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  1. Village clusters are probably the best bet for maintaining a rural feel but allowing for growth. And while this site plan does better than most, I really can't stand when developers don't allow for future connections. Eventually the other parcels will be redeveloped and it seems ridiculous to have to leave a neighborhood to go to the next.
  2. According to rvanorthside's IG account, the Quality Inn on AA Blvd is under contract. The new owners plan on tearing down the hotel and redeveloping it as an apartment complex.
  3. A hotel or two in Manchester just makes sense to me. It’s got easy access to the interstate, the river and downtown. Manchester will continue to fill out making the street scape feel more lively, and you’d have awesome skyline views from any rooftop.
  4. According to Style Weekly, a letter was posted on Plant Zero letting the tenants know the building will be torn down, starting 1/2/23. A reminder of what's to come:
  5. Tessera Development is looking to convert 500-520 Commerce Road (Trucker Pro) to TOD-1, allowing a mix of uses and up to 12 stories in height. This is in addition to the recent TOD-1 rezonings at 1003 Commerce, 600-614 Maury St, and 601-603 Albany Ave. If any of you are familiar with Charlotte, this really reminds me of the recent growth explosion in LoSo (horrible name), which has quickly been filled in with townhomes, apartments and mid-rises. Commerce Road is going to look drastically different in 10 years! https://richmondbizsense.com/2022/11/29/mixed-use-rezoning-pondered-for-manchester-block-currently-home-to-trucking-shop/
  6. On the fence with the design, but I like they are keeping the smoke stack. It'll be a good reminder of Manchester's origins.
  7. Looks like some renovations are coming to Uptown. Personally, I've always enjoyed the bright colors of the neighborhood and would hate for them to go drab gray: Sources: https://www.thalhimer.com/properties/1435-w-main-street https://www.thalhimer.com/properties/1118-w-main-st
  8. More details from the 10/4/22 building permits: 14 Stories (11 above 3 levels of parking) and 193 units. https://energov.richmondgov.com/EnerGov_Prod/SelfService/richmondvaprod#/permit/247f3ab4-f3af-4575-a912-65595e9827d3
  9. Could we finally be seeing movement on South Falls II? https://energov.richmondgov.com/EnerGov_Prod/SelfService/richmondvaprod#/plan/8be5f076-512a-41b6-a30c-977b49390a4e?tab=attachments
  10. Every time I walk by these lots, I've been hoping for the day they'd be sold off. Fingers crossed it's something transformative and not more of those three story quads that line Porter/Bainbridge.
  11. Ah yes, depicting pedestrians without any sidewalks.
  12. I love that street level detail! Makes me wish this was a more prominent street crosing.
  13. Nothing groundbreaking about the design, but I like that it includes an additional 7,000 sf in retail to compliment the 2600 sf in the neighboring complex. With nearly 500 units between the two complexes, I imagine neighborhood retail will do fine here.
  14. Wasn't there a small apartment complex proposed behind Lucky 13 at some point?
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