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  1. Updated Camden Noda details to the existing entry. https://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2020/02/11/noda-apartment-project-with-coworking-space-to.html Deleted Collective Noda, https://collectivenoda.com/ now open
  2. I notice the North Tryon street work was deleted, but the construction is still going on. I think we can keep Camp North End as long as there are active improvements. I've seen recent construction on the Graham side, so I think until their capital expenditures are done, might as well keep the detail on the map.
  3. dubone

    The Vue

    Same as how the Historic District commission will likely approve whatever tower gets planned at Smith St. If it is in the zoning to be 50 stories, the commission can't stop them from build 50 stories, just a review of their designs for that 50 story tower. The HDC approved demolition on the buildings at Smith and 277, in prep for a tower. In the Vue's case, nothing was on that site, so they just got a review of their new designs.
  4. https://charlottenc.gov/cats/transit-planning/gold-line/Pages/project-updates.aspx The city lists the bridge as due April 2020. A year late, but by now, the end is in sight.
  5. I would think that as long as they don't build something that blocks the extension in the long run, that it can eventually be extended based on need. I understand the feeling that perhaps if it were just gone ahead and built then the option for the long hauls might present themselves, but also follow the reasoning with no plans in the works to need that extension, to focus the finances on what is needed. With environmental and sound permitting, it would be nice if it could be done all together for sure if it were ever happening.
  6. Luckily Lake Norman just got their express lanes and another lane in the shoulder is being planned, so the BRT Phase I approach should be a great option for this decade and perhaps there will be a different structure possible for the train corridor after 2029. There was another option if they had been able to jump on it in time, Statesville Road is being widened, and they could have coordinated and preserved median space like on Tryon. But with the BRT on 77 option being pursued this decade, the rail options will need to be deprioritized until LKN locations densify and the corridors can be identified. It's often forgotten that within Charlotte city limits is a much higher population density that supports transit throughout the day. LKN was always the tiniest of ridership projections due to only being setup as a commuter option, which BRT on Express Lanes can resolve at a much lower cost and potentially higher benefit with better feeder locations. The population density along Independence and Central corridors are already extant, the need to redevelop Independence from strip mall land use give those corridor much better ridership projections than Red Line. There is already population toward Ballantyne, but also there is massive commercial/job growth planned there and (relatively) short extension distance. Then the west side has the rapidly growing airport, and planning massive commercial development in Airport North and River districts. It is all well and good that LKN has a lot of political clout, but the technical merits have always been weak. The original model projections had 5000 LKN daily riders compared to 25000 for Central streetcar and I think 28000 for Independence LRT. FTA even gave the Red Line a non-viable rating when they went up for stimulus funding. They don't put those numbers front and center anymore, so I do not see the current comparison, but really, I'm happy with focusing on more viable and high ridership lines that are a better value for the core city where the population, especially lower income population is.
  7. Done. Thanks for the call out.
  8. NCDOT funds in the STIP were diverted. Greenways and a handful of surface road changes were postponed to pay for the another free lane on 77 in North Meck as part of the world of compromises that have resulted from wealthy people not wanting to pay for tolls for a highway they congest. Hopefully once we are through all the compromises and kowtows, we can go back to business as usual, while all the other parts of Charlotte are happy to get their Express Lanes to bypass traffic. Meanwhile, 77 in South Charlotte, was congested when Huntersville was only a village, but still waiting for its expansion. Back to the original question, the Parks Dept would get a funding increase, and then will decide how to prioritize that budget. https://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/local/article235539437.html Most likely, they will review to fund the DE-funded and unfunded projects in their already announced Capital Plans, https://www.mecknc.gov/ParkandRec/CapitalProjects/Pages/Default.aspx But, they may make some political calculations and add some projects in new areas of the county that may have needs based on the [proximity to parks] and other metrics they are using to explain the need for the budget.
  9. But it is 20x wider than the 1' sidewalk around the corner!
  10. Happily deleted the CLT Elevated Roadway (and updated the Lobby Expansion) https://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2019/10/23/photos-another-clt-project-nears-completion-paving.html
  11. Nice, but I wonder why they didn't go ahead and make it wider considering that the city has this slated as the connection between Stonewall/Graham and Cedar in the long term. The whole point of creating those lists is to plan for those with projects built in the short term, as slightly longer bridge now is exponentially cheaper than widening it with operational railroad traffic overhead.
  12. Alta Warp and Weft is now open at 25th and Brevard. https://www.woodpartners.com/wood-partners-announces-grand-opening-alta-warp-weft/ https://www.altawarpandweft.com/
  13. I think buildings can never live up to their renderings given the glowing lighting that is used. I like the building, but given that it got docked to 26 floors, it was always setup to disappoint among all the taller structures surrounding it. I think the design is solid, and surely isn't mockable in its on-the-nose neoclassicism like Legacy Union's BoA Tower, but I think it easily fades to the backdrop. The original taller, angular design would have been far more eye catching and dominant in the area, but we got what we got. Now Duke Energy's new tower going in next door for almost double the height, and when whatever goes in to Legacy Union at Stonewall and Tryon, it is sure to overshadow Ally even more.
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