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  1. Somewhat of a low view of what a miracle is, but any time there is a cluster of development it is exciting I have felt that way about the Bearden Park district in 3rd Ward. I will reserve the term "miracle" for when Levine's land is developed.
  2. https://carolinatheatreclt.org/2018/02/23/help-purchase-a-candy-case/ If help is needed finding the actual donation section.
  3. They should. People are often scofflaws about rules like these, especial when they are already renters. But the powers that be should be enforcing their rules and fining if need be. There are enough problems in dense shared spaces to need to deal with added complexities of complete strangers renting for 2 days. When I rent out my condo in Florida, they have rules for a minimum of 3 months and they do a background check on each renter. It is a pain as a landlord, but it is the rule and helps everyone trust that others are doing the same. Apartment towers like Skyhouse already seem to constantly lose tenants due to the behavior of their neighbors (everyone I know who has lived there never renewed), so that likely is even worse for short term airbnb renters. I do think the rules should be written in a way where it should simply be a fee or commission, but if they have the rule, they ought to enforce it.
  4. It really would been a very well loved building back then. I'm sure, though, once that pyramid is all lit up and it sits in the cluster of other towers in the area, we'll just grow used to it anyway.
  5. It is an industrial plant for Charlotte Pipe and Foundry. Pipes and jobs are more important to society than sportsball, and obviously the city seems to have done very well with the 3rd Ward location of the ballpark, spurring density that is easily the highest in the city. Then at some point when they opt to leave for a new stadium or if MLB comes, then that land owned by the public and has been reserved for the ~2040s for development will very valuable. Obviously it is ugly, though, and does create some emissions. The Refinery Building is looking good there. I hope Freemore can build out to be more of a destination than it has seemed. To me the potential has always been there, but there isn't much thre yet which spurs me to actually go to the area much.
  6. In the 1980s, Legacy Union was the dominating force in the Charlotte skyline! It was 150 feet taller than Hugh McColl's NCNB building, and even Ed Crutchfield's jukebox didn't rise to top it. (RDF21, do your magic!)
  7. Well. the Gold line is being built. Why does everyone want to put these lines redundant to that? None of it will be fare free after this phase is done. Well, not unless they need to beg people to ride it because a competing line is a block away. We'll see what the studies come up with, but i sure ope they don't opt for cannibalistic redundancy. This will hopefully yield a good result. We are in a sea change for transit. Hopefully it turns out to be good for the public and good urban planning.
  8. First Ward Urban Village and Parks

    He has incentives that surely he has missed milestones for with the city. If that hasn't spurred him a long, dinner won't. But really 2021 isn't even far. I first heard Daniel Levine present big plans for his project in 2001. I was young then and believed it.
  9. Charlotte's Light Rail: Lynx Blue Line

    Take an uberlyft . The LRT has a huge user base of people going from major hot spots uptown out farther. It has never been a fast choice for SouthEnd to Optimist Park. The density of the UMUD zoning and the current state has always justified the stops uptown. Any one of the parking lots can potentially be a tower of any height and density. That is not true outside of uptown. I don't know the current numbers anymore but it is roughly 80-100K that commute in for offices, 50-75K for Panthers, 10-20K for arena events. 5-7K hotel rooms. 15-20K residents. But they don't build rail transit for today only. The growth potential is far higher uptown because of that zoning designed to keep uptown density high, where as what we are seeing in Elizabeth is that the neighborhoods fight density as much as possible. The bigger issue uptown is all the surface crossings and potential for pedestrian other safety issues. That limits the speed on the train, not necessarily that they stop, by the way, almost as close together as stations in SouthEnd. And yes 3rd and CTC are the close together, but maybe you're forgetting what buildings are there: https://www.google.com/maps/@35.2260845,-80.8380862,528a,35y,270h,39.25t/data=!3m1!1e3
  10. Tunnels OUGHT to be cheaper and hopefully the Boring Company can build that up and we can have lower cost tunneling in the 2020s. However, it is very easy to just dedicate a median to transit like was done on North Tryon. We even still have miles of green median that was once transitway for the historic streetcars. There is no reason that if are rebuilding a street that we don't just plan for some transit right of way if it is in the long range plan. We are about to rebuild Statesville Ave, so why not plan that for the red line. Rebuild Trade and BF and Central with a median and then you have a transit right of way when you need it. Why act like we have the density for a metro subway when we don't. (Muni in SF is a subway light rail and I'm sure there are others).
  11. First Ward Urban Village and Parks

    I like this design but I have become completely jaded about these. I don't care until it is done at this point. It is good density for what is kind of the edge of the neighborhood with of course not much around it because: Levine.
  12. I'd far prefer a link around uptown for the silver and airport (which I hope is just a part of the silver line). A tunnel directly under the streetcar? Redundancy to the max. A route like one of the ones they have drawn on their plans either around uptown to the north or south would add new service areas to the system, be far less expensive and not cannibalize another transit line. The streetcar can circulate to points in the heart of downtown, while the light rail loops around to either the northern or southern edges of uptown. Looping along CSX to NS would still get to the Gateway Station, but add transit to NC Music Factory, Belmont, Lockwood, and First and Fourth Wards. Looping around a new corridor to the south adds in Midtown and northern Dilworth that is already rapidly densifying and could support the transit.
  13. Charlotte-Douglas Airport (CLT) Expansion

    I see now that nuance I missed earlier. Thanks.
  14. Charlotte-Douglas Airport (CLT) Expansion

    http://www.cltairport.com/News/Pages/CLTToTemporarilyCloseRunway523ForTaxiwayReconstruction.aspx Interesting that the diagonal runway is getting reconstruction but will close with the next 5 years with the 4th parallel runway. Maybe that pavement will be needed anyway in the long run for taxiway, etc.
  15. Charlotte's Light Rail: Lynx Blue Line

    Hopefully that is true, as it could help justify building that last bit to 485. However, just like Pineville's portion of the south corridor, once it is omitted, it is very hard to imagine them adding it until a future generation considers it. I also think the original Tryon @ 485 is not somewhat less ideal to carrying east to 485 @ UC Blvd, which would capture some additional student riders from all the apartments at UC Blvd, as well as connect in with with the NCRR corridor which is the defacto commuter rail north east. There seems to be an obvious corridor to the east and they can deal with right of way from the UNC System and the NCRR which are both publicly owned. It would only be 1.33 miles to 485 at UC Blvd. It is the same distance to 485 @ Tryon, but most of the dense student apartments are already there at UC Blvd. They may even be able to put the "485" station at the UC Blvd / Mallard Creek Church / NCRR area just a mile east of the current terminus. That would capture a lot of the current student apartment district, 485 commuters, 49 commuters (with 29 commuters parking at JW Clay), and a possible connection to the Piedmont train for the Kannapolis / Raleigh connection.