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  1. rjp212

    Scott's Addition Development

    The old hotel has finally been purchased. Plans include converting the building into 33,000 sf of street level retail and mostly 1 bedroom apartments in the other 5 floors, a 4 story parking deck and a 12-story residential tower. Plans are to start construction in January. https://richmondbizsense.com/2018/12/03/salomonsky-white-buy-scotts-addition-hotel-property-8m/
  2. I like the contrast. Hopefully the rest of the complex will continue to be different styles.
  3. rjp212

    Richmond Region Transportation

    Guess we could place this info here, but while out driving today, I noticed what seemed to be Bird Scooters on Main Street. Turns out they did a sneak attack and launched without a permit today. They’ve been requested to remove them immediately, but I hope they can come back. Great way to get around town, even if you have a few idiots on them. https://www.richmond.com/news/local/city-of-richmond/update-richmond-shutting-down-unsanctioned-scooter-share-system/article_8c5579a6-d3f0-5596-8648-7a175b7bb7f7.html
  4. rjp212

    Richmond off-topic postings

    This one in DC has been popular for years. http://www.hstcountryclub.com/
  5. rjp212

    Richmond Developments

    Noticed today they were out there doing soil sampling. That area just seems prime for redevelopment.
  6. rjp212

    Proposed: The Belvidere

    VCU gets another one. https://richmondbizsense.com/2018/06/06/vcu-gas-station-site-sells-mystery-buyer-3-8m/
  7. rjp212

    Manchester Development

    Yeah that’s a pretty solid project. It’s going to be a very busy stretch of construction between the towers near the flood wall, portRVA phase 2, and the new office/apt building near Artspace.
  8. rjp212

    Manchester Development

    Pretty attractive project. Will have about 13,000 sf of commercial space and they are preserving a pad for a future grocery store.
  9. rjp212

    Manchester Development

    From what I have heard, the owner of the building directly behind it has been fighting it because it’ll block its view and lower rents. I think having a cleaned up canal walk and a more developed feel in the area would only benefit their value. Also, the the leveled lot is now being used as temporary parking while they closed off another parking lot for Cityview Lofts to do demo there. Something is afoot.
  10. rjp212

    Retail in Richmond

    Found the marketing brochure for Regency Mall. Including some fancy pictures and a possible Residential component. https://www.thalhimer.com/sites/default/files/listings_files/Regency-11x17-Flyer.pdf
  11. rjp212

    Richmond Developments

    There's ground floor retail (Building E) that runs along the bottom of the garage facing Elwood and pedestrian entrances to the Grocery store on that side (page 14). I agree there's a missed opportunity for a residential component at the complex, however, I'm sure neighbors would complain if there was any substantial height to the project.
  12. rjp212

    Manchester Development

    That’s what I had heard, maybe I can walk over and ask the contractors. Across the street you’ve now got the recently announced Apt/Office project. Also, adajacent sites next to the silos under contract, soil sampling on phase 2 of PortRVA and the new zoning overlay allowing for increased height, It’s going to be a very active construction zone soon!
  13. rjp212

    Richmond Developments

    Marketing brochure for Carytown Exchange. Will include a parking garage, possible Publix grocery store and street facing retail. They’re attempting to mimic the architecture of Carytown so it blends with the neighborhood. Seems pretty solid to me. https://regcorpweb.blob.core.windows.net/sitefinityfiles/docs/default-source/default-document-library/carytownexchange-regencycenters.pdf?sfvrsn=e2fee527_2
  14. rjp212

    Manchester Development

    The lot that I mentioned was leveled the other week, continues to see activity. They recently put down a moisture barrier and are trucking in gravel. At one point they were trying to get a grocery store here. Fingers crossed there’s an announcement soon!
  15. rjp212

    Manchester Development

    Area between the apartments and Hull Street. They pretty much leveled all the dirt today.