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  1. I am a re-plant from Virginia Beach as of 1996, and you will love it if you relocate here. UD
  2. From my contact on the inside! "RJ Griffin put their sign up on the site, and MCL says we
  3. This site, three buildings, will be a bit unique, as the parking for Catalyst will not be under the building, but next to it. Same for 12 I believe, which then means that there are actually 4 buildings, Cayalyst, 12, Office Tower, and parking garage to serve all three. UD
  4. I talked with my friend in the sales center this afternoon. She told me that Griffin has put their sign on the fence, and will begin moving equipment on site within the next 10 days. It's going up. On a separate note, there was a drilling crew on the site of the former Renaissance Place on the corner of 10th and Tryon. Pinkard Collins is advertising space for a 400,000 sq ft office building. UD
  5. If any of you ate at The Coffee Cup, you might have a different opinion of it. The counter stools were broken, the grill was half clean, years of grease build up was incredible. I doubt it could pass an inspection. I am all for retaining things for posterity, but not at the expense of health. UD
  6. I have seen some NCDOT trucks parked on that piece of land the last couple of days. This is an exciting happening. This act will begin to change Stonewall Street into a usable street connecting Second Ward more closely into the city. UD
  7. Just a guess, but I believe you will see the outer edges of the stadium be iron gates, which will open at the end of the game to allow for easy egress for attendees. Retail as part of the building itself will probably be limited to under stand concessions, and maybe a team shop, probably around the corner of Mint and MLK. Planning views for the surrounding sites call for mixed use residental over retail, low rise, maybe 4 - 6 stories. Think of the land between Poplar - Mint, 3rd - 4th. Also the south east corner of MLK and Graham, and across the street from the stadium on Graham. Between
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