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  1. dubone

    Optimist Park / Belmont Projects

    Garages are not ideal for an urban setting but especially in a transitioning neighborhoods where people are not confident in the safety, and appealing to buyers that might be coming back in from the suburbs, They seem to be considered necessary elements of these townhouses that are coming in Optimist Park in this wave.
  2. https://i.imgur.com/pEuJcrx.gifv ^ another attempt incase it helps others view it. That is nuts, though. I can't believe there isn't a major warning to those drivers that it is up.
  3. dubone

    Charlotte Bike Sharing

    Total coincidence, but we were talking about dutch bike paths on the sidewalks and another good dutch infrastructure ended up on the reddit front page today. I don't know if Charlotte needs this style of in-ground dumpters, but NYC definitely does with all the mountain of trashbags on the street all the time. In much of NL, the pink part of the sidewalk is the bike path. Ignore it to your own peril Now, in Charlotte, we have those 1 foot sidewalks, so I suppose that would need to be 6 inches of bike lane and 6 inches of pedestrian area. https://www.google.com/maps/@35.2278031,-80.8509137,3a,45.9y,21.21h,76.75t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sX0aGDKnL6cO5hi_d8F24cg!2e0!7i13312!8i6656
  4. dubone

    Charlotte Bike Sharing

    Exactly. That is more like the dutch lanes I'm used to. The opposite problem happens where pedestrians wander in to those lanes with somewhat fast moving cycles and mopeds, though. I think our plan for protected bike lanes is good, but it is severely underfunded. but there should be a much better story to tell now about the pent up demand for bike and scooter mobility and the need for those lanes. The 6th Street "Cycle Track" will be a an awesome first stage to that, but even that is just in design and not funded. Just looking at the paltry list of bike / ped projects on the plans for the next round of TIP funding is pretty sad. Granted we finally have the money to get major progress on the Little Sugar Creek Greenway and a few others, but there really is no major push to actually have a sort of solid system any time.. ever. http://crtpo.org/PDFs/Prioritization/P5_0/P5.0_Division_Needs_NonHighway.pdf
  5. dubone

    New Hotels in/around Uptown

    I never get to Epicenter anymore, but wow, I really had it in my mind that it was already open. We can also have a moment of silence for all those 'sold out in one day' buyers of 210 Trade that lost their bubble deposits.
  6. dubone

    Charlotte Bike Sharing

    I haven't seen it mentioned I haven't seen any news on Mobike, but I noticed Ofo pulled out when one of their bikes got stranded in front of my house. 2 weeks later, it is still there, although I called 311 to deal with it. ( Low key,I kinda hope word gets around the homeless so they clip the locks on those and use them as communal bikes for them to reduce theft. ) http://charlottenc.gov/Transportation/Programs/Pages/BikeSharePilotProgram.aspx I do not agree with the sentiment that we want it to just be a single provider, but I do think we want it to shrink down to just 2 to keep competition but not have to feel obliged to download 10 apps to check what is closest. Lime obviously had the most visibility, so they are probably going to survive, but I do hope one or two competitors remain for pricing competition.
  7. dubone

    Charlotte Bike Sharing

    I continue to be a big proponent of the scooters and bikes and potentially ebikes in the future. One concern I have had in observing riders in Charlotte, even if Bird did trickle-donate to new bike lanes (which seems to just be a Cali PR stunt), is that I have seen first hand at least a half dozen times as scooters are going fast on sidewalks even with an empty bike lane 3 feet away from them. I think these are novice riders that don't feel safe on the bike lanes, but don't realize they are going far too fast on the sidewalks. I'm glad it is not illegal to ride them on sidewalks, as I often ride bikes on sidewalks in areas with unsafe roads, but always at walking speed. Hopefully the city is actually observing the natural behavior of these new riders. Maybe our bike lanes should be like dutch bike lanes which appear more like a sidewalk than a shoulder on a fast road. That is, protected bike lanes. To me, there ought be a generational shift CIP type fund where in one fell swoop we fund a $500+ million catchup on protected bike lanes. We now need them because our ridership has shot up exponentially. There is somewhat of a framework for that, http://charlottenc.gov/Transportation/Programs/Pages/Bicycle.aspx . But I believe there is not a transformative-level of funding to go along with those plans.
  8. dubone

    Center City Development Maps

    https://www.facebook.com/PilotBrewing/ I was shocked how many projects have finished this summer. Time will tell if it all gets absorbed well.
  9. dubone

    Center City Development Maps

    Added Pearl Street Park and the Baxter Street extension. https://www.mecknc.gov/ParkandRec/CapitalProjects/Documents/Pearl_Street%20Public%20Information%20presentation71918.pdf
  10. dubone

    Center City Development Maps

    Did some cleanup today of items that have completed and open. Painful to remove all that, but so exciting that it is a symbol of some major developments that are now part of our city and economy! Arlo on West Morehead is now completed and leasing. https://arlolife.com/ Belmont Mills at 629 Seigle Ave, Charlotte, NC 28204 appears to be completed too when I went by yesterday. https://www.ncconstructionnews.com/pamlico-investments-to-break-ground-on-mixed-use-self-storage-project/ 1201 Central by Campus Works of Thirsty Beaver fame appears done too. It is now called Overton Row and is open. https://overtonrow.com/contact/ Yafo Kitchen and Pilot Brewing are now open on Central. Lumina Townhomes next to Seoul Food/Lets Meat are completed too. The ugly townhomes at Key Court at Summit and Church are done and sold. The Southpoint townhomes behind Silos are now done too, but they started Phase II on Remount, so I updated the polygon. Bainbridge South End appears to be open and leasing. http://bainbridgeapartments.com/apartment/bainbridge-south-end/ Inspire South Park is now open at Sharon Township Ln https://live-inspire.com/ Homewood Suites on Sharon is now open Added Dunavant Townhomes https://aca3.accela.com/charlotte/urlrouting.ashx?type=1000&agencyCode=CHARLOTTE&capID1=16LDU&capID2=00000&capID3=00113&Module=LandDevelopment PNC and Publix are now open in Cotswald Gardens at Wendover are complete in Cotswald Morningside Mews townhomes on Lyon Ct are complete Latore Law Firm expansion at 2629 Central Ave is complete. Terra Verde Homes at 1925 Pegram in Belmont is now complete http://myverdehome.com/1925-pegram-street/ 300 Optimist Park at Parkwood and 17th Street is now open. https://www.300optimistpark.com/Home.aspx Dowd YMCA Expansion is completed Adjusted to show Dowd YMCA Renovation Novel Stonewall Station and Whole Foods are complete Adjusted to show just the Even Hotel by IHG and a Home2Suites by Hilton Terminal A expansion - Phase I is done
  11. dubone

    Misc. Uptown Projects/News

    https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1PhrG6g0gM_6_33x4ixzkhtPGb94&ll=35.228187385022665%2C-80.84691611761474&z=13 Many of your peers at UP maintain a map to look up projects. FYI.
  12. It certainly is important for our city leaders to be proper politicians and forge relationships with those in power, especially those that represent our city, regardless of their party affiliation. Transportation is important for all of us, and we are a growing city that needs to plan as well as possible to be a city of 2-5 million people in the next 2-3 decades. The world didn't end in the 1940s, so we too can be a city that grows up around rail, just in the 21st century. If we double our population again, as cities like Charlotte have done, we will need those corridors bought, built, and maintained in addition to core widening of our expressway arteries, growth of our airport, growth of our freight corridors, etc. It is all part of planning so that when we do double in size, that everyone and everything is not locked in terminal gridlock. In 1980, Atlanta metro was the population that Charlotte is today. By 2000 they were double that and now are triple that. Who knows if Charlotte has the ability to attract and grow population like that, only time will tell. But it is not that much to invest in a corridor now, even if it would have been preferable to have reserved those corridors 100 years ago. But we have money now, so let's invest it now. It will still be better to invest to plan for that growth. I loved the meeting last week, and all the options look really interesting. I have my personal favorites, but most of those plans seem like they have a lot of merit. I was reminded of just how far LKN is that CATS is showing an hour of travel time, though. It really feels like it may be far reasonable as BRT Express Bus with stations, which they showed as a 40 minute travel time. That said, in the long run, it is probably better to build and protect a corridor to mitigate growth risk in the long run.
  13. CATS has a video that helps explain why commuter lines tend to have lower ridership, and likely a lower opportunity for TOD purely on the pattern of the train operations http://charlottenc.gov/_layouts/15/clientbin/mediaplaceholder.mp4 The light rail options have a vastly better opportunity to diversify and add development to the western areas of town.
  14. dubone

    Elizabeth Projects (7th St, Elizabeth Ave, etc)

    Elizabeth has suffered a great deal from progress, being divided up by Independence, and the oddity that is the bidirectional 7th Street and the confusing disconnect from the Avenue it is named after because of the ever-expanding hospital complex. But that is the very reason it ought to embrace being an urban neighborhood. Townhomes are the epitome of reasonable urban density. Every unit has ground floor access. It isn't some looming tower or some thing with a massive parking deck. They will win a battle and lose a war if they are fighting townhomes now.
  15. dubone

    Elizabeth Projects (7th St, Elizabeth Ave, etc)

    Uptown welcomes towers, bring them inside the loop!