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  1. The_sandlapper

    Columbiana Centre

    I've heard of Buckle and have been in a few. It's basically for the 15-24 year old with plenty of overpriced namebrand crap that you can find pretty much anyplace else. As you can see I have been quite impressed with them. There is a store in Huntington, WV, Lexington, KY, or Myrtle, hell I can't remember I went into once or twice and that was pretty much it.
  2. The_sandlapper

    Economic Development in South Carolina

    Damn, That's great Krazee! I hopr Oburg gets it!
  3. The_sandlapper

    Columbia in the media

    That's pretty cool. Great exposure for the area if anything
  4. The_sandlapper

    Columbia Off-Topic

    Gotta say that's pretty cool! Good to see Columbia getting that type of national exposure.
  5. The_sandlapper

    Economic Development in South Carolina

    I know back in 2004 mayor Coble discussed bringing hydrogen feuling stations to the midlands in hopes of creating an eastcoast a "hydrogen highway" stretching from New York to Miami. Hydrogen highway
  6. The_sandlapper

    Columbia Off-Topic

    I agree Columbia need's a trader joe's! I believe they are putting one in charlotte. I usually have to go to cincy to get my fix.
  7. The_sandlapper

    Columbia Off-Topic

    That's though but I'd have to say if I could choose only one it would be NYC or at Westchester Co. NY.
  8. The_sandlapper

    Columbia Off-Topic

    That's pretty cool! Always good to see my hometown getting a little primetime love!
  9. The_sandlapper

    Columbia Off-Topic

    I saw this in the paper today and thought it was pretty cool. It seems USC is initiating a health conscience attitude! I think it's great and plays right along into the progressive community that Columbia and USC is striving for! I just hope the city seriously considers the smoking ban as well. USC health conscience environment
  10. The_sandlapper

    Columbia Area Developments

    Huh, looks very retro.
  11. The_sandlapper

    Columbia Area Developments

    That's a pretty cool rendering. Kinda has a S. Florida look to it with the Royal Palm trees. Glad to see the area embracing the Palmetto theme!
  12. The_sandlapper

    Columbia Area Developments

    No doubt!
  13. The_sandlapper

    Columbia Area Developments

    This is like bazzarro world or something? Greenville getting the Democratic convention, and Columbia getting the Republican convention go fig ????
  14. The_sandlapper


    Yeah I'm in agreement with matt there I doubt many of those posters are actually residents of Columbia. I'm sure it's the same batch of people posting negative crap just to try to get a rise out of people. I don't even give them the satisfaction of addressing those nimrods!
  15. The_sandlapper


    More great news I see!