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  1. I've heard of Buckle and have been in a few. It's basically for the 15-24 year old with plenty of overpriced namebrand crap that you can find pretty much anyplace else. As you can see I have been quite impressed with them. There is a store in Huntington, WV, Lexington, KY, or Myrtle, hell I can't remember I went into once or twice and that was pretty much it.
  2. Damn, That's great Krazee! I hopr Oburg gets it!
  3. Gotta say that's pretty cool! Good to see Columbia getting that type of national exposure.
  4. I know back in 2004 mayor Coble discussed bringing hydrogen feuling stations to the midlands in hopes of creating an eastcoast a "hydrogen highway" stretching from New York to Miami. Hydrogen highway
  5. I agree Columbia need's a trader joe's! I believe they are putting one in charlotte. I usually have to go to cincy to get my fix.
  6. That's though but I'd have to say if I could choose only one it would be NYC or at Westchester Co. NY.
  7. That's pretty cool! Always good to see my hometown getting a little primetime love!
  8. I saw this in the paper today and thought it was pretty cool. It seems USC is initiating a health conscience attitude! I think it's great and plays right along into the progressive community that Columbia and USC is striving for! I just hope the city seriously considers the smoking ban as well. USC health conscience environment
  9. That's a pretty cool rendering. Kinda has a S. Florida look to it with the Royal Palm trees. Glad to see the area embracing the Palmetto theme!
  10. This is like bazzarro world or something? Greenville getting the Democratic convention, and Columbia getting the Republican convention go fig ????
  11. Yeah I'm in agreement with matt there I doubt many of those posters are actually residents of Columbia. I'm sure it's the same batch of people posting negative crap just to try to get a rise out of people. I don't even give them the satisfaction of addressing those nimrods!
  12. More great news I see!
  13. We took the Metra from Evanston (purple line), can't think of the street but it was afew blocks away from Northwestern U. We liked the Skokie/Evanston area. I was surprised to see how much it reminded me of a typical suburb kinda city Skokie more so than Evanston, but we really had a great time, and we'll be back! I'm looking into working at Evanston Northwestern Hospital, and my girl is looking into working at National Louis University
  14. Yeah In all my years growing up in Columbia I never gave Greenville a second thought. I always saw Charleston though as being more similar in size, and mindset to Columbia. I always thought of Greenville as just being a little larger version of Spartanburg at that time cities were only about 10K in population apart (Sparkle 40K, GreenV 50K). But that's just how I thought while growing up. Not sure why there is so much animosity between the two cities I'm sure Carolina/Clemson has quite a bit to do with it. I'm sure that Midland vs. Upstate rivalries wont die. It's funny I always felt like I grew up in the right area of the state seeing how one parent was from the Upstate and the other was from the Lowcountry "go fig". I do know life in Greenville was alot different for me than living in Columbia. And of both cities vibes I prefer that of Columbia. "No extra chare".
  15. Yeah Conn., has some crazy Blue Laws alright! When I was there last you couldn't but beer past 8PM and that was on a weeknight
  16. Don't know if you guys saw this in the paper today but Columbia along with the coast has the states first legal tatoo parlors. I know my cousin for awhile was an underground tatoo artist. Maybe he will be one of the first in the upstate to open shop. Tatoos in Columbia
  17. Now I wouldn't mind seeing some corporate ties and resources being funneled back to USC Columbia. I just don't want USC to end up as Charlotte's "byatch" and made to jump through a bunch of hoops at the expense of SC tax payers. It's great that we can educate them up there but hey throw us a friggn bone and send some of that brain power back to SC, and I'm not convinced that, that will be the case. Right now it's looking like a satellite school set up to educate Charlotte locals by the best international business school in the country. If NC puts some money into the university then maybe I would look on it more favorablly but now it seems SC my be getting the "dookie" end of the stick. JMO.
  18. I loved Chicago! Pound for pound a great large city! I just got back from there a couple of weeks ago we stayed in Skokie but we just took the metra into town. Hopefully I will be able to call it my next home soon!
  19. Not sure how I feel about that? It's great exposure and noteriety that USC's business school is in such demand but I'd say hey let them come to Columbia. Charlotte has plenty it can hang it's hat on.
  20. Yeah, New Orleans, and Jackson, MS even made me think damn this place (meaning those cities) is humid!
  21. Yeah I agree. I find it ironic too that whenever something positive gets announced in DT Columbia many people (from Greenville or Charleston) claiming to live in Columbia now and immidiately say how Columbia can't compare, and how the city (Columbia) needs to do something to make itself better. Ironic because that's exactly what the city has been dong since around 2001. It's just like get over yourself. If you don't care for Columbia fine, I don't like many cities in the southeast, but dont try to discredit and belittle the great developments going on in DT Columbia just because of personal bias, it just makes you look silly and discredits your argument. This was done recently on this forum by some members posting in "The State" newspaper. The sad thing about it was how obvious it was because the boosters use similar or almost identical terminology when they post on this forum as when used in the newspaper blog.
  22. Dutch Fork is actually in the Cola metro it's not even as far out as Chapin HS.
  23. Hey the youth games! I competed in that from the age of 11-15. Those were some fun summers! It was cool because it was like a mini-olympics with teams usually from all across the US. Columbia had a notorious track team back then, we would rival with Birmingham, New York City for the national championship! It was great because we would travel to all these different cities each year to compete! We went to Boston, Patterson, NJ, DC, Philly, Atl,. Columbia hosted it a couple of years after I was to old to compete in it. It was cool learning experience because it helped shape my views on people from other cities that just because they are from NY and talk with a "funny" accent that didn't make them any better at what they did than me. It felt great reppin, "C-O-L-U-M-B-I-A, Columbia of yes cause we are the best"!
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