacent to Krog Market, which was developed by Paces Properties, who is partnering with White Point Partners on Tompkins Hall. The representative I spoke to from Trammell Crow learned about Tompkins Hall from Paces Properties and hoped to develop a similar residential project in Charlotte. The development isn’t directly adjacent to Tompkins Hall, but the developers still hope to link the development to Tompkins Hall and the nearby rail line. The development, which will wrap a structured parking deck, will include the following: – 250 units of apartments. – No retail, but an activated streetscape with stoops and porches. Trammell Crow is in contract to purchase the land, and is submitting plans to the planning department. Estimated completion is in 2019. http://charlottenc.gov/planning/Rezoning/RezoningPetitions/2016Petitions/Pages/2016-069.aspx
  12. dubone

    Charlotte Bike Sharing

    Seeing the scooters everywhere flashed me back to when the Segway was getting hyped before they announced it. They hinted that it was save cities and save the world, but before anyone knew what the invention was. Segway was announced and people went, 'oh'. Now, Segways are still just a quirky niche product, but everyone loves riding scooters. With the electric scooters, people have something that can go a modest distance at a modest speed with very natural electric and manual riding. The bikes are already an amazing way to get casual riders planning bike trips for some of their trips. I think UberLyft have helped get people away from having their own cars for some set of trips or some portion of their day, and then the bikes / scooters are then taking some of those trips back for a lower cost plus some exercise. I don't think the bike share / scooter trips really eat away at trips that would have been done on personal bicycles. At least in my case, I have a clear case for when I want to risk my own bike locked in place for a certain time span versus a one way or round trip where I just want to use the public bike shares. Thieves have ruined the experience of trusting that you can walk away from your bike and feel at peace that it will be there when you return. Electric assist will further help as there may be some distances or hills that the boost may be needed for, or of course reducing exertion to stay sweat free for a trip. All in all, I hope this helps city council realize there has been pent up demand for bicycles all along. Just like no one pays attention to whether the cars on the road are hired or personal, same with bikes, and with enough bike activity they may need to accelerate the trail system and bike lane and bike parking investments in the city.
  13. dubone

    Charlotte Greenway Trails

    We all know. That is part of the obsession with this section I am talking about. We have discussed park caps and development caps a lot on here. It is fun to theorize, and if any part of the freeway would warrant a cap it would be this. I just think let's wait till the actual land uptown and in Southend is developed before we start all that.
  14. dubone

    Charlotte Greenway Trails

    I love that this bridge has stayed in everyone's consciousness since being originally planned for the Blue Line. They were actually going to cover the bridge in their art budget of the Blue Line, but as has been reminded recently, it got value engineered out of the Blue Line when construction costs rose. Back then, I actually used to run on that bridge, beating the very easy to beat low-frequency historic trolley. Back then, crossing South Blvd bridge was only possible on a small freeway-like shoulder or one of the very narrow sidewalks on Church or Tryon. Of course, they rebuilt South and now have a protected trail and reconfigured Tryon and have a nice wide brick-look sidewalk and bike lanes. The alternatives to this Rail Trail Bridge are plentiful. I think the main drivers for it are symbolic, mainly that it was a failure to deliver a proposed project that seemed certain at the time. Then with the convention center building a Stonewall crossing to the roof park over Whole Foods, it seems an extra-clear omission to lack that bridge. I'm hoping the bridge starts to reduce some of the obsession we have had with this section of 277. We have had so many proposals for reducing the impact of the freeway between SouthEnd and Uptown in this area, but at some point we need to look at the far worse separations where crossing 277 cannot be done with any mode for more than half a mile. The Euclid - Alexander bridge helps reduce the 1/3 mile section where you can't cross to Dilworth, but luckily seems to remain in some long range plans. A big gap is the NCMF and northern end of Irwin Greenway, where you can't cross 77 or even cross into the cemetery to get to the Music Factory. Luckily they seem to have a plan to extend Irwin to the Hamilton Street bridge, but still no plan to cross over 77 to JC Smith.
  15. dubone

    Traffic Congestion and Highway Construction

    That's good. I'm very much pro express lanes for urban interstate expansion to remedy to the wasteful use of the interstate for long commutes from sprawl, but the Cintra contract to try to make it a public-private partnership has always been such a mess and contrary to the public good. I'm relieved the other toll lanes are progressing with more traditional public bonds backed by the tolls.