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  1. NCDOT funds in the STIP were diverted. Greenways and a handful of surface road changes were postponed to pay for the another free lane on 77 in North Meck as part of the world of compromises that have resulted from wealthy people not wanting to pay for tolls for a highway they congest. Hopefully once we are through all the compromises and kowtows, we can go back to business as usual, while all the other parts of Charlotte are happy to get their Express Lanes to bypass traffic. Meanwhile, 77 in South Charlotte, was congested when Huntersville was only a village, but still waiting for its expansion. Back to the original question, the Parks Dept would get a funding increase, and then will decide how to prioritize that budget. https://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/local/article235539437.html Most likely, they will review to fund the DE-funded and unfunded projects in their already announced Capital Plans, https://www.mecknc.gov/ParkandRec/CapitalProjects/Pages/Default.aspx But, they may make some political calculations and add some projects in new areas of the county that may have needs based on the [proximity to parks] and other metrics they are using to explain the need for the budget.
  2. But it is 20x wider than the 1' sidewalk around the corner!
  3. Happily deleted the CLT Elevated Roadway (and updated the Lobby Expansion) https://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2019/10/23/photos-another-clt-project-nears-completion-paving.html
  4. Nice, but I wonder why they didn't go ahead and make it wider considering that the city has this slated as the connection between Stonewall/Graham and Cedar in the long term. The whole point of creating those lists is to plan for those with projects built in the short term, as slightly longer bridge now is exponentially cheaper than widening it with operational railroad traffic overhead.
  5. Alta Warp and Weft is now open at 25th and Brevard. https://www.woodpartners.com/wood-partners-announces-grand-opening-alta-warp-weft/ https://www.altawarpandweft.com/
  6. I think buildings can never live up to their renderings given the glowing lighting that is used. I like the building, but given that it got docked to 26 floors, it was always setup to disappoint among all the taller structures surrounding it. I think the design is solid, and surely isn't mockable in its on-the-nose neoclassicism like Legacy Union's BoA Tower, but I think it easily fades to the backdrop. The original taller, angular design would have been far more eye catching and dominant in the area, but we got what we got. Now Duke Energy's new tower going in next door for almost double the height, and when whatever goes in to Legacy Union at Stonewall and Tryon, it is sure to overshadow Ally even more.
  7. Given the massive tax cuts at the federal and state, it would ironic for people to have tax increase exhaustion, but still possible/probable that they will. People tend to be extremely sensitive to local taxes, even though that is the only tax that directly gets reinvested in their local community. State taxes get redistributed across the state, and Charlotte is a donor county. Federal taxes get redistributed across the country, and NC is a donor state. But people don't seem to reflect on any past tax cuts or tax growth avoidance as giving them somehow more capacity for other taxes. People sure as hell do not view the frozen gas tax that didn't grow for 20 years as giving them more room to afford the tolls that are now necessary due to that frozen gas tax. We will see how the public views this particular tax, but it is sure clear that Charlotte needs the investments to support growth to the next level. There is a part of me that would not be surprised in the slightest if online retailers underpay the taxes they collect to the various jurisdictions. There is so much open fraud in the world today, and I barely trust that I'll get a decent product when it arrives, but then I raise my eyebrows when they collect taxes. I sure hope that gets sent to NC and Charlotte and Mecklenburg squarely.
  8. I never quite understood why they didn't do the McDowell route, to connect, especially now that 7th has the cycle track and how close the 10th/12th track is to McDowell. But I suppose adding the bike lanes to the Central Ave bridge and the route east of 277 is fine. But McDowell always seemed a no brainer, and I'm sure people will chose it to connect, even if the other route is built out. Not only is that section of Mcdowell quiet enough to absorb bike lanes, but there is also grassy ROW near 10th and Mcdowell that could be a nice side path.
  9. I wonder if we are finally at the point where Hunter Wrecker will shift away from the Optimist Park site. Seeing the Alta Purl almost finished is gratifying knowing once, they planned an asphalt plant on that block. Industry is important, but as this area is now growing into an urban bedroom community, the industry looks more and more out of place.
  10. They could easily build an actual trail that goes up along the substation and then follow the old tracks to MLK, and would have a view, being higher ground. The fact that I now see people walking through that sidewalk on a regular basis, the city should be ashamed that it has not resolved the problem.
  11. They skillfully cut every pan before showing the world class 2 foot sidewalk on Graham St.
  12. For the general public that tears out faux granite laminate countertops for real granite, I think they will plainly see that this building is pretty much crap next to the real granite Carillon building. Almost all buildings lately are built with a lower finish, so eventually it will just be a sign of the era: treated lumber structure, plastic stucco, and 8 colors in the lighting.
  13. I don't really hold my breath for more than 30 seconds when I'm fighting the hiccups. But I also know that funded construction projects can be completed in 2-3 years because people are being paid to do the work. The 485 to Polk homestead is under construction now, and Polk to SC will start construction next summer. Most of these greenway projects take 1-1.5 years during the construction phase. The real complaint I have is when the "leaders" planning the budget have starved the other greenway projects in the city of funding, and further yet decimated a handful of greenway projects to pay for the absurd shoulder lanes of 77 as part of the political BS stemming from north Meck mad about having to pay tolls. LSCG waited for decades for this funding and now it is the final process of actually completing the work. The rest of the system may wait forever if they keep canceling funding for interstate system.
  14. Is that the pit for the new Ballantyne Apartments? Cool.
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