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  1. rjp212

    Near West End

    Finally! I’ve been saying they need to start building apartments at Willow Lawn. 600 Apartments!
  2. With the current layout, no. However, my pet peeve is the county should have required the street grid be re-established at least connect Wake Forest and Redman. As-is you just have a dense development on a glorified "cul-de-sac".
  3. I hate that they didn't connect Redman through to the project though. Disconnected grids just irk me
  4. The city installing then removing the bump-outs along Brookland Parkway has been a complete debacle.
  5. I thought Gilpin was the next to get the Creighton Court treatment, but looks like Mosby Court is next. https://richmond.com/news/local/rrha-signals-next-public-housing-redevelopment-focus-mosby-court-south/article_51b179d2-0159-58ae-ad74-bd7a5741bd10.html
  6. @I miss RVAthey have different vibes. Manchester seemed to lull for a while as Scotts Addition took off, but now seems to be playing catch up. Manchester, to me, has more potential when it comes to a true urban mix and the river is a huge plus. Scotts Addition is more fun though.
  7. I moved out of Scott's Addition last winter when I bought a condo in Manchester. Went through yesterday, for the first time in a while, and it's amazing how much the neighborhood has changed in just 10 months. It's definitely beginning to feel more like a true urban neighborhood instead of an industrial district.
  8. Tractors on site today and they were doing some digging.
  9. I had lunch at Potbelly's today as well, and was staring at the sign. Might have just missed you. I was imagining a thin row of 4-5 story rowhome style buildings. There's already an abundance of parking garages along Cary, so you could easily get away with minimal parking at this site for residential, etc.
  10. The Oliver in Shockoe is income restricted and it still looks better than most market rate complexes around town. I am excited they are incorporating other incomes into the neighborhood, but this building is a huge stinker. Especially for being at a prime corner in the neighborhood. It's a lazy attempt at best.
  11. Unfortunately it does not look like there's any movement on a new tower. "The company concluded it has enough office space in downtown Richmond at its two remaining office complexes — at 600 Canal Place and at three buildings along the James River on Tredegar Street — to meet current and future needs. Dominion has about 2,500 employees downtown.... The company announced earlier this year that it was not pursuing plans to build a 17-story building that would have been called 700 Canal Place because Dominion could accommodate its office needs in existing buildings. The 700 Canal Place
  12. Current Aldi's are about 16,000 sf, but they are starting to do smaller footprints. 10,000 sf with additional parking does sound like a small footprint grocery store.
  13. Mostly large cities or near universities. Small/Urban Format Targets
  14. There is an urban format Target in Charlotte at the Midtown complex.
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