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  1. Any heard any updates on Catalyst's refinancing? The 60 day extension is up in 30 days, but I believe they'll use their second 60 day extension.
  2. Anyone heard any updates on the refinancing of Catalyst? I think they have until the end of February to announce another (and last) 2 month extension. I'm wondering if Wachovia will decide not to let them refinance and force Novare to stay with the condo idea, but slash prices like some of the articles provided above, to sell the building.
  3. PwC Keith

    The Vue

    I was wondering if anyone knew what the current sales figures are for the Vue (i.e. % of units sold). Just curious if they are going to have situation similar to the Catalyst once they are completed.
  4. I too was under the impression that all of their projects were financed internally, but I do know they have this loan with Wachovia for some reason. As for the earnest money I think they fully intend to refund it, but don't want to do that until a final decision is made. I was just making the point they aren't taking their time just to earn $30 of interest on each deposit.
  5. If they are holding onto people's money to earn interest, then I am very concerned about the chances of actually getting it back. I put down $7k and at most they may be earning 5% (which would earn them $30/month) or $2100 a month on the 70 contracts that have been signed. From my discussions with Catalyst people, the real holdup is Wachovia (their primary lender) who is dragging their feet on approving Novare's request to change the project to rentals. Novare wants to move forward as fast as possible, but with all the uncertainty within and surrounding Wachovia they aren't really too focu
  6. I was in the sales center about a week or two ago and they were at 72 units sold (which has been the number for about the past month). As one of the 72 buyers, I very interested to know what they plan to do with the project as well as the park and baseball stadium.
  7. I'm a happy buyer into the Catalyst and hope that the project continues to progress as planned. Nonetheless, I apologize if this has been stated, but are there any 'confirmed' business tenants (i.e. restaurants, bars, etc.). Theres been lots of talk about wants, but I'm curious to know what is known. As always thanks for the info. I love the thread.
  8. Thats not good since two weeks ago the number was at 62. I'm not sure what would cause the sales to spike at this point.
  9. Anyone heard an update of how many units have been sold? I'm wondering how sales were impacted by the Wachovia layoffs and uncertainty.
  10. I actually am one of the 12% so far and in talking to the sales reps they are actually ahead of their target at this point. I was actually surprised myself when they said that, but I guess June/July are typically the slowest months for real estate. The only number I am focused on at the moment is 150 by a certain date (I believe March 1), because according to my contract that is the number of units they must sell to lock in the project as condos versus changing to another plan (i.e. apartments). If they sell less than 150 by March 1 they have the option to return my deposit and take the buildi
  11. Thanks for the response. My opinion changes daily. I actually called the company and talked to their representative fully aware that he is a salesman and while the cost does seem a bit high, he explained where the costs were driven from and most of them relate to electronics being installed (excluding the speakers themselves) that are being installed to run the speakers. I know for sure that I too am going to buy the wiring in the bedroom and bathroom, because I think it will be impossible to get it done properly otherwise and I change my mind daily (if not hourly) on getting the rest of the s
  12. Congrats to everyone who has bought into Catalyst already. I too recently bought a 1 BR unit and am really excited. There aren't a whole lot of choices for upgrade options, but one of them relates to the sound system in the unit. The provider is DirecPath and while their product looks good the price seems a bit high. Has anyone has a chance to check prices elsewhere or is their cost reasonable? Summary of one package I was looking at: $5280 - includes 5 in-wall Jamo speakers for surround sound in living room, 2 speakers in the bedroom, and 1 speaker in the bathroom and an IPOD dockin
  13. If the sales center opens June 21st how long will it be until they start taking sales? The Sales Center was open for a few months before they did the lottery for sales. I would think they'd want to show off some of the options before starting to take deposits, but thats just my thoughts.
  14. Nice pictures Grodney. I noticed that the foundation for the balconies on the lower levels seem larger than the higher levels. Is this intentional or will they make adjustments later. At the avenue all the units seem to the have the same balcony size regardless of floor.
  15. I noticed when I was walking Uptown on Saturday that the Catalyst sales office has been wallpapered up, which I assume to mean that they are preparing the model. Anyone have any idea when they might finish the sales office?
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