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  1. Great building and great photos. Such a solid result on a pretty low-expectations plot of land. The low expectations set by the Renaissance Place a long time ago. Now, just to hope that FNB only hires skinny people since they have to walk the 1' sidewalk here!
  2. "to honor the architecture on the block, we have decided to cover all ornate architectural features on the building with a bank billboard." maybe
  3. I believe I saw info when the contracts were signed for Phase I that they aren't building the platform roof in this phase, just foundations for it. That means there is a chance it gets cut later, but they are doing prep work for it as it is the plan.
  4. We were speaking of different spots, I see. The green land in this screenshot is one this is owned by Meck. That is the land that shown on the dev map as being greenway / park.
  5. Done x3. I left the land assemblage of what would have been that park. It is still owned by the public (Meck County) so it would seem odd that they don't make it a park, but we shall see.
  6. I really have not been thrilled to see how Lewis manages this. His opposition to electric buses, and his slowness to solve the fundamental problems with the rail system funding are disappointing to say the least. Hope the Silver line engineering gives them the details they need to really get together a proper funding plan.
  7. I hope the replica trollies can now do something like the Lakewood Trolley concept. Those replica streetcars have been really awesome pilot programs to kickstart a new line. I love the tram / modern streetcars! So excited to see them on Trade St.
  8. So many delays for this project, so I'm ecstatic to see progress. The Public and additional jobs will be significant for North Tryon and First and Fourth Wards. Ellis population and this will both be very welcome for the area. While I'm more to Teet because it was the first uptown grocer, a lot has changed since 2003. We need a full size grocer beyond the Whole Foods, although the pandemic has gotten me very used to just ordering groceries delivery, the Publix will be a major catalyst to those living in this part of uptown, and to support the new growth coming to NorthEnd.
  9. I'm sure there are lawsuits, and presumably that should be the construction company on the hook and not Levine's fault per se, but the fact that he has not been able to resolve it is quite serious and a major negative for the progress in this district.
  10. Well, he also sold to UNCC, and he also managed to trick the city and county to swap land for him and offer a sweetheart deal to rebuild streets and a park in the middle of his land. So instead of having a park on 2 blocks the county owned that was grass and trees, they swapped with him so it would be in the preferred location between UNCC and Imaginon and next to Lynx, then we got the park, luckily, but then the 2 blocks of grass and trees he got for development along the new park and with all that momentum: surface parking lots. His worst is now his modern art at 11th and Brevard, a permanent sculpture of his ineptitude. He failed at building a massive parking deck where a massive parking deck wasn't even needed.
  11. It is really at this point his most obvious move to slowly parcel out pieces bit by bit as the market bears them. I'm glad that at least he did sell to Lennar so we now have a tower and a population coming soon. But clearly from his mess at 11th Street, his company cannot manage even the most basic of projects with a massive showstopping f up, so we can only hope he realizes this and will continue to let go of the land for others to execute on.
  12. I'm excited they will finally open the *existing* gate that is welded shut from Irwin Creek Greenway to the cemetery and eventually a connection on to the western edge of Music Factory. This loop looks great and will help focus improvements in ped/bike features in Gateway, Greenville, Oaklawn, and Biddleville. I do wish they added a ped bridge connection on 9th street to help make the connection to 4th ward since so many cross the railroad tracks there anyway, but maybe something like this will help spur a ped connection when the Gateway Station district plan comes together, as they also plan a trail along the length of the railroad on that plan.
  13. This is awesome! Last time I read up on it, Lewis was saying all these things against BEV buses that were clearly not true compared Proterra's vehicle rages and the business model of paying for the battery over time to equate it with diesel costs. I was frustrated reading CATS' negative comments about electric buses, but then thought there was hope when CLT Airport started buying Proterra buses. https://ngtnews.com/charlotte-airport-purchases-electric-buses-for-ground-transportation But with Arrival Bus coming here, this would be the presumed winner of such a major announcement. Proterra isn't far, their factory is in Greenville SC and as seen in the article about CLT Airport, has gone through the legal procurement process in Georgia, which makes it easier to go thru the bureaucratic process in other localities. Arrivals is quite new and interesting, and could be a strong indicator of being a contender since it appears Arrivals' process of building microfactories for a specific metro means it is targeted to a specific contract,. The fact they are building one in Rock Hill and opening their corporate office in Southend, it would seem this selection is either a done deal or at least a strong possibility. https://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2020/10/19/arrival-corporate-office-charlotte.html I really like the way Arrival uses new lighter materials, trying to re-create the whole concept of what a bus should be, in addition to the electrification process. I hope that helps make the buses a vastly better experience for both users and for the community near where buses go. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rr56Spb1Fjk Now You Know on Youtube did a segment on Arrival Buses in January. Worth a look. Duke used to push for battery shuttles, and the original Gold Rush, the Uptown Circulator was a battery shuttle before switching to the gimmicky trolley buses. Now that battery tech has progressed as far as it has, and the desperate need for us to get off of diesel and fossil fuels any way possible, this is a major announcement that I hope gets to be reality ASAP, both in Charlotte and nationally/globally.
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