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  1. omg i didnt realize that it was that bad. It didn't hit nearly as hard up here in DC.
  2. Well once they build that line out to dulles things will start to ease up on the roads in that area.
  3. is the purple line gonna be coming out to dulles? that would be smart. Actually very smart. Dulles is always mobbed and theres no meytro out to there. That would ease a little of the traffic around here i would think.
  4. No ive never heard of it before. Where is it gonna be built?
  5. They need more stops i think. This place is just booming in growth. They arent building anything quick enough around here I think.
  6. I think they should extend the lines into the woodbridge area, where i live. Also into western areas like manassas and gainsville. This would help with all the commuters from the woodbridge area all the way down to fredricksburg and as far west as chalettsville. I think i spelled that right.
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