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  1. Wealthy Street Needed Renovations

    There is an article on Mlive today about this business/building on Wealthy Street. It may clear up some of the questions that have been asked previously in this thread. http://www.mlive.com/business/west-michigan/index.ssf/2012/07/dg_party_store_wealthy.html#incart_river_default
  2. River House Condominiums

    Welcome RocknSixth! I conducted my walk through today and I am very impressed with the quality of work. They (River House and Wolverine) were very helpful with my thoughts and concerns. Honestly the only items on my checklist are merely cosmetic.
  3. River House Condominiums

    You don't know jack about me so you can just keep your eye rolling to yourself! If you ever met me, you would know that I am secure in who I am and what I am doing in my life. You are the one that comes across angry and feeling cheated somehow. From you posts here all you want to do is start arguments with other members that don't agree with you. IMO this is not the best interest or the intent of Urban Planet. I don't read every post on UP, but I haven't seen a positive post from you yet or a post in another topic other than in River House. (edit: 14 of 16 posts contained in RH forum) If your goal is to argue and harass people I don't think you will find many willing members on UP. As smilesgr suggested, lets get back to the topic of the building. Chris Knape has an update on his blog. States closings start on November 3rd with some residents moving in the same day. The exterior supply elevator will be dismantled the following week.
  4. River House Condominiums

    So because someone is too lazy to read the contract they are about to sign, it is the developers fault? Isn't it time people take responsibility for their actions. Before I sign any contract (a home, a car, employment etc) I make it a point to know what I am getting into. I believe this to be my responsibility to be informed and ask questions and not anyone else. After all I am signing the contract and not everyone else. All the information is there and if it isn't ask for it. If it matters to anyone, I don't work for River House either. If you have a such an issue, take it up with the River House Team and don't drag it out on here. There isn't anything we can do for your issue with them.
  5. River House Condominiums

    I agree smilesgr, everything was explained up front to me during my process with River House. I have been very happy with them and the result. I am looking forward to moving in a few weeks
  6. River House Condominiums

    I don't know if this is the real reason or not, but the 34th floor is actually a two story/loft style penthouse. This is the only multi-floor unit. While they could have probably made it with concrete it was probably easier with steel. Earlier in the building process, I asked if any owners were buying two units on adjoining floors to make a two story condo. (This had been done in the Plaza Towers building). The answer was no because of all the tension cables in the concrete floors instead of steel rybar.
  7. Transit Updates for Greater Grand Rapids

    I agree that there always ways around problems. The big question is who pays the price for the work around. When I read over the report. It seemed (at least to me) that the point of making this "first" phase of the project simple and cost effective in order to get it passed and started. They mentioned they wanted to keep the grade level etc. I believe they also mentioned looking at going up or down Ottawa, but didn't because of the construction work that would have to be done at Michigan & I-196. To you or I we may not see this has a huge issue, but you are always going to have people out there who will see it as an issue. Already I have read blogs on WZZM or WOOD where people don't think $76 or $80 Million is even worth it, even if it is private dollars and not public. If we added extras to go up Michigan or down Ottawa, would we have more people in favor of the Street car with a price tag closer to $100 Million? On the other hand, I would want to make sure the route that is choosen is a good route and will serve the public. Basically there has to be some give and take. Most of us would rather have a Caddy over a Pinto, but wouldn't an average car get us everywhere we needed to go? my $.02
  8. Transit Updates for Greater Grand Rapids

    Rizzo, No problem. I think they were just surprised that I had showed up at the front desk. I think they won't have any to hand out until after it is approved. That way it won't have "Draft" stamped over it.
  9. Transit Updates for Greater Grand Rapids

    FYI I stopped by The Rapid tonight after work to pick up a hard copy. They didn't have any that they could distribute to the public yet. I gave them my information and they said they would contact me when they have copies ready to hand out.
  10. Transit Updates for Greater Grand Rapids

    Thanks for the posting. I will try and grab a hard copy over the next few days!
  11. Transit Updates for Greater Grand Rapids

    I would like one also.
  12. Transit Updates for Greater Grand Rapids

    metrogrkid, Thanks for the updates. This sounds very exciting indeed. I am glad to hear that several of the community leaders were there and impressed with the ideas. Can you give us a timeline of when the report would be available for the public to see/read?
  13. Transit Updates for Greater Grand Rapids

    Can you elaborate any on the North end loop? The proposed map on The Rapid's website only shows the route up and down Monroe. From your statement above, it sounds as there may be a section of track along Bond or Ottawa in addition to Monroe.
  14. River House Condominiums

    I think you are right. If you look at the floor plans here Penthouses you see that starting at the 30th floor the exterior shapes changes slightly and larger patio/balcanies are formed.
  15. River House Condominiums

    Per the Developer's Blog at River House that 29th floor was poured yesterday. This only leaves 5 floors left to pour before the building will be topped out. The glass doesn't appear to be too far behind either. Any guesses on when the building will be topped out and all the glass installed (minus the SW corner where the elevator/crane is attached)? A lot of the interior materials are starting to come in. Last time I was there, they already had drywall and cabinets installed. Now the granite and flooring are on site and will be placed over the next few weeks. When this is completed they will have "Finished" units on floors 3 to 8. It is going to be nice to show owners and perspective buyers what their completed home could look like. It ought to be exciting this Fall when people start to move in.