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  1. According to the press release of Dubai Waterfront, The Pinnacle will be built, but at Dubai Waterfront and not at The Palm, Jumeirah.
  2. Sheikh Mohammmed announces the launch of Dubai Waterfront, the world's largest waterfront development 81 million square metre beachfront development destined to be an international landmark. 29th Jan. 2005, Dubai, UAE - Under the direction of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and UAE Minister of Defence, Nakheel debuted its investor launch of the unparalleled Dubai Waterfront, an 81 million square metre beachfront mixed use destination which encompasses over 250 best of breed master planned communities and offerings. Destined to be
  3. News just in: Emporis database, has just put The Pinnacle at The Palm Jumeirah on "never built" status. - I guess that means it will never be build. Have to agree with you that the construction of such a building in such settings would be technically and from a marketing perspective quite tricky. Check: Emporis
  4. I strongly doubt that The Pinnacle will become the tallest building on this planet, if it is ever built. Simple Reason: It doesn't include the word "Dubai", Burj Dubai does. If they construct the tallest building in the world, Dubai's smart Marketing specialists are sure to include the word Dubai, so people around the globe make instant associations to this city. Dubai Mall, the world's largest mega-mall points to the same conclusion. In a Gulf News article published on 21/09/04 Mohammed Alabbar, Emaar chairman, said that: "At present, the tower is designed to be around 800 metres tall,
  5. @DBB Just press the IMG button and copy/paste the URL of the pictures in the dialogue box. URL can be found by right-clicking on a pic, scrolling down to properties and then copying the URL. Hope it works. This pic is out of Gulf News:
  6. Gulf News from 21/09/04: Burj to boost Dubai: Mohammed bin Rashid by Dalal Abu Ghazaleh __________________________________________________ Dubai : General Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and UAE Minister of Defence, said the Dh10 billion Burj Dubai project due to be completed in about three years was highly feasible, and that the new landmark would set the emirate firmly into positioning itself as a major international business and tourism hub. "Such a project must be feasible," he told journalists last evening as he toured the Burj Dubai site. "It is
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