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  1. funny you should ask that rbdetsport, I was just at the griswold website being bored and found this
  2. The Cass improvements north of 94 was done by the New Center Council which is part of their master plan I was talking about central midtown area like south Warren (realistically north of like Alexandrine). Cass looks pretty good around WSU, but the new residential corridor needs some work, which I suppose would be the "jurisdiction" of the UCCA as opposd to NCC
  3. michi, glad to hear about the other Woodward phase....I was wondering why that was never done. Do u know the timeline for that project? I personally think they should put those lamp sign flags up most of the way down Woodward. They are there it a couple places, but it would cool to ahve "brush park" lamp signs and "cultural center" or "orchestra place" (which I think exist there actually) and "wayne state" etc etc I also hope UCCA develops a streetscape improvement plan for Cass and or 2nd...at least some pedestrian lighting. The difference in the neighborhood's appearance between night
  4. Crytsal Lofts on realestate.yahoo.com listing says aug 29,2006
  5. a couple other major announcements TechTown unviels a $1.3billion plan that includes other major property owners in the 43-acre, 12 square block area (Henry Ford, GM) (no renderings yet) http://www.crainsdetroit.com/apps/pbcs.dll...c&Profile=0 SPECS OF THE PLAN http://www.crainsdetroit.com/apps/pbcs.dll...12150344/-1/toc Stakeholders in the TechTown project envision development that would include: - 616,500 square feet of office space. - 115,300 square feet of retail. - 951,100 square feet of laboratory space, including 140,000 square feet in the current Tech One tech-incub
  6. Palmer woods and Boston-Edison/Arden Park hoods are must sees...take woodward north. You'll hit Boston-Edison first right before Highland Park. Take Chicago west (left) just past Voigt Park and Holbrook st. This will bring you to Boston-Edison lots of rich doctors/jewish people lived here because its proximity to the medical centers. The most affluent and intact sub is Palmer Woods (or indian village but uve seen that) To get there take Woodward even farther north and it is between 7 and 8 before the fair grounds and the across from new walkable mall thing being built there http://w
  7. wow that threw me off...I had no idea Lafayette park was planning that rennovation. What is the timetable for this project/its status?
  8. I hope whenever the rennovate it there are at least some condos so I can live there how sweet would it be to walk out your front door and see this
  9. Capitol Park has SOO much potential...its sad reallly. Hopefully things will change w/ transit terminal and BC/Lafayette. That yellow cell phone add on 1001 was gone last night when I went to the tigers game...anyone know what happened?
  10. god I cant wait for that building to get some use...it's absolutely beautiful
  11. just wait till a new modernist glass building is built there...no historic Hudsons, but a def contribution to the neighborhood
  12. Is there anymore info on the planned changes to Michigan Ave, Allan? would they create a grassy median? I read a study about light rail (maybe it was the AA-Detroit study?, i dont remember) that described a trolley system up woodward, etc as the most economical way to compliment more meaningful/existing transit (like commuter rail,amtrak, PM) because we already have the infastructure and its cheapest. However, they recomended creating a grassy median before installing the trolleys, it was an interesting concept, I would look something like this I assume (with a bigger and more useful car)
  13. look at all the surface lots on the east side (northeast) of downtown...even in the hayday
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