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  1. Charlotte Bike Sharing

    No way are they sub-$100. There are solar panels, and a likely a high mAH lithium battery for the GPS/cellular radio on the lock. Then they wouldn't likely be picking the worst possible components, especially as each part is anti-theft. This indicates that the Limebikes are 40lbs but I have not found any reference to the actual landed cost of the bikes. I'd really guess it would be more like $1000 budget per bike, as they'd be building more to last rather than just be sold and let fall apart. Although it isn't as though B-cycle bikes have lasted, and apparently most bikes in the US are actually made by Battle FSD in China. http://www.greensboro.com/news/schools/green-machines-new-bike-share-program-gets-its-start-at/article_01057cb1-da17-57eb-8fea-d46ce4b4f023.html
  2. Charlotte Bike Sharing

    V Bikes seems to be the lowest number of bikes. Lime and Spin are much less heavy than the Bcycle bikes. But they seem to be steel bikes, so not necessarily light enough for any user to lift onto the bus rack.
  3. Charlotte Bike Sharing

    The main difference between these bikes and personal bikes is that they don't need to be tethered to an object like a pole or bike rack. As a result, there is more risk that they will be left in a more random location. To me, their presence is a welcome sight, because it breeds an awareness for the need for bike storage, so as the users of properties and neighborhoods are now more likely to arrive by bicycle or bike share, a good location is created for those bikes to be stored. The dutch and danish deal with this problem in spades, but to some how limit bike shares because of the clutter is insane considering how our society bends over backwards for ugly parking lots and car storage that swallows up far more land. There does need to be clear instructions for bike share users to not fail in this regard. There also should be an easy way to go in and mark that the previous user has done something incorrect or outside of the ideal to give a feedback loop to those people the next time they use it. For example, when the Lime Bike I walked 3 blocks toward turned out to be locked inside First Presby church, it should have been something I could indicate was bad behavior by that previous user. Or if it were hypothetically locked blocking my driveway or any other problem, it should be easier than a link for me to write an email for support.
  4. First Ward Urban Village and Parks

    Sure hope so. The city has a strange push-pull relationship with Levine, as he is the land holder and has ultimate power in the neighborhood. It is beyond absurd. I have developed such a strong emotion about this slimebag, it's not healthy. But his penalty from the city is that he no longer receives a discount on his property taxes, but now that that has already happened, there is now no new incentives or penalties for him other than just the opportunity cost of not making revenue on the deck.
  5. Charlotte's Light Rail: Lynx Blue Line

    The arms were down a long time at 8th and 9th St during the game. Every did trust the risk and turned around after a while instead of jumping the arms, but it is not a good idea to make that mistake especially during the NFL game because I'm sure it triggered some anger against the train that was unnecessary. Mistakes happen, but it did affect people negatively. It appeared the red lights were still on but the arms up when we came back through after the game. Albeit far less frustrating/ growing pains than what NoDa has dealt with, but it will be a welcome reprieve when it opens.
  6. Charlotte Bike Sharing

    I think until the general public stops actually littering with reckless abandon, a locked bicycle in what the terms and agreements require to be a reasonable public location outside of the flow of pedestrian or vehicle flow cannot be considered littering. Real litter is pervasive and constant. A bike is going to trigger a blogger but it shouldn't.
  7. Charlotte Bike Sharing

    It is awesome to have the competition because it is already vastly more like a business competition than a government type program. I have spoken to leadership of Bcycle about how terrible and hard to ride their bikes are, especially with the extremely heavy baskets that throw you off balance and the near total lack of braking power. The response was "the baskets are necessary for ad space", but I'm thinking they have giant freaking wheels that could get it if they were worried about sponsors. Or better yet, having a lower accident rate, unless that's not what CHS wants ( ) I rode Spin for the first time yesterday and the bike was a 100x better than Bcycle. Light weight basket, solid brakes, gears that change when you need it, and a far better experience for leaving it where I was going. I did have a problem with a Lime bike that was apparently locked inside the building at First Presby, but no clear way to flag the problem so they can sort it out and stop showing the bike as available. That type of hoarding is not ok, so I'm not sure why it's not an easy part of the app to let them know. Overall it was crazy easy to use, and I only had to walk a bit farther due to the screw up of the hoarded bike. Sadly for b-cycle, they won't be able to compete with their terrible bikes and limited destinations, so I will cancel my annual subscription if these new batch of bike-shares work better for me. Between these and Zipcar and the doubling of the Lynx mileage (I also used CATSPass for the first time last night to solve the problem of having to physically get a ticket when sometimes rushing to the train) it is really getting me thinking about going car-free again.
  8. Charlotte Center City Streetcar Network

    It would be great to have, as the park is somewhat divided as it is now, so it would make for a better extension as a greenway style path through the park. Especially since the next street that connects to Brian Creek Greenway is "Greenway Ave"
  9. 3rd Ward Midrise Projects

    Most of us on here agree about the crappy way CCCP did that, but all they had to do was equate 1st with East, 2nd with South, 3rd with West, and 4th with North. The X alignment of Trade and Tryon means the 4th quadrant is true north. Everything exactly as it has been for 2 centuries, but with the cardinals aligned to the wards for visitors. A diamond with 2 main streets in X pattern not + pattern would have made everything so much easier to get. CCCP really did a great job with literally everything except pretending Tryon goes due north/south.
  10. Charlotte Center City Streetcar Network

    Maybe they made some compromises with the low budget of the starter line that now that they now have the means to correct.
  11. Misc. Uptown Projects/News

    This trend has solidified in the 2010s decade. Really crappy places in Epicenter or Hooters will be packed with hotel visitors and great local restaurants look empty, while out in the surrounding center city neighborhoods it's somewhat the opposite. I have made an effort to no longer feel like I'm inconveniencing people to ask they come uptown versus those other neighborhoods.
  12. Misc. Uptown Projects/News

    Rhino opened when I first moved to Charlotte. I joined and it was awesome. I even brought it up in conversation a few weeks ago. It was Stool Pigeons the longest, but then Dillingers, which was pretty low quality. Hopefully the next business is something worth going to.
  13. They reinvested a ton of money in the Aquatic Center. The park has maybe had a lawnmower or two come through, otherwise, not not really a dime has been spent on it in decades.
  14. It's the same theory that was applied to First Ward Park and to Bearden park in Third Ward. The old First Ward Park was basically just a field for homeless but eventually it was replaced and became a very high-quality park in a better location closer into town that is now much more likable and well used. Almost no one even remembers the previous First Ward Park which was at 7th and McDowell. Marshall does have some mature trees, but is otherwise a poorly design park that is only used as a landmark because it is physically near city government, which makes is a gathering place for marches and protests and that it lacks development around it so it still has a good view of the skyline. The area is mostly unusable pond and separated space that is then mostly dominated by the parking lot or street. I get that it seems worth saving to some, but I am firmly in the camp that a reorientation of the park is exactly what is needed for 2nd Ward to work and have connected streets and a park that fits will within the next urban fabric. The old design clearly did not attract much more than geese.
  15. Charlotte's Light Rail: Lynx Blue Line

    Tap in / Tap out distance fares will help make it more reasonable for very short in town rides. The pricing is appropriate for twice a day commuters but I know I often opt for B-cycle over Lynx for 2 mile rides. Especially with the streetcar replacing a free line and not being very fast, 4.40 round trip fare for lunch or an errand will not compete well with other options.