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  1. You should follow Development Fails on Instagram. They just posted about this project.
  2. Height, yes. Design, NO! https://richmondbizsense.com/2021/05/17/hourigans-southern-states-silos-rezoning-heads-to-planning-commission/
  3. rjp212

    Shockoe Bottom

  4. Eh, it looks just OK from afar, but I think looks horrendous up close. I realize its still under construction, but the proportions are all off and the prefab slabs still look like prefab slabs. A few of my friends jokingly call it the "hospital". I dread them turning the other portion into residential as well. That being said its still 100x better than the buildings going up in front of Legends. I know I'm in the minority here, but the highrises in Manchester are really turning out ugly and will be a scar on the skyline in 10+ years. Yes it's people on the ground, but these will not
  5. Another apartment complex is being planned by Capital Square this time in conjunction with Lerner out of the DC area. 5 stories with 350 units taking up a bulk of the block and an adjacent parking lot. https://richmondbizsense.com/2021/04/27/nats-owners-team-with-local-developer-on-350-unit-project-in-scotts-addition/
  6. Tower proposed behind the old hotel on Broad. I believe they are currently doing foundation work.
  7. One will ultimately be the one.
  8. Those look really good!
  9. About time they add some for sale product over there. Even up against the train tracks, they should still sell like hot cakes.
  10. The Church of Latter Day Saints has been topped out. Drove by it earlier and it's definitely massive! Photos posted on 4/16 from: https://churchofjesuschristtemples.org/richmond-virginia-temple/photographs/
  11. City seems to have recently installed a few new ADA compliant sidewalk ramps throughout the city. Also, new "stop for pedestrians" crosswalk pilons in the middle of the roads. I've noticed a few drivers slow down or come to a stop to look for pedestrians. I have been pleasantly surprised with the city's roll out of pedestrian/bicycle upgrades in the past year or so. Potholes still continue to be an issue but they seem to be addressing that as well.
  12. A few things I’ve noticed while being out and about this week. Land is clear cut for the large distribution center north of the raceway. Aunt Sarah’s has been demoed off Broad St.
  13. Looks like we are going to have a project called Leigh Addition. I expected the project to be larger, but the developer, Level2, seems to do some quality projects. Project seems to include a new 7-story 300 unit building with 15,000 sf of ground floor retail for 1117-1203 N Arthur Ashe. 1207-1209 N Arthur Ashe will be renovated for retail/office/flex. https://www.thalhimer.com/sites/default/files/listings_files/LeighAddition.pdf http://www.level2development.com/
  14. Suntrust also just listed both their Business Center I and II near Innsbrook for sublease. Over 250,000 sf combined.
  15. "Unlike traditional casinos, these urban versions are different in several ways. They tend to be built in existing buildings rather than as stand-alone structures. They are porous, meaning the casino has many exits that allow customers to leave, walk the streets, shop and then return for more gambling" https://www.governing.com/archive/col-urban-casinos-court-cities.html "In Cleveland, during the Horseshoe’s first year of business, it saw more than 5 million visitors, who redeemed $2.4 million in meals at local restaurants and booked 61,000 room nights. Also during that year, “downto
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