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  1. grcitydog

    GVSU Downtown Development

    Once those beams that are laying on the ground start going up, then this project will really start to move!! Thanks for the photo, I almost forgot about this this project, since there really is so much going on across the river and on the hill!!
  2. grcitydog

    Former JA Building Renovation

    Thank you! I didn't realize the Press was so close to that corner too!
  3. grcitydog

    Former JA Building Renovation

    Nice photo- it's one I've never seen before of that corner. I can't place that large building east of the Hearld however. Does anyone know what that was?
  4. grcitydog


    Call me a conspiracy theorist, but it almost seems like the corporate management is setting up certain stores to fail, so that in a few years when they close them, they can say that nobody liked them anyways. It would not take that much money to reinvigorate these older stores, install new lighting, signage, presentation, etc. This would draw people back into them, with the exception of those who are truly afraid of diversity. I am sure that many people who currently live closer to the Kalamazoo/28th and Alpine stores who drive to the nicer ones farther away would come back if these stores were just a little cleaner, better organized and look like a store in 2006 instead of 1970.
  5. grcitydog

    Transit Updates for Greater Grand Rapids

    No, no, no!! Not a BRT system or "enhanced bus" system of any kind. The Rapid busses have their necessary place, but Grand Rapids will need a Light Rail System. Maybe right now the density won't support it, but now is the time to build it BEFORE the density makes it too expensive. A BRT system just will not have the psychological effect of a true light rail system. The fact that there are rail lines and rail stations which are immovable cause compact development around them. Any system using the existing roadways is not seen a permanent and people won't build near them necessarily because the line can always be moved around to another area. I think that if GR moves forward with a BRT system instead of true light rail, in a couple of decades we will be revisiting it again and putting in a light rail system anyways at the cost of millions or billions more.
  6. grcitydog

    McKay Tower Renovations

    I always wondered about that top- it looks like they started to build something and then quit. I like it though; it makes the building unique.
  7. grcitydog

    New Grand Rapids Art Museum

    I think what they are really building is the GRRM, the Grand Rapids Rebar Museum .
  8. grcitydog

    New Grand Rapids Art Museum

    I noticed the crane was pointed in a different direction today than it was yesterday, so they're either building something or just moving the crane around.
  9. grcitydog

    The Watering Hole

    Yes, things are changing . The weather may have something to do with it, but I like to walk downtown on Sunday afternoons because I usually have to place to myself; but I have noticed that the place just keeps getting busier! I kind of ticks me off, because I miss my solitude, but I'm not really complaining.
  10. grcitydog

    Grand Rapids Then and Now

    I have to say that I like the look of the new facade better; it is more modern looking and the dark brick gave it an old feeling. Besides, it wasn't structurally correct and leaked, which is why it was replaced.
  11. grcitydog

    John Ball Zoo

    I like the compactness of the zoo in its location, too bad it couldn't expand over I-196, but that's ok. I think that the fact that it can't expand forces the designers to become more creative with the land and facilities that they do have. If the zoo had been out of the city more, we would have really lost something special and unique.
  12. grcitydog

    Grand Rapids Restaurant Rumor Mill

    Yes, what is now the 44th Street Bistro used to be a Findley's, but that was a while ago.