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  1. https://charlottenc.gov/StormWater/Projects/Pages/KenilworthRomany.aspx That is the outflow of this stormwater project, mainly at the hospital. I wish they had planned an accommodation for greenway on both sides in this section, but i suppose that isn't a project anywhere on the books, just a hope.
  2. In the video, the greenway will go under Park. there is no way they would do otherwise. As for the bridge paralleling Brandywine behind Michaels, if there is concern that has been dropped, reach out to the project contact to find out. the sidewalk on Brandywine is very tight, so hopefully they kept that bridge in the plan. Joe Frey, PESenior Engineering Project Managerjfrey at charlottenc.gov
  3. Ours ought to be free. It replaces the Gold Rush which was free and was the most ridden line in the system. It is a circulator to get cars to stop and park soon and hop on. Plus, when walking across town, hop on hop off can be very spontaneous based on whether it happens to be there. But not if it costs $2 to go a mile. Plus, now they need to compete with scooters and bike share. I wish they'd just open all transit to fare free, with only charge being parking. The cost of 1 lane of new freeway delayed a few years would cover that easily.
  4. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Register_of_Historic_Places_listings_in_Mecklenburg_County,_North_Carolina Here are the remaining National Historic Registered buildings in Mecklenburg. (102 listings, 21 are districts/farms/mills/cemeteries, and 5 are already gone. ) All of the other commercial towers (Hotel Charlotte and Independence Building) are already leveled. Hall House was already renovated in the 1980s, so it was substantially updated for codes and is in surprisingly good shape despite being public housing for almost half its use. Tearing down a historic registered tower in reusable shape for low rise stick built apartments is unconscionable. The 2 acre site was supposed to be a renovated 14 story hotel, 14 story residential tower, a larger footprint for the office tower. To swap that for a 6 story matchstick building with 1/4 public housing is exactly what this site does not need. Somewhat lost in this discussion is the fact that North Tryon from 7th to 12th is decaying and dying. Empty restaurant spaces, stalled developments and street life that is almost entirely homeless. The purpose of the investment of 7th @ Tryon project was to infuse the area with new life and balance the decay and blight that is forming in the area. The obsession with the Charlotte Housing Authority to keep this land for its affordable housing at the expense of a much larger redevelopment and the destruction of yet another historic structure will contribute to further decline in North Tryon. If they think 4th Ward and 1st Ward do not already have substantial affordable housing means they haven't done the analysis.
  5. Plus the car traffic is at the mercy of the lights, so if the city controls the lights based on the movements of the streetcar, then it could pretty much be moot other than idiots blocking the tracks picking up CPCC students or parking wrong.
  6. https://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/business/biz-columns-blogs/development/article244194707.html Seems some info released, but it does look bleak about the powers that be blessing the destruction of the historic building.
  7. This concept is absurd, it would be tens of millions of dollars to make a tens of thousands off hypothetical fare dodgers. The current system accepts a percentage of scofflaws that are presumed to eventually be offset by fines. Meanwhile the marginal cost of these riders are probably a few extra cents of electricity to move their weight. Fare revenue is already a fraction of the costs of running the system. It is a naïve review of the topic to want to build a fortress system like the NY Subway which still, despite it all, has fare dodgers.
  8. If it had, we'd have almost not change in uptown population with all those empty russian money laundering units.
  9. I love the black trim. It was looking a bit too churchy with all those white crosses. Very classy addition. I'm actually glad they stayed in the old property and continued its use.
  10. If Gateway is a snoozefest, imagine how bad this will be, with lower construction quality but similar density. Meanwhile the highrises a block away around Bearden are ultra hot commodities that plenty of people are flocking to. That's true, when it gets hot, at least Northwood Ravin built a disposable building so we can get something good on this block when someone tears it down.
  11. The Queen's park idea is a fun exercise to consider, but we barely have funds for greenways on land already owned by the public, let alone trying to deal with railroads unwilling to change to build a park. The UNCC idea is a great concept and would be far more economically viable with air rights over the yards and development funds rather than public funds for a large park. Realistically, though, the railroads will not be budging. They didn't build their transfer yard at the airport like we once thought, only the intermodal element to trucks and airfreight. The railroads scuttled the Mainline Separation project which was spending a quarter Billion dollars for their own benefit. The railroad scuttled the Red Line which is simply running trains on tracks that are barely used. The railroad has sat on highly developable land at 3rd and Brevard simply because they can. I think in the long run, air rights might be an excellent value for the railroad, but I only in the distant future when their value is quite high and the Northend and Optimist neighborhoods are fully developed and land is worth considerably high amounts. The railroad will simply not accept the disruption for anything less than a fortune.
  12. In the long run, I hope Trade is simply signed for "local and transit transit only" but I agree they could have planned dedicated lanes for much of the route. However, we can't forget Gold Rush was the most traveled route in the city when it operated. Mostly due to its fare-free status for hop-on-hop-off usage. I wish the city recognizes the benefits of having the ridership and made it a fare-free circulator.
  13. What a pathetically short project. The city is making big idea plans for the Gateway Station development, but then Northwood Ravin only builds some stick built suburban apartments and a midrise that looks ridiculously short next to their own 50 story Vue and all the other highrises a few blocks away. Knowing they believed the Stonewall & Davidson location to be more worthy of proper investment with a 22 story tower, but in the heart of the city, near Gateway, Bearden, and a few blocks from Trade and Tryon only gets this silly little thing. After tearing down a 6 story historic concrete and steel building built with higher quality and better materials than their home depot sticks, they could have at least tacked on some height. Northwood Ravin should be ashamed of this low scale, low quality mess, while the city and state try to build something great with Spectrum across the street. They undervalued the heart of the city. At least the Spectrum development will get to have nice views over top of this forgettable project.
  14. They have other ways of counting riders. I would prefer they make transit fare-free, and only charge for parking. The scofflaws will eventually be caught. Checking tickets should be a regular enough process that people get used to imagining they'll be checked. But really, during the COVID crisis, it's just not a priority because the trains aren't full.
  15. That vacant lot will be the pocket park entrance to this section of the greenway. It will be exciting to have this section finished and be able to from Cordelia to 485.
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