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  1. There is an article on Mlive today about this business/building on Wealthy Street. It may clear up some of the questions that have been asked previously in this thread. http://www.mlive.com/business/west-michigan/index.ssf/2012/07/dg_party_store_wealthy.html#incart_river_default
  2. I agree that there always ways around problems. The big question is who pays the price for the work around. When I read over the report. It seemed (at least to me) that the point of making this "first" phase of the project simple and cost effective in order to get it passed and started. They mentioned they wanted to keep the grade level etc. I believe they also mentioned looking at going up or down Ottawa, but didn't because of the construction work that would have to be done at Michigan & I-196. To you or I we may not see this has a huge issue, but you are always going to have people out there who will see it as an issue. Already I have read blogs on WZZM or WOOD where people don't think $76 or $80 Million is even worth it, even if it is private dollars and not public. If we added extras to go up Michigan or down Ottawa, would we have more people in favor of the Street car with a price tag closer to $100 Million? On the other hand, I would want to make sure the route that is choosen is a good route and will serve the public. Basically there has to be some give and take. Most of us would rather have a Caddy over a Pinto, but wouldn't an average car get us everywhere we needed to go? my $.02
  3. Rizzo, No problem. I think they were just surprised that I had showed up at the front desk. I think they won't have any to hand out until after it is approved. That way it won't have "Draft" stamped over it.
  4. FYI I stopped by The Rapid tonight after work to pick up a hard copy. They didn't have any that they could distribute to the public yet. I gave them my information and they said they would contact me when they have copies ready to hand out.
  5. Thanks for the posting. I will try and grab a hard copy over the next few days!
  6. metrogrkid, Thanks for the updates. This sounds very exciting indeed. I am glad to hear that several of the community leaders were there and impressed with the ideas. Can you give us a timeline of when the report would be available for the public to see/read?
  7. Can you elaborate any on the North end loop? The proposed map on The Rapid's website only shows the route up and down Monroe. From your statement above, it sounds as there may be a section of track along Bond or Ottawa in addition to Monroe.
  8. Port City Cab is based out of Muskegon. Maybe they pulled out of Grand Rapids because they wouldn't meet the new requirements that were changed with this repeal? Here is a quote from the article: "The ordinance changes also tighten up requirements for out-of-town cab companies and clarifies the ordinance on the prosecution for non-payment for cab rides." d8alterego, maybe the "tighten up requirements for out-of-town" companies will curb many or any new cab companies to start up shot in Grand Rapids.
  9. I could be wrong, but isn't the shaded area the atrium inside the building? If it is maybe there is a color difference to help heat or cool the large open space in the atrium. Or to limit or let more sunlight in. Maybe it is just a design idea to brake up the wall
  10. I drove by the site today and noticed a rendering picture with the spire on it. It was across from the new Cancer Center.
  11. I am not in the development field, so I don't know what goes on there and I would like to see this project continue. At lease Sam is willing to put forth more money towards the purchase of the project. My question on this would be: "If this was any other developer from out of town, would the City give them the same extentions that they have give Sam?" Also how does this effect future developements in the City? Does doing this allow for developers to "lock" in pieces of properties for developement while they construct prelimary plans for multiple years before they can come up with a feasible one?
  12. Another snag in the progress of this site. The City was to sell the site by today. It appears they will ask for yet another 60 day extention. This time they will put forth another $95k in monies. Here is the article on Mlive.com Grand Rapids' efforts to sell land for Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts hits another snag
  13. Thanks for the updates I hope things will come together on this project and they can proceed as planned.
  14. Before we all jump on the bandwagon of people not doing a thing for this building, did we miss this in the article: "owned by the billionaire DeVos and Van Andel families, who have spent a lot of money to "button up" the place, but little to improve it." At what point is it not worth the amount of money to fix it up? How long do you keep putting money into a broken car before it is worth it to buy a newer one with less maintenance but more money up front? I cannot read people's minds or comments, but I don't know what they have planned for this corner. Maybe spending millions to create apartments would not be cost effective if they will make it a mall in five years? Also does anyone know of any other developer that has offered to buy or do something else with this property (other than the apartments mentioned in the article)? IMO I think they are doing some things to keep the building on life support. Rockford Construction was in there a few years ago doing some interior clean up and patching the roof for leaks etc. (IMO that is trying to make the building weather resistant is some aspects) Things could be worse: they could have torn it down for additional surface parking at the Post Office and Convention Center across the street.
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